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“Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye”

~ Dorothy Parker

Coming soon May 31st. #3 in the epic series…

“So, it occurred that a group of 4 strong dwarves took the body out of the house, with gentleness, with dignity, with sadness. And outside, in a coffin made out of burly tree roots, the most elegant wood and magical tree sap, Ben was carried by 2 very robust and tall orcs of good nature. And there was much weeping in the streets of the neighborhoods and in the marketplace, for everybody felt dearly for the boy whom they didn’t know

The boy who was now dead. The boy who was supposed to bring liberation from the rebellion and from demons. The hero half-human and half-god. This boy who had been chosen by the great gods of ancient Sumeria. And, inside the magical box, this boy was undergoing something incredible; but nobody really knew about this, because nobody really understood how blessed and special he was…” ~ The Book of 1st Witchcraft.

Visit purgatory with Ben.

#1 in the EPIC series
#2 in the epic series


First, get to know the main character of my epic, new series.

Get to know BENJAMIN JONES through this video:


#1 in the series.

From orphan into forces beyond comprehension…


This  story  begins  with  the  settlement  of  those  who  came  from  outer  space,  from  far,  far  away.  The  Sitchin  gods  or  extraterrestrials.  These  were  ascended  masters,  Light  Beings,  and  above  all  war  and  fear…

They  landed  upon  the  4  main  lands  of  the  world,  but  this  story  is  about  the  legend  of  Wolf  Boy.  This  took  place  in  the  land  or  territories  known  as  Mesopotamia.  The  gods  were  loved  by  the  people.  Humans  and  gods  formed  a  society  fruitful  and  prosperous.~ The Call of The Shaman.

By Asa Rodriguez


Is darkness falling upon the earth??

Ben, a 12-year-old orphan boy, must discover himself, what happened to his parents, his shamanic powers and legacy. He might be the reincarnation of an ancient demigod, a Wolf Boy hero emerging from ancient Sumer (Sumeria). But this quest won’t be easy, because there will be dark forces, ghouls, necro creatures, curses, and much more against him.

#2 in the series. OUT NOW.

“BENJAMIN JONES. The Return of The Gods.”

-We all keep great darkness inside…
-We all battle great darkness daily…
-We all have demons with which we struggle…
-But what really matters in life is what we do with these. It is about how we use and transform that darkness, those demons…

By Asa Rodriguez

The Return of The Gods.

What do you do with all the darkness you carry??

“The Return of The Gods” tells the account of what happened to Ben during this darkness of the mind and soul. The Lord of Darkness has trapped Ben in a dark world, in another dimension, a purgatory if you will. He must discover why he’s been put there. He must save the ancient gods’ planet from total oblivion as well. And much, much more…

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

~ Albert Einstein

“If  you  feel  lonely  and  empty  without  a  significant  other,  or  without  a  good  job,  or  without  money,  or  without  traveling  here  and  there,  or  without  following  traditions,  or  without  a  religion,  or  without  living  in  nature  by  yourself,  then  it  is  because  you  do  not  understand  what  love  truly  is…

“Take  for  example  a  rich  man  who,  seemingly,  has  it  all;  and  that  is,  a  beautiful  and  loving  wife,  a  good  and  successful  career,  a  supportive  mother  and  father,  a  big  house  surrounded  by  imposing  mountains  and  green  pastures  in  his  own  land  away  from  the  noise  and  monotony  of  the  city.” ~ I ALWAYS LOVED YOU.

By Asa Rodriguez

What is love…?? How do you love?? What exactly is it??

Love is not words and rules. Love cannot be taught. We are all different, so I cannot tell you what it is and you cannot tell me what it is either.

This nonfiction work is about the essence of love, relationships, intimacy, the masculine, the feminine. It is spiritual, psychological, emotional and directed to you personally.

Watch the book trailer for my work about life and love…

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