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It is in childhood the programming and energy built into our more mature years.

Think about the adult’s mind. Think about what it contains. And know that it is the beginning of this mind what matters most. The beginning of this mind is childhood.

It is extremely important to influence a nurturing and creative part in the growing mind of a child. No matter what your likes are as a parent. No matter how close you are with your own family now as an adult. You must give this to the child. You must nurture his mind, and when you do this think about the example, the influence, the mental food you are feeding him; because when he is an adult he will choose and understand life according to this food, example, and influence you gave him in his childhood. Give him freedom, knowledge, morality, truth, love:

1- The child must read good books,

2- Maybe play a few video games which expand his imagination,

3- Visit his grandma and other family often,

4- And taught to be close and nurture animals whenever possible.

This was my childhood growing up. I used to read, play video games, take a few drawing classes in my neighborhood, visit my grandma and play with my dog at her house. But I am not putting myself as the example to follow here. I am saying that in childhood is very important to be aware of what we feed the young mind. When you see adults bullying others. When you see politicians and businessmen extremely greedy and immoral. When you see people addicted to sex, to drugs, to alcohol, to immoral thinking and ways of behaving. All this stems from a childhood which lacked good examples and freedom to learn to think for yourself.

As one grows up and leaves childhood things change, life gets tougher; and so, that is why your mind expansion as a kid is extremely important. As a child, the mind is like a sponge; and everything you learn, and everything which influences your mind, is transferred to your subconscious and it becomes your programming as an adult. So, a person who has not developed and nurtured a healthy and creative mind in childhood then, when he/she becomes a grown up the mind is easily influenced by immoral and toxic ideas and habits, and the person’s understanding of him/herself and of life gets affected greatly, and so they suffer more in life–physically and emotionally. Be aware of all this.

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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. The free mind of a human god!

Return to the child.




As children we were more in touch with our innocence, our emotions, and our playfulness to create freely.  We weren’t afraid of expressing ourselves, and we weren’t intimidated or annoyed by people’s opinions of us and of our activities.  Now, this is what we must be now as adults too.  To be ourselves and follow our hearts.

Life begins to make you depressed if the only thing you do is what you must, and you do it also complaining and in a foul mood.  A child-like mind is a mind which has no fear to express itself, and its focus is on playfulness, creativity, freedom and uniqueness, and not on the life of others.  This is something we all must follow, with full heart, with a full connection to ourselves. 

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Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder.

More creative.




  • Learn to see your life with gratitude, positivity, and a little creative vision.  In this manner, you can raise yourself above your anger, your frustration, your dramas and troubles.  By being creative, you then become always thankful for your life and for the opportunity to make better choices going ahead.

  • Look at your life.  There’s good things, and probably not so good things, right…??  It’s always going to be like this.  Always good and not so good.  The good is there for you to enjoy and desire to seek more of it, and the not so good is there to strengthen you and to make you more creative in your journey.


I’ve been on this journey for long to finally understand that our minds create our lives and every experience we have. I know we can all better our lives by individual self-development and spiritual understanding. Check out my self-help books to enlighten yourself and others.

Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Render yourself free.




When you interact with the world have in mind a great sense of humility.  Don’t let others put you down, and do not let yourself feel prideful and put down others either.

When you communicate with people, share ideas, express opinions and personal experiences, don’t be attached to this; but be open to other experiences, let yourself learn something new about the experience of someone else.

Observe your own reactions to things, to conversations, to what you encounter in the world.  Observe your ego moving here and there, and control yourself, practice self-control, and do not remain attached to anything at all.

Keep on learning throughout your life, like the wise man, and for that you must become detached and free from thoughts and feelings–know that this is your very prison.  The fool ignores this and remains always attached to his ego, like a very hard rock, like a very stubborn and immobile object.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

A creative and intelligent mind.


Creativity, or the essence of creativity, what fuels the creative process, is not of the busy mind or of the ego; but it comes from beyond that, and in order to tap into it, or in order to access it, one must quiet the mind.  And how do you quiet the mind…??

By observing an introspective or meditative life, a life that is not always busy and noisy, in an environment which offers calm and focus.  When the environment and the body surrender to this quietude as a daily practice, then the brain alters, changes its structure and functioning, and so it access this creative essence easily.

