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Grow together. Learn together.

Keeping things inside you in relationships, or being emotionally closed. Pretending, just to keep the peace and not argue. Being impulsive in conversations and letting your frustration take over. This all can lead to secrets, to lies, to misbehaving, to lose trust and connection. Communicating is all about being honest with each other. This means finding the right way to say something and sharing your opinion in a respectful way. This can be challenging when you don’t agree on something.

But not agreeing on something can be healthy, because it means you have the chance to learn a new perspective. Learning a new perspective can help you understand in a more profound way the other person. That is the key to successful relationships, to learn from each other, to grow as individuals and as a team. So, you acknowledge his/her point of view, leave your ego, leave your pride, and try to get closer to the way of thinking and feeling of the other person.

With respect, patiently, and without being impulsive or reactive then your relationship grows. Any relationship. This is the challenge for the one passionate enough to truly love another. And having passion, in a mature relationship, means to find the proper way to nurture that relationship for you and your partner; so you both can grow together, learn together, even if you have different opinions and points of view.

A little bit from I ALWAYS LOVED YOU – Creatures of Eternal Love” – A book about true love and successful relationships.

Love  is  not  anger,  and  has  nothing  to  do  with  anger.  Love  is  not  possessive  or  controlling,  and  it  has  nothing  to  do  with  that.  Love  is  not  envious  or  jealous,  no  matter  what  you  tell  yourself.  Love  seeks  not  to  win  arguments,  because  love  knows  no  competition...

Love  is  eternally  truthful,  because  it  has  nothing  to  do  with  lies.  Love  is  beyond  romance,  friendship  and  all  other  labels;  for  love  is  the  energy  which  connects  even  the  murderer  to  the  saint.  A  love  like  this  truly  beautifies  life...”

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Sea Nymph

Sooner or later even the fastest runners have to stand and fight.

~ Stephen King

A little of my current work. High fantasy/Fantasy/Mystery novel. BENJAMIN JONES. The series.

“The Book of 1st Witchcraft.” #3 in the epic series.

This is from Chapter 22 –

‘The Sea Nymph’

“Like sacks of rocks dumped into the ocean, one by one, one after the other, the enchanted demons kept rushing down, falling to their unavoidable demise. Lord Furvusmortem saw this, and then also saw the dozens of sirens alluring them. And from rocks and even from the water, the sirens noticed his presence in the high peaks as well. There was one among the sirens who seemed to be their leader…

“Perhaps their queen. Maybe mother to all of them. She wore a crown and golden fish scales on the lower half of her body. And the lord of all obscurity locked eyes with her, because he understood what she was doing. He hadn’t thought she would dare cross him, but he was now losing hundreds of demons because of her…

“Sirens were notoriously rebellious, united as sisters, and also worked alone. They would allow no male creature to give them orders, but in this war they had taken sides with the gods. Formidable allies, as they were rulers of the seas. And so then, it happened that he floated to her; and a cloud or gas formation seemed to be carrying him down, or perhaps the air currents were forming tight pockets around him…

“And his speed was slow, but then it increased; and thus it became more and more threatening. And it occurred in a flash, or in the quickest wink of an eye; for he fleeted, and he came to her with disgust and arrogance. And he stopped just a few feet from her, then stepped on the water, and took another step towards the queen siren resting on a rock formation near the coastline…

“But he was really walking on the surface of the water, since she was sitting on a short sea stump. He halted pace, looked into her eyes, then coolly demanded, “Stop this now, and I will spare your lives.”…”She looked at him with disgust and disapproval, then replied, “Careful now. These are my waters. I rule here.”…

“He remained quiet and looked around him. His demons falling, being lured into death; for the ones who fell on the water, and did not die instantly, were soon killed by the overwhelming beauty of the sirens. Then he turned back and said to her, “You have made your choice, siren. Now I have made mine as well.”…

“Then he waited to see her eyes. He was looking for fear in them, but there was none. She locked eyes with him. She was a leader, a queen, a sister, and a mother to her sirens; so she met him at his level, and so stood her ground. But, he was arrogant, and immoral, and violent; so he quickly grabbed her throat, and squeezed, and sought to bring fear and chaos into her mind…

“But, even so, she remained dignified and still. And all around her, it was so that many sirens had caught sight of this; and so, they were about to intervene, but she waved her hand and they all refrained from doing so. While the creatures of darkness kept blindly falling to their demise, the waters became agitated because the queen was also now agitated…”

Hope you enjoyed that. Currently working on the painting for the cover of the book also. Follow me to stay up-to-date on the story’s progress. Thanks for reading.

