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Recognizing the illusion

Why is it that most of us find value in not letting go??  Most of us feel that letting go somehow makes us selfish, disloyal, isolated from others who do not desire to let go either.  Most of us, I’ve found, live in this illusion where attachment is real love. 


This is not progressive.  This is not spiritual.  This is not moral.  Because love has nothing to do with the pettiness of attachment, neediness, hatred of change.  It is the main reason I wrote this book, because life is about observing yourself and your own attachment.  

That’s the only way to any true progress.

Please read a sample below:

The Work

This work is about the individual and the creation of greater self-awareness. Self-awareness is what is required to live a better life. A life of success. A life of self-development. We focus on the existential chaos of the person. What ails the mind…?? What is the solution…?? And from then, we enlighten ourselves…


Book reviews Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!


So, are you reading yet??

And what is it about a great book, or about the right book??

-It’s the emotional connection when you read, just knowing the characters, or the author, feel like you do.

-It’s the message hidden in each event you read, such which brings you insights and reminders regarding your own life.

-It’s the motivating journey similar to the journey in your life, which motivates you and inspires you.

-It’s the fact that it brings you a deeper understanding of life, one where there are less limitations, one where you can aspire to something even greater than your current situation.

-It’s the break it gives you from the hardships and injustices in your life, where your brain can rewire itself and strengthen itself.

It’s the great expansion of your imagination as you read, the greater knowledge and insights, beliefs and opinions changing your subconscious and maybe altering your old programming.

So, are you reading yet??

Book reviews Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Upcoming Dark Fantasy novel – Jan. 2023

This an excerpt of my upcoming Fantasy Dark novel, “Shadow Ghouls of Nergus” – #4 in the epic series BENJAMIN JONES.


-13th century BC. North Eastern Mongolia-

-Burhan Khaldun (God Mountain)-

-Place of the mysterious blue-gray wolf-

“It was one of those cold winters that would enter your eyes, numb your skin and bones, and soon leave you unable to move at all. Snow was everywhere. Wwooossshhh… The merciless winds whispered alluring songs of death here. They also spoke of dark omens for the living…

“Bolormaa and Batu had climbed the steep mountain for almost an hour. Bolormaa was with child. Batu, her dear husband, had saved both by escaping their doomed village during the stormy night. The rocks around them were somewhat jagged. And they were exhausted, about to give up and fall rolling down to their horrible demise, to eternal rest from their many troubles…

“Their hands and feet numbed by the freezing cold. The terrain of the steep mountain unforgiving. Their clothes too thin to fight this winter. And, as Bolormaa felt the pregnancy contractions again, she clutched her stomach; for the pain was very acute now, and she couldn’t hold on any longer. She lost footing and fell backwards…

But fortunately Batu caught her as best he could. “My love!”

“It’s coming now!” she cried. “It’s coming now!”…

“He looked around him. His baby was coming. But what could he do?? There was only death here. And yet, the responsibility fell on him. So he held her tight and rested on a rock. And soon he saw a cave not far from where they were…

“He’d have to deliver the baby himself there. Then he looked at his wife in terrible pain. But he became even more concerned when he saw her losing blood. Was her womb bleeding?? Was she about to lose the baby?? He became petrified…

“Batu??” she called in between cries of agony. “Batu?!”

“His reaction was swift. He looked around him again. And, as gentle as possible, he helped her up and held her through the complicated…”

~ ‘Shadow Ghouls of Nergus.’

-An amazing journey into the abyss of deception-



Book reviews Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Crafting your unique art

Crafting your best

I feel that in order to craft the best ideas, the best characters, the best plot in a story, you have to be emotionally in touch with yourself. That you must accept yourself, your past burdens, your flaws, your pains.

After all, whatever you create, in any artistic form, must be born from you. And also must deliver the strength of your emotions, without, of course, overwhelming the ones who will appreciate your art form.

Artistic freedom

It is very personal, I know, because the way we create is based on the personality and the experiences we have; and, obviously, each one of us is different, which makes art forms potentially excellent. So, as an author, I find that pouring my personality and experience in what I write gives me artistic freedom.

And, I’d humbly suggest, that in life, or in anything else that requires the subtlety of your art, you find also your artistic freedom. That you liberate yourself from the constraints of following others, or the ways they do things, or encasing your mind to think like them.


