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The purest essence

Truly unique/rare/pure

The greatest and purest love. The love that transcends time and space. The love that gives unlimited and absolute freedom. This is the love for life. love that keeps you inspired, strong, optimistic, visionary, and able to access empathy and understanding for your past, your present, and your future.

But, to be honest, it is truly rare to actually discover this love within oneself. Most of us seek any signs of this pure love outside ourselves, specially when it comes to jumping from relationship to relationship. And so the concept and belief of “falling in love” and “falling out of love” is born in the mind.

An un-attached mind

So popular in society and in people’s lives now-a-days. The depression. The isolation. The loneliness. The feelings of unworthiness. The suicidal ideas. Most mental issues. A lack of identity. All this is born from this concept and belief of a beginning and an end of/to love. Like love is a mere object and idea the mind plays with.

Like love relies on who you meet and on what happens outside in society. But, whether we want to admit it or not, the fact of the matter is that for freedom to truly exist then the mind must get rid of all concepts and ideas, thus getting rid of a beginning and an end of/to love.

Inner freedom

Because love is essential for life. Because there is no life without love. Because life is to be enjoyed fully, and you can only enjoy it through the purest love. The greatest mistake is to lean on concepts, philosophies, and beliefs telling us that love is out there.

I know from experience, because I thought like this for decades. But I finally understand that true love is inner freedom, thus letting go of everything and anyone out there.

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The motivator

Superior-minded people

Small-minded people blame others, like the government, the elite, the wealthy, etc. Average-minded people blame themselves, but they do not take the necessary steps to actually change.

Superior-minded people see that blaming is wasting time, and they take the needed steps to actually change. They see that the origin of everything in existence is health. From feeling healthy (in mind and body), a person feels good about himself.

Feeling good about himself then, he treats others better, he feels good about his life and about his capacity to be successful in the future. This empowers him in the present, to keep being positive and motivating himself to be better and better.

Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

That mysterious allure…

That unique degree

Don’t run away from it. Run to it. Because it’s a matter of attitude. All of it! Attitude in your writing. Attitude in your speech. Attitude in your behavior. Attitude in your gaze.

It’s about reaching that degree of unique intensity, the one which only belongs to you and feels intimate to you. Don’t fall into fakeness. Nobody can teach you this.

That truly great value

If you try to copy the style of others, that’s when you begin to distance yourself from your identity, from your capacity to become attractive and relevant, intriguing and mysterious to others.

‘To others.’ Yes! Because we all have to bring something unique to society, in order to stand out, in order to accomplish great things, in order to increase our value to ourselves and feel empowered to be always more.

Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!


A prison of fear

There’s not a worse prison than the mental prison, because this prison paralyzes you, stops you from pursuing and reaching your goals, and even makes you unable to trust yourself. And how can you live a good life like this??

Fear of not fulfilling the expectations of others. Fear of what your family would think. Fear of not being liked and accepted by them. Fear of not following the popular path. Fear of not being good enough in the eyes of others.

Becoming free

I say better live satisfied with doing well, knowing that you are doing what makes you happy, what gives you independence of mind and trust in yourself. Let others worry about themselves, and if they want let them talk and criticize you.

You spend your time in this life worrying about you. Life is too precious to live it in a prison. Each one of us, no matter who we are, is meant to be unique, which means different, which means being ourselves. Because it’s about becoming free.

Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

To get through it

Strong & Firm

One of the most attractive and successful traits to have in life is confidence. No matter what you go through, you must believe in yourself. Belief in myself is what got me through breakups, and deaths in the family, and financial troubles.

Because the fact is that terrible things are going to happen in life, unexpectedly, whether we want it or not; however, if we believe in ourselves, in the capacity to get through it, in the ability to re-build and triumph in the future, we then become strong and firm before any problems we may have.

Committed to your purpose

And there needs to be a vision, a purpose, a goal, in order to believe in yourself and get through whatever life throws at you. Our minds have to seize this positivity and vanquish all negativity, and with this comes the commitment to keep going.

This commitment is paramount. You have to train your mind to let all the worry and frustration go, so the strength to keep moving forward emerges and stays where is supposed to stay in order to bring you clarity and passion to desire to be better.

Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Being loved…

Growing up

First, no one deserves love; but as an adult love is something you gain. You gain it by leaving your past hurt and opening your heart to new people. You gain it by learning to be kind, generous, respectful with others.

You gain it by being patient and not impulsive with others. Because if you won’t let go, you cannot move on. And if you won’t leave your comfort zone, you cannot explore something new and better.

And if you won’t see yourself and people in a new light, you cannot gain happiness and love. If you won’t accept your demons and stop fearing them, you cannot embrace your angel and live with joy.

What it is

In short, it is about moving on and learning to love, always in better ways, always towards freedom. The baby is born and for that he is loved.

But growing up means maturing and learning that love requires you to always evolve and learn, which requires the best version of yourself. Because only the best version of yourself will get true love and happiness in life, as only the best version of yourself will understand the words I’ve written here.

Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Get up 8 times

Self-awareness is key

The human spirit has always been strong, nothing can affect it; however, the unruly one, the one that needs our full attention, is the mind. Too many things can alter the mind and bring it down, to the point that we start believing we are not capable, or worth it, or even deserving of any love and happiness.

But look at your life, minus the troubles and anxiety your mind creates. There you find your source for strength. Self-awareness is this exercise I’ve mentioned, when you stop using your mind so much and stop accepting whatever thought pops up in there.

You get up the eighth time by becoming aware of yourself. “The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times.” ~ Paulo Coelho.

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So, are you reading yet??

And what is it about a great book, or about the right book??

-It’s the emotional connection when you read, just knowing the characters, or the author, feel like you do.

-It’s the message hidden in each event you read, such which brings you insights and reminders regarding your own life.

-It’s the motivating journey similar to the journey in your life, which motivates you and inspires you.

-It’s the fact that it brings you a deeper understanding of life, one where there are less limitations, one where you can aspire to something even greater than your current situation.

-It’s the break it gives you from the hardships and injustices in your life, where your brain can rewire itself and strengthen itself.

It’s the great expansion of your imagination as you read, the greater knowledge and insights, beliefs and opinions changing your subconscious and maybe altering your old programming.

So, are you reading yet??

Anatomy and physiology of life Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

What nourishes your soul…??

“Veils of fear to drop.”

If I could only show you this love story,
If you could only see the flames yourself;
But it goes far beyond this fake world,
And its passion is seen not by the eyes.

Passing through the garden of past burdens,
You have to fly over the waters of anxiety,
Then you’ll soar across the skies of self-doubt,
And over the rainbow of the self and its voices.

This is about finding the greatest freedom,
And about letting your heart inspire you.
This is about allowing the veils of fear to drop,
And about following what nourishes your soul.


Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Are you really in love…??

What love is not

Love is a not a label already made for you, or an opinion, or an established way out there. You can be in love with yourself and with your life, if you let go of the influence from society, let go of what your family expects from you, and just worry about self-development.

What love is

Love is essentially what makes you healthy, what makes you feel confident, what allows you to feel happy and connected to your life–no matter the drama or challenges in it. That is why religions, politics, family and friends can’t really give you this; for they can only offer you moments of joy and mental constructs.

Where love is

Only you can give you love, if you learn to spend time with yourself and enjoy it. It’s all about befriending you, taking care of you. Because, even though humans have been programmed for thousands of years to be social animals, true love and happiness do not exist in the world and in what it has to offer. It only exists in you.