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The Return of The Gods

It was the possibility of darkness that made the day seem so bright. 

~Stephen King~

A little teaser of my upcoming fantasy/mystery book…

“…He took his time to respond, “Yes.” He then walked to the lip of the abyss and pointed to the misery below. “Ben, can’t you see it?? This is purity. There is nothing hidden here. I don’t hide my nature from you. Humans have war, and greed, and lies, and chaos everywhere. But they hide it behind a smile, don’t they??”

For a while, there was silence. The wails of the wind and the faint voices of sorrow were the only sounds echoing in the gloominess of it all. Ben was brooding over what The Lord of Darkness had said. It was true. All of it. But questions lingered.

“Why did you make me want to kill Jake…??” Ben finally asked. “Why did you send those voices to torture me like that??”

Lord Furvusmortem took a moment, then sighed, and then said, “Ah, but I didn’t make you feel rage and want to kill him. You did it all on your own. You cannot blame me for that, boy. That would be like blaming the water of a lake for following the natural process of vaporization and coming down as rain on you.”

“But the voices. They were not me. He was my friend. I would never kill him,” he protested while lost in thought. “We all have darkness in us. Darkness is a good thing. It keeps us honest, strong, loyal to our true nature. But the human mind gets bored, it seeks to disrupt this harmony; so it creates fear, rage, differences, and the burning desire in us to create conflict with others.” He then took a moment, then followed, “But, in you, the curse makes the voices more powerful, until they dominate your actions completely.”

There was a sudden wind picking up from the east, one which hadn’t been felt before. Then there was a flash of lightning bullying the dormant skies, and this one burned the whole firmament for a moment. Right after that, The Dark Lord stepped into the great chasm and used the wind as ground….”

This has been a little section of my upcoming book. This one is #2 in the series “BENJAMIN JONES.”

This has been “BENJAMIN JONES. The Return of The Gods.” Coming soon…

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The best mind

So, what is mindset…?? What is mind?? Isn’t it everything?? I mean, we think, say, feel, do whatever our minds are. To do anything in this life, first we must create a thought; and in time that thought becomes many thoughts, and so this mental stream becomes our habitual mind. The content of our minds. So, when you feel worship to God is because your mind is full of beliefs and religious things, even if you don’t assist to a religion. And when you become angry and paranoid is because your mind is full of thoughts which you despise. And when you feel arrogant and superior to others is because your mind is full of images of yourself that you have created egoistically. The same with progress in your life. Your mind dictates your progress or lack of it.

The only obstacle is self-imposed. The only obstacles are your beliefs, your attachment to your arrogance and to the ways things should be, the self-pity and jealousy you carry. You are the content of your mind, not more than this. You are not what you feel or you say you are. So, what is your mind’s content..?? Is it beliefs, culture and traditions, self-pity, doubt, arrogance, and endless nonsense about the supernatural?? Become aware of it, because whatever happens in your life, and whatever you experience, is what you attract due to your mind’s content. You become your mind’s content. This is for any of us, because any of us have the responsibility to remain aware of our minds at all times.

And now I want to present you with the latest video promo I made about the main character of this YA fantasy/mystery story I am writing. The BENJAMIN JONES series.

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So this is a little about Ben. As the main character of epic adventures, I thought he deserved a little introduction, since his story will make for several books to come.

And I have just gotten word that “BENJAMIN JONES. The Call of The Shaman,” is approved by Audible in its audiobook form, to be on sale in Audible, Amazon and iTunes in a few days. So maybe my narration of Ben’s story can reach the ears of people too.

