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The Dance of Love.


Just jump.  Don’t think…


An angel is someone who even before loss and despair keeps the heart open, someone who faces life with a smile and with a positive attitude.

The whole world can come down in pieces, all can be lost; but, still, the hurt and the trauma, the demons and the abyss, is just the mere shadow of fear.


To worship all that you are

An angel knocks at my heart’s door,
Even her knocking humbles me,
Even my pain dissipates as I get close to you.
The passion feels sweet as sugar,
The tender beauty begins my tears,
You hug me and the anger is gone,
You kiss me and I fly with wings of love.
“Why is it that I can fly now…??” I ask you.
“My kiss has melted all your weights,
All your anger has transformed,” you say.
So now I am the angel because I love you,
And because I transformed all my pain;
Thus I fly to a secret sky and I carry you.
Yes, I carry you in my lips as I’m drunk,
And I never been more drunk before.
And to know this, to have you in me,
To taste you, to worship all that you are,
Without ignoring your humbling beauty,
Is to fly with no pain, for you are my angel.




And remember:  When truly loving, just give, and dance with the feeling.  Don’t try to analyze the affections of another towards you.   Don’t let your mind interfere and ruin it.  Just dance with it



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Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Expressions of Yourself.




All you do in life is a way of expressing yourself, a way to express what you carry inside.  When you get angry, you do it because there is anxiety and some form of suffering in you–provoked or not.

When you love without demands, without expectation, just giving for the joy of giving, you do it because you feel free and joyous inside.  When you do not love like this, it is because you feel some hurt, imprisoned by your arrogance and expectations.

When you stress over money, position, ambitions, you do it because you feel frustrated with your life right now and imprisoned in your image of the future.

All this must be accepted, recognized, embraced in you; because you are all these expressions.  There is really no good and evil, but just expressions of what you are; thus, you choose to filter this through your mind according to your attention.

If your attention remains inwards then you will become harmonious and blissful; but if your attention remains on the world, on competition, on comparison, then you will become agitated and frustrated.

So, understand that all about you is natural, godly, normal; but also understand that all is energy which transforms into modes of expression in life.  You must watch your mind, your feel, to transform into the proper, ethical and moral expressions of yourself.




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Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!



Thoughts are just phantoms, substance of no reality per se, until you give them a reality by paying attention to them.  Your attention is what feeds a thought.

If thoughts appear: “I am worthless.”  “I am genetically doomed.”  “I am this and that.”  And you feed them, you give these thoughts energy and expansion; then, obviously, you give them the capacity to create strong feelings.

When strong feelings are created then you create reality, and so you become whatever you have mentally fed.  You are what you constantly think about and to what you give your attention.

Demonic possessions and all fears, inferiority and worthlessness, shame and psychological trauma, loneliness–these only exist if you feed them, as these are the absurd realities you create for yourself.

Thoughts appear, they come and go; and so, without your attention they have no power over you.  So, you must be patient, let them pass, let them go and do not attach yourself to them.

And you do this by guiding or putting your attention on something else, like better habits, creative endeavors, healthier goals, and things which give you joy and create better thoughts and feelings in you.





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Anger is anxiety at its peak, it is a very dark and low vibration, toxic energy and enemy of any clarity.  It possesses someone and shuts down the ability to rationalize and find harmony to enjoy life.

And it is so because it originates from fear, such may be a subconscious fear of not being loved, or of your beliefs being challenged, or others.

And people sometimes say that there is righteous anger; but the truth is that any anger transforms the mind, it brings violence, frustration, anxiety, dark thoughts to your mind.  So, how can anger be righteous…??

Something righteous by definition is something virtuous.  Now, something virtuous is highly moral, brings love to the mind, and peace to the mind.  So, is anger a virtue…??

You may not like what someone else does or says, or the way she speaks to you, or the way he treats others, or how difficult your situation is, or such and such life moment.  And this is fine.  We all have different personalities and reactions.

But it is your mind the one you must master so it sees this and does not create anger, because if the mind is anxious with anger you are the only one poisoned.  Poisoned because you lose clarity and harmony, and because you are now the puppet of that something or someone stirring the waters of your mind.

