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Coming to terms.




Whatever you feel is your own making, because whatever you feel has been created by a stream of thoughts you chose, perhaps thoughts you chose out of a bad situation; nevertheless, you chose that thought and you chose how you feel right now.

Quite often people get into certain situations, or accept the behavior of other people, or endure such and such suffering because they expect it or that person to change–i.e., they expect the apple tree to stop giving apples and give oranges instead.

When you are nurturing flowers in your garden you do not expect the weeds around them to just disappear on their own just because you wished it so, right??  If the weeds choke the flowers or if the weeds bring you some form of suffering, then it is your own fault; for you were expecting the weeds nature to change and adjust to your naive wishes.

So, the expectation was the thoughts you followed in your ignorance, and no one can be blamed for that but you; for it all happens in your mind.  Life is about this, about knowing yourself and your psychology, coming to terms with and understanding your own thinking process.  Why…??

Because your thinking process designs how you feel and what you experience–i.e., a “broken heart,” depression, joy, misery, jealousy, happiness, excitement, anger, etc.; it is all your thinking process and the thoughts you entertain daily.




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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Where is it…??

Confidence is the strength we gather through faith and commitment, and this confidence must be born within; therefore, it is something you must discover within and not without.

If confidence is obtained from your environment, from your job, from the people who surround you, from your looks, then it is not confidence; because it will not last, you are chained to time and to outer circumstances, and when you lose people around you, or lose your job, your looks, etc. etc.–what is left of that confidence…??

Confidence is the strength within you saying that you can be patient, work on yourself and on your goals, and be fully aware of where you are going without any external expectation.  Expectation then is what slowly kills confidence, because expectation is an attachment to something, and confidence is a part of your Higher Self which must be truly free and without attachments.

Attachments bring suffering, frustration, doubt, confusion; but confidence has no attachments whatsoever, because confidence lives in The Now–i.e., where there is absolute freedom and pure love.

So many times people confuse confidence with intellect due to our education system, such education system in society which values a human creature based on the content of their egos–i.e., on their knowledge.

And, sure, knowledge, a good education, can open doors in society; however, knowledge, education, I.Q., cannot give you happiness, cannot give you the experience of true love, for only your inner commitment and strength to achieve something can.

So, anything which is spiritual or of high morals and ethics can and will wake up your conscience for you to discover your own confidence and stand up on your own, through patience and faith, and through keeping your attention within you and not on your environment comparing your life to that of others.



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Why is it that people feel enslaved to fears, to failures, to things going not as expected…??  Is it because they are betting it all on their expectations, living for their goals and dreams, adding all their energy to a particular achievement…??  Fear is blocking us from living, isn’t it…??  I mean, beyond fear being a challenge to overcome and a necessary tool in the evolutionary kit of mankind, people are not living each moment really with love and happiness; but they are always expecting something better to arrive, something which will get rid of the fear and somehow give them love and happiness, and a certain fulfillment and certainty.
And this sickness is an expectation, an egoistical activity which directs all their behaviors, which brings confusion, doubt, all feelings of deeper fear, and that quite often leaves them paralyzed and without self-worth.  Ever wanted to say something to someone, do something, start some project, become something, but you instead allowed thoughts of fear to come into your mind and paint images of what could go wrong or started imagining the worst turn of your story…??  This was your imagination, not your higher conscience or greater intelligence, or some survival mode–i.e., as many of you ignorantly think.

See, following your dreams, your noble passions, setting on your journey of achievement, is experiencing being human, it is indeed discovering yourself and how great you are; however, you must not confuse yourself, whatever your dreams are, whatever your true and noble passions are, whatever you want to experience in the world, is not all you are and it does not limit your expression as a spiritual being.  It is easy to lose yourself on experiences and goals, and it is easy to allow your mind to find your worth in expectations–“my next relationship,” “my new job,” “the next phase of my life,” “my new affections and kindness to friends and family,” “my traveling plans,” “my commitment to this and to that,”  etc. etc.  Putting all your energy and love into this is exactly what, consciously or subconsciously, creates doubt, confusion, fear; because while this, your ego tends to rule and tell you that this is you, that this is what must keep you happy and loving yourself.  But how can it be you if it is a product of your mind/of your ego…?? 
And how is this true love and happiness if it is found in your mind/your ego…??
You  must wake up to this and realize it for yourself, that you must live each moment, that you must put your energy and your heart in each moment and not on a bet or expectation of something in the future…  Live your life knowing that you work each moment so the best unfolds in front of you, because is in the moment where your future and the best things lie…


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Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Free from images…

Is an expectation real in itself…??  Is an expectation an attachment to a mere mental image…??  What causes someone to expect anything and lean on that expectation…??

The human being is ruled by his psyche, thus his thoughts in time become his greatest influences, his past and future slave-drivers; and so, this causes his ego to be as powerful as he ignorantly desires, for he lives overwhelmed by these entities called thoughts, which are always trying to escape reality by imagining, expecting, desiring, reliving past miseries or joys.  But it is indeed this past and future seeking which causes all illusion in man, is it not…??

Expectation, for example, is an image formed in the mind, a mere construct of a future as seen through the eyes of the thought-illusion/thought-form.  An expectation then is a strong desire projected into a future, and all projections are not realities (whether possible or not); consequently, this is attachment to this particular projected image, which in most cases brings a false sense of security and joy, or anxiety and misery, for as long as the projected image is given power and full attention.

To be free is an absolute state of present awareness where you entertain your behaviors in the Now, and where the mind is filled with love for what is happening around you instead of being filled with anxiety and the various forms of fear, pleasure and pain, which the past and the future hold.

It is extremely important to restrain ourselves from mentally roaming and living in an expectation, thus transforming ourselves into the awareness of this moment and so love and appreciate what is happening around us, whether positive or negative, seeing it as a blessing and a lesson.

“Whatever it is you’re seeking won’t come in the form you’re expecting.”  ~ Haruki Murakami; Japanese writer.



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