Psychology & Spirituality

What is love…?? How do you love?? What exactly is it??

Love is not words and rules. Love cannot be taught. We are all different, so I cannot tell you what it is and you cannot tell me what it is either.

This nonfiction work is about the essence of love, relationships, intimacy, the masculine, the feminine. It is spiritual, psychological, emotional and directed to you personally.

What is life’s purpose as individuals??

Integrity and moral values. The increase of emotional intelligence. Organized religion and its agenda. The hidden teachings of The Christ. And more topics are discussed here.

This nonfiction work expands the mind into freedom from society and its mores. Because it is about letting go of the harmful and unhealthy patterns which push us away from individuality and love.

How is the political mind brought into our lives and how it affects all relationships??

Why is change the key to enlightenment, and why is its acceptance living without fear?? Topics like ascension and transfiguration.

This work follows the one above it, but it goes more in depth into the renaissance of individuality in man. It is about the dawn of intelligence far from society’s intellectuality.