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Meaning of ‘I love you’…

I love you…??

Just because I say ‘I love you’ does not mean it so. Sometimes it means ‘I admire you’. Sometimes it means ‘You intrigue me’. Sometimes it just means ‘I feel a connection to you and I want to explore it.’

Love, true and pure love, is extremely rare now-a-days; and it’s a long process that, through time and through patience, inspires me, and inspires you. I must get to know you well first. You must break down your walls and your pretentions with me.

But what is beyond it..??

And it is in the psychological and emotional safety we feel, because this must be total freedom from anxiety, freedom from fear to ever fail ourselves. Forget “falling in love”. Forget “trying to make it work”.

Mature love is such: ‘A sacred process of exploration of my Self through you, and through your openness with me.’ ‘A process of exploration of your Self through me, and through my openess with you.’ Nothing more. Nothing less.


Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths.

Dating & Relationships

Let it flow naturally

Women and men. We are not so different. In the sense that we all seek to be acknowledged and accepted for who we are. That is how affection and all love grows in any relationship. We accept each other as we are, without judgment, without playing games.

When 2 people meet, the games should be let go. In order to grow we must be vulnerable. In order to truly be ourselves and connect we must let ourselves be ourselves, without trying to impress and pretend to be someone we are not.

Let yourself be authentic

I have been guilty of that in past relationships. I am not proud of it, but I sure have learned from making those mistakes. Sometimes it becomes this game of trying to sound smoother, more intelligent, super cool, and even more attractive, as we see it, for the other person. But this is actually hurting our chances. The other person is looking for authenticity, for someone real.

There are too many fake people out there, trying hard to be another person; so it’s very unique and refreshing to be really who you are, being mature enough to leave these childish games others play. This mature behavior not only makes us more attractive, but it also strengthens our character in all aspects of life.


Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

That special someone

To love another

It’s about your mind, not people. To find, and to always keep, a person special for you, your mind has to let go of the painful memories you’ve lived, your mind must become free of judgment, your mind’s duty must be then to stop self-pity and self-doubt.

To love another, to care for another, to see the value in another, is easy if you lose all the fear and anxiety that comes from trying to control the way someone is or the way someone should be. Pay attention: We don’t truly love someone because we need. We love someone because we want.

And wanting to love someone is a decision, and a hearfelt desire, only your mind makes. Is not fate or destiny. Is not a thread connecting 2 hearts. Let’s leave romance aside. Because it’s about your mind, the freedom in it from judgment, and the capacity to silence its noise.


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Just like in war…

Deceptions of war

Below is a photo of World War 1, of an observation post disguised as a tree. It tells you that in war, deception is the main tool used. Wars are about power, control, about competing to win at any costs.

Most times, all this starts as seeking freedom and justice (in the deluded mind of government officials); but as the war starts people loses all meaning of freedom and justice (love), and they only see winning and showing superiority over others instead.

Also in relationships

It’s kind of interesting to think that when a person lacks character in a relationship, he begins also to use deception, cheating, lies, gaslighting, all forms of dishonesty like in a war.

The mind of the person gets so narcissistic that he starts playing the games of competing and controlling. Because the person lost all meaning of love by now. The loss of love makes us irrational, violent, bullies, inhuman, just like war. Something to think about.


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Growing true love

What true love is

The truth is that true love is not shown in the gifts, in the grand gestures, in the poetic and passionate words. I have nothing against these popular displays of affection, but true love lies in the mindset, in the empathy, in the time and effort put into the simple things.

Giving your time, listening, trying to understand and feel what someone else feels, comforting someone in need, hugging and sharing uplifting words, guiding someone to see their own worth in difficult times for that person. This is what true love is.

In the simple things

So, if you put your time, your effort, your energy into the opposite, into the gifts and grand gestures, then you are really going the opposite direction of love.

You are creating excitement, passion, a burning desire; however, love is not there. Love lies only in the simple, heartfelt things; and that is every day, faithfully, and not just in the moments of passion when everyting seems perfect.


Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god! Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart.

The right one

Analyze carefully

How do you know if the person by your side, or the one you are pursuing, is your true love?? How can you see beyond your own needs–whether phisical, emotional, psychological needs?? Ever asked yourself these questions…?? Very important. Analyze your situation carefully.

The right person does not play any mind games. Games belong to the player. The player follows established rules he makes to win, to satisfy himself. The player then, no matter the charm or intentions claimed, knows no love or true affection. Pay attention to the signs.

The right one inspires you

The right person inspires you to better yourself, not just give you a desire to be with him/her. The right person makes you see and accept your own worth, and it also helps you see your own flaws and accept them as well. The right person, in short, is your higher self, your best version, projected onto another.


Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Bullies in your life


A bully is really a person who carries pain deep inside and doesn’t know, or hasn’t been taught by parents on, how to deal with it; and so he/she just takes it out on others. A bully can be a physical bully, an emotional bully, a psychological bully. If it is not too clear who is a bully in your life, just learn to observe carefully–what they do, what they say, how they think and feel, and especially what they believe about themselves.

How to spot a bully

Is the person cruel to you, even if he claims that he has the right?? Is the person cruel or demeaning to others in any way?? Is he making up a lot of excuses over and over again for his selfish actions?? Is he really competitive and worries a lot about his reputation?? Is he escaping responsibility and blaming you or another??

Sometimes we are even living with bullies, and because we are blinded by the affection and history we have with them then we do not even see the signs. But ask yourself the questions and answer them with honesty, respecting yourself, and find out. That is the first step on great awareness, so you can stand up for yourself and others.


Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The growth of love

Respect & Commitment

Love is experienced by our minds as a process, and it must be respected and given time to bloom under nature’s law. Love only requires 2 main components from you: Respect and commitment to make it grow.

Respect the process

Rushing into it doesn’t really help it grow. Love in relationships is like a muscle: If you go to the gym a few times, you won’t see results because the muscle fibers are working under your skin.

But if you faithfuly stick to your gym routine weeks or months, you will start to see results because now you can see your actual biceps growing. So, quiet your anxious mind and respect the process, then remain committed to the task of growing that affection, that love.

How it conquers all

Even the most heartbroken, depressed and shy among us can grow love. It is for anybody willing to respect its process and commit to it. Persist through the tough times, through the moments of self-doubt, through the anxiety and panic your mind creates at times. That is how true love becomes stronger and conquers all.


Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Love that blooms

Loving others

Loving, maturely, sincerely, like everything important in life, is a faithful practice. You must be there for someone else. Instead of doing what you want, take your time to listen. Teach your mind to be peaceful, let go of going your own way.

If you were used to taking care only of yourself, living the way you want, building your own lifestyle, then train yourself to let go and be open-minded to a different perspective. In time, through honest practice, loving will become you, your desires and actions.

Be patient

Blooming the flower of love is a process of the mind and must not be rushed. Rushing it only tricks the mind into believing it changed, but in time problems in the relationship will appear because there was never a real shift of your mindset/your subconscious never changed its programming.


Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Clear communication


Many times we assume in a conversation. I find that assuming can become an obstacle when it comes to clear communication. Our greatest way to connect to somebody is through listening and also sharing clearly how we feel. Sometimes assuming is presumptuous and obtuse, because it inflates our ego and disconnects us emotionally in the conversation.

Feeling what the other one feels

Feeling what the other one feels is empathy. It is something beyond the intellect and its desire to be right. It is putting ourselves in the mind and heart of that somebody, and then getting closer to their experience. This gives us greater insight, understanding, and it makes us more human–kind, generous, attractive, worthy of respect, love, and admiration.