So, I can remain confident, clear, peaceful in my mind, and still react or behave in a better way to resolve a situation or respond to a person.  Always keeping a clear and rational mind is key to self-awareness.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Facing them…




Running away from your problems, from your difficult memories, from your challenging situations, is emboldening fear so it can possess you strongly and even with more intensity each time.

Trying to escape any past fear through putting a brave face, or through pretending to be someone you are not, or through romantic pursuits, or through any other method which seeks to bury that fear is pointless, naive, immature.

Fear, pain, difficulties are there for a wise reason, and you must not cover it like you would a wound with a bandage or a dead body under soil; but you must feel the hurt, the fear, the challenge, stay with it, befriend it, and then slowly transmute it and make it your ally in life.

In order to move on and heal yourself, to be better, to get better opportunities, to experience better relationships, to feel love again, you have to understand your current pain and suffering; and so, to understand it you must learn to cherish being with it and accepting it.

The only way to get stronger, to keep happy and in love, to be a better human being in all aspects, is to embrace all you are right now, with your strengths and joys, with your weaknesses and hurts–especially with your weaknesses and hurts, because these can become mighty motivation to move onwards in your life.

You cannot fight nature, whatever it is currently, and expect to have your own egoistical and impatient way.  You must embrace nature and be humble in allowing it to take its due course in you.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Accept your human condition.




The human mind in survival mode is when our ego suffers, because of a loss, because of embarrassment, because of lies, because of this and that.  And this suffering, evidently, brings about the need (attachment) to escape it.

This happens whenever one suffers, attachment, this nagging need to change into joy or happiness our experience; however, this reaction to suffering is not conducive to the development of the human condition.

And the human condition must be accepted in each one of us, just as it is, pleasant or unpleasant; for your responsibility is not to force your human condition but to accept it, because in acceptance there is your strength, your wise development, the rich essence of moral values growing within you.

So, do not make yourself anxious, overwhelmed by stress and screaming survival mode, whenever you suffer or stand in front of a difficult situation; but welcome whatever you experience, do not complain and try to run away as fast as you can, be strong and allow your life to open your inner eye of understanding.

The worst you can do in life is to deny a situation by forcing change or by fearing it, even if it is extremely painful to you.  Forcing something is bullying something into change; life, as you, do not respond well to violence or bullying.

You must become one with your challenges, losses, difficult situations, thus in order to remain aware and anchored to life so to find the answers to move forward and create better futures.


Fear to suffering is your enemy.

Love brought into your suffering is what you must seek and so befriend.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Before the womb.


Consciousness moves like passive air beyond the realm of matter.  I can see it with my inner eye.  It is filled by a kind of IN-formation and conscious energy, it is one and both at the same time. Darkness and light are contained in it, and yet they are not.

As the biological environment inside the mother prepares itself to form physical life and the womb adapts itself accordingly, Consciousness enters and allows its in-formation to direct its conscious energy to thus begin the process of ephemeral life.

And so the fetus grows.  And the heart connects to Consciousness, and some small biological awareness initiates, and it develops further.  And then, much later, there is a baby.  The egg hatches and the baby comes to know the world outside the mother.

But as the baby grows and learns about physical life, he also creates an ego; so, the content of his mind pulls him to one extreme or the other.  He grows attached.  He might develop healthily and appropriately, but he lacks balance.  He develops an emptiness he does not feel until he matures later in life.

He might not recognize his own emptiness, even though he is a full adult now.  Subconsciously he has many problems, many programs running him, many issues with himself and with the world in which he lives.  So, what does he do…??

He becomes restless, seeks meaningless relationships, seeks unhealthy foods, becomes a hypocrite, grows prideful, does drugs, parties a lot, judges others but not himself, and more nonsense he creates out of his massive, anxious ego.  But he does this because he starts to consciously notice his own emptiness coming up to the surface, nagging him without rest.


He either destroys himself or re-creates himself. 

He either continues dying spiritually or begins awakening himself.  

He either keeps buried his life before the womb or he remembers his life before the womb.

The truth of who he is then, is found in his life before the womb.



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Remain free.


Whatever you are going through right now, whatever you are postponing, whatever you fear or doubt doing, is keeping you enslaved, in a very real sense; and when there is this fear or anxiety, as small and non-threatening as it might be to you, festering inside your psychology then it soon becomes part of you, seeping into your subconscious and into your character as a person.