His story commences here:



And this is the video titled: “WHO IS BENJAMIN JONES..??”…

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Simply love

What is the true meaning of Valentine’s Day beyond all the concepts, history, and society’s influences…??

What is love really…??

People all over the world, or in most of the world, are preparing for Valentine’s Day. They are going shopping, and reserving restaurant dates, and going on trips, and doing some kind of special gesture of love for another. Why…?? This is what society influences in you, right?? This is what brings anxiety to single people, and also anxiety to people in romantic relationships. The single one wants a romantic relationship and to be bought things and remembered this one day. The one in a romantic relationship already worries about buying something special, about some grand gesture to show some irrational concept of love in one day that, society has told him, is the most important day regarding love.

But is love celebrated one day a year…?? Is love a concept that says that you have to buy and do some great gesture on this exact day?? What is really love for you?? Love is friendship. Love is connection. Love is family. Love is acceptance. Love is truth. What does this mean…?? It means you are love, and your family is love, and all your loved ones, and those neighbors you don’t know. There is no special day, or person even; because love is in you, you radiate it, which means you must become loving with yourself and with others. All those troubles you carry, that mental anguish, those painful memories. These are to be transformed and embraced, daily; because true love begins in you.

Buying things, grand gestures, special trips. These do not really mean anything if you are empty inside and you do not carry love and acceptance for yourself. It should give you health of body and mind. It’s not about another, but about yourself. It’s also about the way you treat others daily. Forget special days. Show a great moral character daily. If love is to be true, then it must change you from within, not from without by making grand gestures to be seen and accepted by another. Not gestures to follow society and copy others. You feel lonely because you try to copy others, society and the concept they have of what “love” is.

But this does not help. But this only makes the loneliness heavier on you, and it brings you more anxiety, more jealousy, more heavy burdens to carry. If you can just remember that love is an essence in you, and that you transform yourself daily into love by accepting yourself and by becoming a moral person, then you can truly love whoever comes in contact with you. But no special day can do this, no special gesture; but only the commitment in yourself daily, and only everyday moral gestures beginning from yourself can.

So, what are you waiting for?! This Valentine’s Day, and every day, help yourself. Books! Books! Books! Expand your mind. Become more creative. Do it with these promos. Choose your books wisely.

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Free books. Creativity.

I feel that sometimes is easy to drown ourselves in sorrow. Not enough money. The mortgage or rent is coming up. The kids are misbehaving in school. Nobody supports me. It’s very damaging to think like this. Dangerous mental habits.

Think. What is required in life…?? What is absolutely paramount in expanding your mind and understanding?? What is the one thing that helps in our lives, to create, to find solutions, to ease ourselves in the face of problems??

Creativity. Imagination. The spark to dream and grow. Ideas and insights to boost your own capacity for imagination. Because sometimes the pressures of daily life can get to us, and the mind can become a terrible place with loud voices of fear and negativity.

Relationship problems. Any problem really. These require a mind who can step away from the overwhelming anxiety, overthinking, horrible and constant stress. This must be a mind which expands in creativity, because creativity helps your mind to create solutions and to imagine better steps to accomplish our goals and fix what needs to be fixed. And for that, and specially in this quarantine times, I find that books can help us discover new ways in life.

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It’s about how we feel.

I woke up early to write, like each morning. Currently the second book in the series ‘BENJAMIN JONES,’ titled “The Return of The Gods.” You can read a sample chapter of my published book here, the first book in the series BENJAMIN JONES. The Call of The Shaman.

I was thinking about how I was feeling and the importance of pushing ourselves and our passions, aiming to feel we are developing ourselves more and more. And how sometimes we give up on ourselves, even without wanting to do it. Because of what they say, or because of what happened in the past, or because of how daunting something seems. This can become our demons, our negative habits and way of living; and, even worse, in time if we let ourselves feel like this we may start really believing we are worthless. Great amounts of people in the world are unhappy because of this.