This creative essence is intelligence, it is the purity beyond the noise of the mind, to thus understand life and yourself.  Because that is what intelligence truly is:  Creativity in its purest essence, not only to create art, but to understand life at a deeper level.

The anxious and stressed mind, frustrated and busy, cannot access this pure creativity; for what fills it escapes harmony and calmness, and in doing so creates a psychological environment of pure suffering.  And how can intelligence live in this hostile environment…??




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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder.

Acts of intelligence.




The way you react in your life is the way of your subconscious emotional programming.  When you get upset about someone’s words, it is because your mind’s beliefs, ideas, or opinions have been rattled or threatened; thus, your subconscious programming makes you react even without consciously thinking about it.

But when you train your conscious mind to respond in a different way, unattached to beliefs, ideas and opinions to the words and behaviors of others, then you are creating your own subconscious programs.

This gives you intelligence, it boosts your inner harmony and knowledge of self; for you become more confident, liberated from egoistical reactions, thus penetrate into a deeper understanding of yourself, of others, and of the ways of life.

Intelligence is not your memory and the accumulation of knowledge there, but indeed this is what the naive and ignorant world believes–and so, just look at it and you’ll see that there are no really intelligent people out there, just people holding school degrees and people old in time.

Intelligence is in the way you react and respond to the world, to your stress, to your negativity, to your anger and frustration.  Intelligence is to create your own emotional understanding and to see beyond the petty acts of your ego.




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Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!



As human creatures we have developed the power of visualization, which is the power of higher creativity and language; hence, we can create more than any other creature we know, because we mesh images with language in our minds–i.e., language reveals stories, symbols, it brings powerful meaning to those images.

This tells us that no matter our surroundings, our circumstances, if we can create with belief and faith, through patience and commitment in our minds, then we can manifest better futures in our surroundings through that mental creation.

This goes beyond physical reality, to create from thought into matter, and that is why it is very difficult to understand and even to believe for most people.  And also because to actually create, the mind has to have no fear and doubt that it will manifest; hence the difficulty for most people who are attached to the material reality and have formed strong bonds with this same physical reality.

So one needs to walk away from physical reality to create and begin manifestation, which means to detach oneself from the obsession of matter and the world, which means to direct your attention inwardly and stop putting so much faith, trust, stress, excitement in the physical out there.

The problem is thinking that your current situation cannot be changed, because in this lies fear and self-doubt.  People overthinks and speculates how to reach something, how to achieve something in life out there; however, they ignore and avoid the origin of all physical reality, which is thought and emotion in them.


Thus when you create with thought (visualization) and emotion (strong emotional connection within that same visualization) then you are directing your attention inwardly and creating your life from its very origins–i.e., from within the micro-world to manifest into the macro-world.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Inner traits.

The psyche is mortal, dual, material, obtuse, and in denial of itself; thus, of the two forces man contains within, one is developed stronger than the other, either that of the feminine or that of the masculine.  The mind then is its own ruler, sick or healthy; therefore, the mind creates the violent and absurd man, the warmonger, the unfaithful lover, the saint, the peaceful, the homosexual, the lesbian, the heterosexual, the libertine, the enlightened one, the wicked one, etc. etc.  But the successful and blissful life is attained once you have reached beyond this rigidity of mind–  Can you not see that yourself…??

The higher moral character, the divine traits of the innermost, the most decent and truly superior human being is embraced and it takes over when you go beyond the programming of your own mind–i.e., beyond the absurdity of the unholy and reactive mind.  This is for women and for men.  But it is specially a duty for men to awaken from slumber, because men tend to be in most cases the troglodytes who worship the knowledge of the mind and its delusional beliefs.

It is necessary, absolutely vital for any true enlightenment, to reach within and bring the divine traits of the feminine to the surface; thus, you must unite the sacred knowledge of the mind with that essence of The Divine Mother.  You will not feel whole unless this happens as an experience within you.

  Honest, creative, compassionate, empathetic, trustful, teachable and humble, patient under suffering, individual in thought–these are the traits which reside deep within each person (woman and man), and the traits you must strive to embrace and make conscious each day of your life.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Stories to ponder.