Anatomy and physiology of life Book reviews Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder.

From specter to human

Dark Fantasy/Coming of age/Paranormal & Occult

It is the 4th book in the series, and I wanted to share with you. Red is the woman, or girl, beside Benjamin Jones who is the main character in my story. And she is special, because she holds secrets of her own. Below is a little bit of what’s coming…


“Back then, a long, long time ago, The Mad Demon King had ruled over the whole land of Nergus. Before that, he’d been one of the 1st demon lords and scourge of the 7 galaxies. Needless to say, he ruled with violence and fear. He’d torture and kill if someone even looked at him directly into his eyes or complained about anything at all concerning his rule of madness…

“Even before this, in most of his reincarnations, he’d been the worst offender. Life after life, his chosen path had been crooked and his darkness had increased to the point of opaquing any glimmer of light left in him. After falling into black magic, evolution gave him what his corrupted mind wanted. He became physically grotesque. Mutated, cursed and alone he became a sadistic sorcerer…

“But this is about Arrdon, the one errant ghoul to be later known as Red. Arrdon was just an essence without gender, purpose and particular way in existence. It just roamed the land of Nergus, like many others did, in search of reason, excitement, and self-discovery perhaps; but, obviously, never finding anything, just remaining a mere shell without personality…

“It had, like the rest, been given birth or conjured into the world of the living by the absolute ruler, who was now The Mad Demon King. Taken out of The Dark’s Core, darkness was not given a personality of its own. Each new portion taken out of the cosmic pool was part of the collective, thus rendering each new ghoul or form unintelligent and submissive…

“This made each spectral form roaming the land easy to enslave and mold to the king’s very whim. Terribly cruel and a crime against evolution itself. But, as time went by, nature carried its powerful secrets; for nature wanted to know itself, and so it sought the miracle of unique experience even against the established rule of the tyrant…

“There was a cosmic collision, a violent but necessary miracle from the darkest corners of space. The shower of rocks, energy and fire crashed into most of the necro-world, thus affecting its very core, spreading throughout. Nergus and its abyss suffered great alterations regarding structure and life, which included the spectral forms roaming the wretched lands…

“Like a nuclear aftermath, the lasting effects pushed evolution to change its course. The skies changed, the landscape changed, and the consciousness in existence changed as well. Now the gift of self-awareness was born, at a slow but steady pace; however, just a few gained higher self-awareness, most gained just a smidge of it…

“And the ones with higher self-awareness then came to understand themselves more in existence, and so they grew hope and the capacity to visualize a better future. But the ones with lower self-awareness did not come to this realization, and so they just saw themselves, their wretched past, and their self-pity as their forever fate…

“And the ones with higher awareness became rebels against the system of tyranny, because they wanted to be free and choose their own path. And this was so because their higher awareness brought the experience of joy, the birth of self-love, and all true intelligence in them. But The Mad Demon King hated this, obviously; and so, he found a way to torture and kill many Free Thinkers….

“This meant to send them back to the pool known as The Dark’s Core, where they would come back to the collective mind and so The Self would just disappear. But a few escaped from this terrible fate. Arrdon was one of them. It travelled to The Sitchin’s planet, as this planet was well-known for its acceptance of all creatures. In time, the specter recognized the 2 genders within its own self…

“First, the consciousness filled itself with greater empathy for all nature. Then the consciousness grew special wishes and desires based on the new experiences gained with the people around it. And then the female essence overpowered the male’s and Gaimíah, or Red, was born. She now lived with…”

~ ‘Shadow Ghouls of Nergus’.

An amazing journey into the abyss of deception.

Coming 2023.


Book reviews Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Unique Dark Fantasy

The magic of storytelling

I set out to professionally write as an author to share my thoughts and experiences with the world, with whomever feels that insights into a better self, a better life are important. I always value the higher self, inner transformation to better my relationships, my creativity, in general my life, the most.

And I feel my journey, my thoughts, my wisdom can inspire or motivate people to find their way as well. So, I started writing non-fiction. But soon I found a way to share all that I wanted to share through the magic of storytelling. So I started my Dark Fantasy series “BENJAMIN JONES”.

A unique story

The story of an indigenous orphan boy who seeks to discover what really happened to his parents, also to discover his magic and the mysterious connection he has to ancient Sumerian gods; and all while he meets with unknown forces of evil. And so, I would like to share with you a very special review I received on the 2nd book in the series.