And then life starts losing that spark and inspiration we seek every day. When life turns dull like this then, a giant void or emptiness appears in us. Nothing matters anymore, because we lost our passion, our zest, our motivation in life. A sense of direction in life. And our sense of direction in life must be born from our inner moral compass, which at the same time is nourished by our habit of health, courage, excellence. This means that we must aim to be the best we can be, and so not postpone things. Work on our talents. Find our talents. Never let others bring you down. Never let those negative and loud voices in your head tell you that you cannot do it or that you are worthless.

Push boundaries (video) Pushing ourselves then. Pushing ourselves without overthinking and allowing our egos to block us from getting better. Because life is all about how we feel. It’s about quality. And we feel better, successful, happy, when we are motivating ourselves to become the best we can be.


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“I ALWAYS LOVED YOU.” A book about love and relationships.

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“BENJAMIN JONES. The Call of The Shaman”:

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Life can be challenging. One can experience loneliness, doubt, jealousy, anger, and a myriad of other darkness. This goes with being human, with exploring ourselves in this physical existence we call life. I went through so much after my father’s death several years ago. I’m sure we have all experienced the impotence and anger in these terrible moments. Our minds make our experiences. From a thought to a feeling, and from a feeling to a constant experience in us. The constant experience can be negative or positive, depending on the first thought we had and nourished into a feeling which grew constant and powerful in us.

There is a well of hope and faith in us in spite of all negativity and struggle. This well is deep inside us, but it cannot be fed by the outside. Sure, you can have people supporting you. Sure, you can also have great self-help books remind you, and religious scriptures too. Sure, you can even have the opportunity to travel and introduce yourself to more inspiring cultures and people. All this may help, but it won’t last. Not unless you find the strength, faith, hope in you in the form of self-belief. Because even if you lose something important to you, or fail at something, or encounter tragedy in any aspect, inner belief will get you out.

Inner belief says “I don’t care what happens in life, I will keep going filled with patience and passion.” Inner belief says “Nothing will stop me, nothing will bring me down; because my focus is on moving on and progressing.” And so, how do you get that strong self-belief…?? By developing yourself, by seeking your passion, by immersing yourself in habits which keep you feeling great about yourself. Great habits are the key in life. Sitting around watching TV and drinking beer with friends, or even by yourself?? Not a great habit. No, I am talking about habits which push you outside of your comfort zone. Habits which add value to your character.

Habits which help you understand yourself and your strengths, like writing, like painting, like sports of strategy, like exercise, like cooking healthily, like educating yourself on science or on any other passion you have. The secret or aim here is to grow as an individual, patiently, step by step, daily; however, it is also about doing something fun, something which ignites your passion and sense of wonder in life. I am personally a big advocate for better habits. I write about self-development, through non-fiction works and now through fantasy works which bring magic, adventure, and also insights into what it is to be alive. I hope you can see the truth in this, and so begin to nourish that belief in you, making yourself unstoppable.


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“I ALWAYS LOVED YOU.” A book about love and relationships.

“LEAVING THE HERD” (part 1). A book about self-esteem and individuality.

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“BENJAMIN JONES. The Call of The Shaman”:

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Need of a change

In need of a wake up call…?? In need of some inspiration and understanding??

This is a poetry review for “Need of a change,” a book by Rita Rana.

We all seek inspiration, maybe something which can guide us or wake up our inner moral compass. I know I do. This life can be deceitful, or, better put, our minds can lead us into something negative, depression, worthlessness, wrong choices, etc. By our minds I mean our egos. This poetry book is just about this. It is simple, yet very deep. I would say it is very honest about what sometimes people seem to forget. It reminds us of the right path to follow, and I think the author means to share her own life with us by connecting through her poetry.

It is not about her life per se, but the author uses an emotional tone we can all find relevant. Each poem is designed to paint a mental picture and help you think about your own life and where this one is going, in order for you to wake up and see what you must do to change for the better. All love and happiness is an inner work, and an inner success. Personally, I find this the message. It reminded me of the important things that must come first in my life. I could even add that it took me on a journey of self-discovery, because self-discovery never ends as long as you are alive; and so, books like this one can help you enormously in your journey.