The Great Knowledge.

Gnosis is best defined by the word “Gnostic:” the one who studies and lives Gnosis.  Gnostic comes from the Greek gnostikós, of gignookein: to know.   So the word comes from the Greek and it means knowledge, an “illuminating knowledge,” a “salvific knowledge,” which saves from ignorance the one who comes to know himself.  And this is why it is stated that Gnosis is a very natural function of the awakened consciousness, a Philosophia Perennis et Universalis. A synthetic knowledge, with its own values, that allows for the sincere seeker to achieve the Being and universal Knowledge.

The term Gnosis is related to direct knowledge of one’s own consciousness, rather than a theory or belief.  Now, the word psychology relates to the psyche, which is the soul in Greek.  And the word Ology (in psych-ology) or Logos is Greek for “the Word,” or in other words “God” (psychology: “the Word of the Soul,” meaning “God”), an eternal aspect of the creative impulse in the human creature.  Gnosis then is knowing God, the god within you.  “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  ~ John 1…   Gnosis is the Word then, and so it was in the beginning. So whoever has gnosis knows the beginning itself…   Do you follow this…??

Now, imagine 3 colored plastic cups–one red, one blue, one colorless or transparent.  You pour water into each cup–now you see water that looks red in the red cup, blue water in the blue cup, and transparent or colorless/pure water in the transparent cup.  Your consciousness is the water–i.e., transparent, colorless, pure substance of creative impulse or life in man.  And the cups with their different colors is your mind and its different states–i.e., fear, stress, anger, anxiety, peace, lust, joy, etc.  Now, gnosis, the Word, the Beginning, The Infinite itself, resides beyond these aggregates or states of the complex mind.

The information, the books, the knowledge you acquire, penetrates into your mind and it becomes part of the aggregates or states of your mind–i.e., the colored cups.  But in order to know God, to get gnosis, to know the Beginning and the Infinite, you must find a way to see past the turmoils of your own mind, travel past the colors of the cups; in short, during your days of struggle and stress, focus on one point past these, meditate to clear your head for as long as it takes, and float towards the transparency and purity of your consciousness…  This is the process you must master daily…



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

As the swans in the lake…

Ever seen a swan dance, so majestic and elegant, a celebration of their connection and harmony as their hearts beat side by side and their bodies follow the perfect rhythm of the purest and most innocent love…??  This love goes beyond thoughts, beyond desires and ambitions, it has no goals or outcomes but just celebrating life and the bliss of just being together–breathing together, dancing together, feeling together, elevating themselves by allowing love to guide each movement they make together, and just being there is considered the most precious gift…
Why can’t the human world do this…??  Why can’t each one of us wake up and see that love cannot be known by thought, because thought is against love and has created other less “precious” venues of false affection like romance which ends in time, like desires of the flesh which confuse, like the allure of money and power, like wars to “protect” the lifestyle and “freedom” of a nation, like mere words of affection which get taken by the winds of desire and time, and so on and so forth.  Is there any reason to not actually experience love…?? I mean, humans have a higher intelligence to be aware of true love, right…?? So, why do you bend true love to fit your selfish needs and your demanding desires…??
Why do you destroy love and the precious gift it brings you…??  Why do you willingly chain yourself to your ambitions, to your desires, to goals, to particular outcomes to be popular and to be seen by others…??  Men and women are guilty of this abomination, of course; but men most of all and specially, because men tend to be more in their heads, tend to see everything with the intellect, and like I said true love cannot be known by thought or intellect–no matter how mature and caring you think you are, love cannot be known and understood by your intellect.  Women, on the other hand, are more emotional, still confused by thought many times, but more connected to their emotional bodies.
Woman is more divine when it comes to knowing love.  Ignorant and blasphemous men may infect women with their own visions of “love,” trick and control women into following their own pitiful thoughts on “love,” but woman left alone to feel freely may know true love in its innocent and creative nature.  Ever seen that when a woman truly falls in love she leaves everything and is intellectually blind, how she leaves in her emotions and gives her all for love….??  She becomes love, she leaves all thoughts of “can’t” and “impossible” because she only feels love–the essence of it, the very heart of it.  She only dances like the swan in the lake…


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