Many people, due to this psychological process, live in fear and doubt, their behaviors and lifestyles, characters and ways of thinking are ruled by a subconscious fear and also a value lacking in them; however, they do not think so because, like mentioned, it acts in them subconsciously, like a mental program, so for them is really normal to think, react, and behave the way they do.

Life is to be lived free of any fear, free of any confusion or doubt which can cripple you even a little; for life should be to you like a clear, smooth, rich and large body of water, where there is no fear to drown or to be victim of anyone or anything disturbing you.

Your life and the activities you take on must feel clear and purposeful to you, with no grudges or animosity with anyone or anything, and without you having to look over your shoulder or worrying about what is going to happen next.   It is indeed possible to actually live a life without fears and anxieties.

So, do not live your life ran by a subconscious mental programming, but take matters into your own hands.  Clear your mind from fear and anxiety.  This decision you make is one which is not only going to change you and free you to become a happier individual, but it also educates others through your very example in the way life should be lived.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Your very own Issues…

Many people dread and even find great distress and desperation in their own negative or dark thoughts and reactions.  Many people allow themselves to be consumed by the ideas they have of themselves, perhaps ideas and visions of the flaws and weaknesses they carry around.  This is the master illusion, that by “illusion” I do not mean “not real to you”; for whatever you believe and allow to obsess you becomes real to you, but ONLY it is real if you keep feeding it your belief through your constant thoughts of fear and preoccupation.

Carrying this with you all the time gets to be a burden and it becomes your identity, so you become a slave to your own flaws and weaknesses–i.e., to your dark illusion and the ego you constantly feed.  Maybe this victimization brings more fear to you and more weakness to you, and so you deplete yourself of positive ideas and better views of yourself and of your situations; and so, this is certainly not conducive to a stronger and more valued you, and slowly you fall into depression and moodiness.

If you are contented one moment, then sad the next, then angry, then joyous, then irritable, you are suffering from moodiness, or changeable moods–could be Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Anxiety, etc.  And all this, whether officially diagnosed or not, stems from lack of control of your own mind’s content, which we know as ego; therefore, what creates all issues and problems of mind, exacerbated by genetics and traumas and whatnot, is your own ego and its many aggregates.  The way you deal with your own ego and its aggregates is the way you will feel and experience your life.

But you cannot wash your hands like Pontius Pilate, and so take medicine and ignore your own mind, you must change your mental programming and fix your own issues, gain control of your own mind by inward attention and daily practice–i.e., you must create your health yourself, self-transformation.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

See Death for what it really is.

Death is something profoundly significant, a wonderful mystery; and it is by discovering the true meaning and wonder of death that we discover true life–i.e., the secret to bliss in life and the meaning of each moment we are alive (whether moments of joy or of sadness).  But that which we call “death” can ONLY be truly understood and accepted, welcomed and even loved, by a consciousness which is ABSOLUTELY free–i.e., by an awakened consciousness.
This awakened consciousness then is not under the tyranny of the ego, filled with beliefs and traditions, opinions and superstitions around death; hence, the content of the mind has gotten rid of fear and attachment, or transmuted them into pure love and understanding.

Why do people fear death…??  People fear and become violent to what they do not understand.  For example, many times it has happened to me here, and in my life outside here, that I have commented the truth of humanity’s behavior, but people seemingly paying attention to my words, in their vain egos, swallowed and enslaved by their egotism, have become defensive, reactive and event verbally violent.  Thus, in the same sense, people fear death because their minds are not free, their minds being obsessed and attached to their own material pleasures–i.e., attached to environments, to people, to activities, to thinking and feeling, to their own opinions and views (all causes of suffering trapping consciousness).

We all know that when the body ceases function, and so does the brain with its electrical conductivity, we die and later disintegrate in the grave; however, our consciousness (the conscious energy inside our disintegrated atoms) is now free from the mind and its ego, and so it travels or it goes back to the “luminescent origins.”  Thus the soul of the deceased continues to live within the superior dimensions of nature; and this means in fact that the disembodied souls can “see” the Sun, the Moon, the stars, the rivers, the valleys, the mountains, just like we, but in a more splendid manner.

So, you see, one must not fear death but seek to understand it, as one must seek to understand it all which is possible to understand, in order to expand our minds, free our consciousness, and become more confident, blissful, and less ego-driven individuals.




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