So, to finalize, I really recommend this book. If you are like me, into self-development and inspiration to become a better human being, then this is definitely a poetry book worth both your time and money.


And these are links where you can follow the author:

Amazon author’s page:

Twitter profile:

Facebook page:


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REVIEW OF MY BOOKS: “I really loved the depth of your approach, specially because sometimes I struggle with low self-esteem and that gets into my relationship with my new wife.  Thanks for helping us become aware of all these things.  Much love to you and yours.”

REVIEW OF MY BOOKS: “It allowed me to see another explanation of love..with a touch of humor i was able to find a sensible place to kick back to enjoy knowing I have always been Loved!!  YOUR advice is like finding a treasure. Thank you so much sharing!”

“I ALWAYS LOVED YOU.” A book about love and relationships.

“LEAVING THE HERD” (part 1). A book about self-esteem and individuality.

“LEAVING THE HERD” (part 2). A book about enlightenment and the renaissance of the leader in you.

Book reviews Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder.

Chat with a Necromancer.

Titled: “BENJAMIN JONES. The Call of The Shaman.” Here’s a sample of the story. I would really appreciate your opinions, thoughts, comments on it. As an artist, I learn much from this. For me, my craft is all about learning and becoming better and better, as in all other aspects in my life. Thanks!

So, Ben has begun his quest with two great friends. He has traveled much and discovered a world of magic and danger. He has discovered that he is a shaman and cursed. He is now for the first time meeting his greatest foe, Lord Furvusmortem.


The shape materialized out of the darkness, and it seemed like it had been part of such death of light all along. Soon, Ben became aware of the man who was walking towards him. Yes, there was no doubt. The man carried dark magic. He was himself powerful dark magic.

And he was the one Benjamin Jones had sensed so clearly since the train. Maybe he was connected somehow to this man. Perhaps the curse had something to do with it. Nothing was fantasy here. The phenomena he felt in his bones was indescribable, and yet so precise and real.

Once the man stood a few feet in front of him, under the bright light, Ben saw the face of the man who had been in that bar, or vision, or whatever it had really been. He was holding his fedora in one hand and the cigar in another. The swirly clouds of toxic smoke stung Ben’s throat. He drew back and coughed heavily.

The man saw this and snickered, then muttered disdainfully, “You’re weak.” After he sat on a stool by the bar, he looked at Ben, who was still affected by the smoke and coughing heavily. He put away his cigar. “Alright! Jesus. You can stop now. What do you want, boy??”

When the man picked up the mystical object from the counter, he seemed confused about it. He was attracted by its energy, like two opposite polarities. Suddenly, the man groaned and dropped the hare on the ground. It had burned him. But, even though the hare had been dropped, it did not break.

Ben stopped coughing. He was now glaring at the mysterious man. He was really feeling his rage. His hands were shaking. The man gave out some kind of ill scent and repulsive force. It rattled something inside Ben, and being a few feet away from this man was provoking him.

He was suddenly taken by his rage, and he couldn’t help but draw out his emotions in waves. There was a glint of furious light. And then his body was covered by pulses of magic which followed his rage. But, before Ben did anything, the man saw the tremendous energy about to burst off him.

Ben clearly had lost control, because the burst of energy would grow in a circle and destroy the place. The man quickly stepped aside and mumbled something only the spirits from the other side heard. Then there was a powerful swirl of winds around Ben.

This held the burst of energy in order to stop its growth. The man finally gave a hand clap and Ben was thrown backwards against a couple of chairs.

Then, unconcerned, the man went around the bar counter and served himself some Whiskey. “Take your time to calm down, boy,” he said with a warning in his voice.

As Ben got up, his hands started shaking again, his eyes consumed by fury, and he was preparing for a new attack. At this, the man rolled his eyes, placed his drink on the counter and said, “Oh, the stupidity of youth! I don’t wanna have to kill you, or your friends.”

Ben saw that he was moving his hands and creating two circles of fire. Somehow he also witnessed him in his mind’s eye murdering his friends, so he calmed down in order to find out who he was and how he could be stopped. He had to be stopped.