Because my style is different. And because I seek to bring also a little awareness to the reader in a time when the world needs it the most. Please check out the following review. Once in a while, a reader truly gets me 😃🤩🔥❤️✌️

A supernatural-type novel that could be considered for adults or young adults. If you like the unique way the author writes, it’s an engaging read. Besides being fictionally entertaining, there are many correlations to the current situation in our world today, but only a small percentage of aware-enough people… (Read Full Review here)


Book reviews Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Dark Fantasy Pre-order

Hope you are enjoying your week and keeping positive, friends. I always like to keep a positive attitude, especially in these times when friends and family might gather (different backgrounds and cultures, different points of views and attitudes towards life).

I wanted to let you know of the pre-order status of my newest book in the series, “Shadow Ghouls of Nergus.”

Please follow this link- Click here – , or the one at the very bottom of this blogpost to find out more.

…Or click on the image below:

I have really taken my time and dedicated to the unravelling plot with this one in a way that teases what is coming and the rise of the demon lords, as it is crucial in the development of his journey in the full series. And so, just in time for Christmas, this 4th one is the epic journey of this incredible shaman and orphan boy who’s now learning to be a god.

-Dark fantasy.

-Highly spiritual.

-Written in a very unique style.

-Meant to provoke insights into self-realization beyond entertainment.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Preorder now : Discover what hides in the abyss…


Book reviews Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

New book…

Top 10 in U.S. in ‘Children’s Scary Stories’, and in ‘Children’s Coming of Age Fantasy Books’, and in ‘Children’s Paranormal, Occult and Supernatural Books’, “The Call of The Shaman”, #1 in the epic Dark Fantasy series, is the story of a 12-year-old orphan boy who is trying to discover himself.

His father was a great shaman. His mother a great healer. Great ancestral indigenous roots. And after the visit from his ‘believed’ dead father, he must go on a journey to discover who he really is, the magic he has inside him, and the connection to the ancient Sumerian gods. All this while managing the great curse, the ghouls, and the wicked necromancer on his path…

If you haven’t read #1 yet, right now and for a limited time it is free to download on Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble. Please browse through my website and learn more, or find it here: “The Call of The Shaman.”

And to celebrate the new book in the Dark Fantasy series that I have soon coming out, #4, “Shadow Ghouls of Nergus”, I want to share an exerpt from Chapter 48 – Titled: ‘Everything you Believe.’

His  eyes  were  wide  open  in  astonishment.  “You  can  talk??”

“Hmm,  can  I  talk…??  Let’s  see,”  he  said  in  deep  thought.  “Hmm.  Yes,  apparently  I  can.  And  so  can  you.”

“I  mean,  how  can  you  talk??”  Ben  insisted  putting  the  feather  back  in  his  pocket. 

“Hmm,  what  a  fascinating  question,”  the  dragon-wolf  continued.  “I  dunno.  Never  really  thought  about  it.  And  how  can  you  talk??”

“Well,  I  am  human.  We  have  vo—”

WAIT—!”  he  interrupted.  “I  really  don’t  care.”

Ben  saw  him  in  a  very  serious  pose,  as  if  some  kind  of  Greek  philosopher.  This  hybrid  creature  looked  very  funny.  He  seemed  to  be  very  conscious  of  himself,  but  his  fairly  generous  size  and  his  long  tail  swaying  side  to  side  as  he  remained  in  thought  made  Ben  chuckle.

“Oh,  yes!  You  were  going  somewhere.  Where??”

“I  think  I’m  being  punished  for  what  I  did,”  Ben  explained.  “I’m  dying  of  thirst.”

“Oh,  yes,  look  at  that.  You  don’t  look  so  good,”  he  said  while  noticing  his  pale  complexion.  “You  might  be  right.  I  might  be  talking  to  a  dead  boy  after  all.  Or  soon  to  be.”

“Gee,  I’m  so  glad  you  came.  Thanks.”

“Oh  cheer  up,  you!  It’s  not  that  bad!”  the  hybrid  creature  said  while  moving  one  of  his  wings  and  exposing  the  rich  sand  for  him.  “Take  some  water  now.”

“Umm.  What  water…??”  Ben  asked  suspiciously.

