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Without End.


So, what part of you gets hurt, troubled, disturbed…??  Isn’t your ego the one which becomes attached to things and people??  And isn’t that attachment springing from fear of loneliness, fear of feeling neglected or inferior in some way, fear of being taken for a fool because you compare yourself to others who seem happier than you??

So, to be hurt, to remain depressed, to compare yourself with others, to feel angry and revengeful, is to be attached; hence, it is to live your life egoistically and immaturely.  Of course, you might want to deny this right now, but that is because your own immaturity currently makes you blind to the depth of it all.

To see beyond your own hurt ego in relationships, and in ALL situations in your life, is to acquire great understanding, which is to analyze yourself and realize that you can observe the ignorance of your own ego activity because you are above and beyond your own stupidity.

When you do this, when you access and expand your self-awareness, you become aware of another, even deeper, mental plane beyond that of your own egoistical vanity and beyond your own illusions of life and the relationships you have in life.

When you access or become aware of this other mental plane, which is harmonious and seeks no self-satisfaction, then you realize you cannot get hurt or “broken-hearted,” and you also realize you are the one who is in control of how you think and feel.

This powerful KNOWING brought by this inner realization brings you the eternal affair with life, such which goes beyond any desire and pleasure you might feel from time to time–i.e., love which never ends and never stops, and happiness which never ends and never stops.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Facing them…




Running away from your problems, from your difficult memories, from your challenging situations, is emboldening fear so it can possess you strongly and even with more intensity each time.

Trying to escape any past fear through putting a brave face, or through pretending to be someone you are not, or through romantic pursuits, or through any other method which seeks to bury that fear is pointless, naive, immature.

Fear, pain, difficulties are there for a wise reason, and you must not cover it like you would a wound with a bandage or a dead body under soil; but you must feel the hurt, the fear, the challenge, stay with it, befriend it, and then slowly transmute it and make it your ally in life.

In order to move on and heal yourself, to be better, to get better opportunities, to experience better relationships, to feel love again, you have to understand your current pain and suffering; and so, to understand it you must learn to cherish being with it and accepting it.

The only way to get stronger, to keep happy and in love, to be a better human being in all aspects, is to embrace all you are right now, with your strengths and joys, with your weaknesses and hurts–especially with your weaknesses and hurts, because these can become mighty motivation to move onwards in your life.

You cannot fight nature, whatever it is currently, and expect to have your own egoistical and impatient way.  You must embrace nature and be humble in allowing it to take its due course in you.





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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Coming to terms.




Whatever you feel is your own making, because whatever you feel has been created by a stream of thoughts you chose, perhaps thoughts you chose out of a bad situation; nevertheless, you chose that thought and you chose how you feel right now.

Quite often people get into certain situations, or accept the behavior of other people, or endure such and such suffering because they expect it or that person to change–i.e., they expect the apple tree to stop giving apples and give oranges instead.

When you are nurturing flowers in your garden you do not expect the weeds around them to just disappear on their own just because you wished it so, right??  If the weeds choke the flowers or if the weeds bring you some form of suffering, then it is your own fault; for you were expecting the weeds nature to change and adjust to your naive wishes.

So, the expectation was the thoughts you followed in your ignorance, and no one can be blamed for that but you; for it all happens in your mind.  Life is about this, about knowing yourself and your psychology, coming to terms with and understanding your own thinking process.  Why…??

Because your thinking process designs how you feel and what you experience–i.e., a “broken heart,” depression, joy, misery, jealousy, happiness, excitement, anger, etc.; it is all your thinking process and the thoughts you entertain daily.




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