The man had now spirits of the dead about him. The hollows of their eyes where white and dead. Their bodies just long and obscure clouds of smoke. Head horns appeared to be just more of the toxic gas making their bodies.

This wraith activity would’ve frightened anybody, but Ben himself had crossed the paranormal already. And he already knew that nothing was what it seemed.

Ben had seen a ghoul like one of these on the train just before the derailment had occurred. And he had definitely felt them stalking his dreams as well. Night after night. Day after day. He had been always stalked by these dark forces within himself, and he always had fought to balance them.

And ghouls, these dark forces live right next to light forces within ourselves, do they not…?? This is our own personal struggle. And just like Ben, we must balance these forces before the darkness overtake us. The darkness exists in the world as our own inner projections. We all have them. So perhaps Ben is not the only one cursed here.

In balancing himself, Ben stepped back and the mysterious man stopped himself. The damned vanished as soon as the man whispered his command in the old language. This man seemed possessed when he did so, and Ben was beginning to understand who he might be. But he needed to be sure.

Ben studied his features really closely. He was dressed like a gentleman of high class. He looked confident, powerful, and with a certain poise. But there was cruelty and arrogance on his face. And he appeared to lead the ghouls, just like Ben did with the wolves.

Then, without more hesitation, Ben quizzed, “Are you The Necromancer of The Four Winds…??”

The man stopped drinking suddenly, pondered the question as if remembering, then replied, “Well, yes. But that sounds too cruel, Ben. And long. And pretentious. So, just call me Lord Furvusmortem. A king gave me that honor.”

Ben thought of that name. Furvusmortem. Were did I hear that…??, he repeated in his mind. He didn’t remember. But that name sure brought chills to his marrow.

“Doesn’t Furvusmortem mean Obscure Death??” Ben asked him while recalling his Latin studies’ class. A class he hated, by the way.

He thought about this, then said, “Well, yes. But it only sounds cruel and dreadful when you translate it into English,” he added amusingly serious. “Don’t judge me, boy. Unless you wanna end up like one of my monstra parvum.”

“You mean the ghouls I just saw…??” Ben had asked a question without really needing an answer. He knew what they were. He felt the morbid connection to the dead creatures already. “Why were they on the train…?? And why did they cause the accident??”

Lord Furvusmortem suddenly sent a chair rushing at Ben with just a single swipe of his hand! Ben’s knees were bent and he plumped down without even knowing. This man was surely more than what he seemed.

Then the man continued, “They were following you. You stink, boy! You know, because of the curse and all. And they caused the train’s derailment because they are just terrible imps without a soul. What did you think?!”

Ben was now filled with questions. About the curse. About this Furvusmortem guy. About the ghouls. About everything! He rushed, “Who are you?? Why are you here?? What do you want with me??” As he said this, he tried to get up from the chair but couldn’t. It was as if he were glued to it. “What is this?! Why can’t I get up?!” he groaned angrily.

Lord Furvusmortem held his cigar and looked at Ben with sickening mockery. “Look at you, boy. Jeez. You don’t even know who you are. Less who I am.” He stood up, finished his drink, and walked to him. “You know what, I will tell you the story. So, pay attention, or you’ll never know why you are destined to die by my hands.”

Once he moved another chair with the swipe of his hand and sat next to Ben, he continued, “This story goes beyond the legend of the wolf boy, which you have undoubtedly heard I’m sure. This story begins with The Sitchin Gods. They who came down from the heavens. They who were the origin of light and dark, of good and evil.” He stopped and continued smoking his cigar.

Ben’s face had become stiff, emotionless, not because he was afraid but because he was shocked by what Furvusmortem had said. ‘You are destined to die by my hands.’

What did he mean…?? Why did he want to kill him?? But still, Ben remained put. Not that he could move or go anywhere. He just listened and held back his anger. He needed to know more.