“What  is  it  that  you  mean??  The  delicious  spring  water  in  this  crystal  glass,”  he  said  while  motioning  with  his  wing.

Ben  looked  closer.  Maybe  he  was  having  problems  with  his  vision  too.  He  moved  the  giant  wing  out  of  the  way  just  to  make  a  point.  “There’s  no  water  there.”

Of  course  there  is.  You’re  thinking  too  much.  Now  stop  seeking  excuses,  reach  the  glass,  and  drink  the  water.”

Ben  smiled  and  looked  awkwardly  at  the  talking  dragon-wolf.  “You’re  an  illusion,  just  like  this  whole  place,  aren’t  you??  Just  like  I  can  talk  clearly  now.”

“But  do  you  still  feel  thirsty,  about  to  die??”

Ben  took  his  time.  He  felt  different  now,  but  the  lingering  exhaustion  as  other  side  effects  from  dehydration  were  there. 

Then,  gathering  himself,  he  said,  “Weirdly,  yes.”

“Then  drink,  and  live.  Or  don’t  drink,  and  die.  But  do  not  waver  anymore,”  the  hybrid  said,  then  turned  around  and  away  from  him.

Ben  felt  silly,  and  he  still  thought  this  was  an  illusion.  He  probably  was  dead  already,  or  maybe  unconscious  somewhere.  He  didn’t  really  care.  He  carried  his  big  burden.  And  he  knew  the  gods  weren’t  happy  with  him.  He  then  went  ahead,  took  the  make-believe  glass  and  drank.

“How  do  you  feel??”  asked  the  dragon-wolf.

Ben  left  the  now-visible  glass  on  the  strange  sandy  surface.  “Hey,  it  was  real!”

“Of  course  it  was!  Everything  is  real  if  you  believe  in  it.”

HHFFMMTT!  Suddenly,  the  glass  was  swallowed  by  the  hungry  mound.  Ben  saw  this  and  rubbed  his  eyes,  then  looked  yonder  and  saw  his  friends  down  at  the  foot  of  a  cave.  They  were  waiting  for  him,  just  like  he’d  told  them. 

Then  the  hybrid  came  to  him  and  said,  “You  have  good  friends,  Ben.

“I  know  they’re  angry  with  me.  But  my  friends  shouldn’t  be  punished  for…”

I hope you enjoyed this section of the story.

“Shadow Ghouls of Nergus”, #4 in the epic series BENJAMIN JONES, is coming soon…

And, as mentioned above, if you haven’t read #1 yet and started the adventure with Ben, right now and for a limited time it is free to download on Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble. Please browse through my website and learn more, or find it here: “The Call of The Shaman”


Book reviews Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Developing art…

Creating great art

You know, there’s a common pattern among people who do art–like authors, like painters, like dancers, like craftspeople of all kinds. They often have no strategy, or not a very precise strategy. Sometimes we just have a vision or idea in our minds, and we just create as we go.

You may get a gut feeling about something. Your intuition could be guiding you to something, or to somewhere. Yet you can’t see the whole road ahead. I personally think this is, sometimes, really good. The mystery and the unknown force you to challenge yourself to develop great art forms.

Following your intuition

Now, the thing with going with your gut feeling, or intuition, is that if you spend too much time analyzing, or even overthinking, you may get lost or confused and thus lose your main focus. (This is not saying that having a strategy, a detailed development of your art process, is not good).

I’m just reminding you that if you are to follow intuition that you shouldn’t analyze everything perfectly. For example, as an author, I have a simple idea to start a story, and then, as I write, I immerse myself in the story itself and develop new ideas to develop further that story.

I recently learned from Twitter that some people call my creative process being a ‘pantser’. (Not really into labels). I just like to develop ideas as I go, and as I live the emotional roller coaster of the story I’m writing. In this sense, following my intuition without overanalyzing anything is what brings great art to life.


Book reviews Business mind. Stories to ponder.

Find your next read

Great storytelling

The value of reading. The increasing of our imagination. What reading does to our minds is something I truly value. A great book not only entertains and teaches, but it opens your mind, expands your awareness of the struggles of daily life.

It must bring empathy, a better understanding from a different perspective. At least, that’s what great storytellers must do, which is bring you different perspectives and emotional sensations to better your own life.

Following I bring you some bookfairs to find your next read:

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