And so, well behind clouds of black smoke, Lord Furvusmortem’s stare seemed to pierce the boy’s soul. Then he said, “The gods settled in the lands of The Sumerians. And these ones prospered because of it. They built incredible cities, technologies, temples. They grew spiritually, scientifically, economically. The Sumerians became highly intelligent, so one of them started a rebellion. He was called Mancer, because he had learned the sacred magic of the spirits and the stars…

“He was a visionary and wanted to free the people from these so-called gods, because he knew that tyranny was coming. Some didn’t believe him. Too many had fallen under the Sitchin’s control. Until one night of rebellion he was captured, tortured, and cursed to a never-ending state of death. A necro state. Damned to walk the earth deathless, and lifeless, for eternity. Do you know how that feels, boy?? To be not here, and not there either. A sort of a saeva limbus. An oblivion.”

As he started to amble away from the light, Ben tried to wriggle himself free. But he did it carefully in order to not pull the chair and bring noise. He used his magic. He focused, cleared his mind and felt his energy cancel out the chair’s grip. But as he stood up, Lord Furvusmortem had already disappeared in the obscurity of the place.

All of a sudden, a furious growl echoed in the dining hall! The beast emerged from the shadows of the place. This creature seemed possessed. The beast was a rabid dog with teeth as sharp as knives, and of the size of a lion. Certainly the beast had been summoned from the same pits of hell.

He moved with demonic speed towards Ben. There had been no time to react, or even think. Almost instantly then, the beast had him pinned against the ground. Ben fought him, but it was useless. The eyes of the creature seemed cold and cruel, just like his master’s. But the dog soon felt the aura of the wolf boy. He was the leader of the pack after all. The dog knew that.

Benjamin Jones whispered to the rabid dog, then with a soft and tamed demeanor the large beast licked his face. The slobber was friendly but disgusting at first, but soon Ben was rubbing the tummy of his new friend who was just as docile as a baby rabbit. The dog’s tail went side to side joyfully.

Ben felt proud of himself. And there was a powerful awe in him as well. He had just transformed a most ferocious beast into a cuddly puppy. And, the best of all, he also felt the strong connection to the dog. He then recalled that dogs and wolves belonged to the same family. Obviously, Ben did so as well.

Now, from beyond the darkness the applause sounded with poise. “Magnificent. You are indeed the wolf boy. The reincarnation of the legend. Cursed by the same man who became The Necromancer of the Four Winds after he was also cursed.” As Lord Furvusmortem said this, his shape strutted out of the curtain of blackness.

Ben was now paying attention to the arrogant Lord of The Dead. “So, you were the man in the story…?? You are the mancer?? Cursed to walk with the dead. But what do you want from me?! I did not curse you,” Ben said.

He did not look amused anymore. His eyes turned colder, crueler. He suddenly stopped, looked at him sharply, then directed Ben’s view to a big mirror hanged upon the wall behind the counter. The surface looked now silvery and unstable, because it was moving, flowing like the waters of a river.

It quickly became obvious that the mirror was turning into some kind of portal or window, because lost in the silvery substance you could see demons almost drowning in it. Trapped maybe. Was this a vision of hell…?? Ben took a few steps back. The dog was now somewhere whimpering.

The lamenting and tormenting were being half muffled by the incessant sounds of the ardent flames devouring them like crispy wood. Why was the necromancer showing this to Ben…?? What was the point of all this??

There was another dimension there. Perhaps the underworld. He felt the connection. And, right then and there, Ben understood what he was destined to face. Did he even have a choice, or had it been made for him already??

Ben’s face was cringing, not out of fear but out of torture. He was somehow feeling what the poor souls felt. He was sensitive to their hellish plight. He wondered why they were there. He wondered if they’d be stuck there for eternity. Then a tear rolled down his face. But he knew he couldn’t do anything to help them.

While Ben was taken by this, the voice of Lord Furvusmortem came to him, “We are fated to each other. We are cursed. Good and evil, Benjamin.” As he said this, the portal to hell closed, the mirror shattered, and winds arose from the four points in the room.

This lasted for a few more seconds, then Lord Furvusmortem vanished in the shadows of the dining hall. His fedora, which had fallen on the floor, shook and quickly vanished. Then it all turned black, and the winds died down.


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