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Don’t think but create

We all know how difficult can be to sit down and focus on something, especially something highly creative like writing or painting, and especially when we are dealing with worries, anxieties, pressures of life and such. But it can be any task that requires that the mind becomes peaceful and serene to focus wholy. This happens to me, and it really can be frustrating.

What I have found is that the secret is to sit down and do it, no excuses, no overthinking. Thinking that much makes it seem even more difficult. Our mental energy is depleted quickly if we think too much. Just write and do whatever you have to do. You’ll polish it and fix it later. First, allow your mind to get into a flow and start creating.

Mental silence

Anything we do really requires that our minds are silent. A silent mind is a mind that is not making excuses, judging, fearing and overthinking. We live in a world that is busy and running 24/7, so it is of the most intelligent and brave among us to stop and look into our minds to seek this needed silence.

And from this silence many great ideas are discovered, and solutions to problems, and depth in understanding, and the wisdom to know what love and happiness are. In this silence we also find guidance for our lives. I, as an author, find that from this same silence my best ideas emerge.

Like if I’m stuck in the middle of the story, or if I don’t know what path to create for my characters next. It doesn’t have to be a struggle, not if we practice daily to silence our minds; thus teaching our minds to get used to a new lifestyle where mental silence is priority.


Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Talking to the best


I’ve read in a scientific article long ago that self-talk is very important. I always remember that article because I consider self-talk extremely important in my life. Life can be extremely difficult, with many pressures and ugliness; however, the most important weapon we have against all that is our own mind–our mentality or mental state.

Good communication daily

How am I doing?? Why do I care about what others think and say about me?? What is the best step to take to accomplish my passions and goals?? Why am I being so impulsive?? I ask myself questions like these daily, and many more.

Because in order to know myself better I need to dig deep and treat me as my best friend, and that means to care for myself and be interested about myself. I must establish communication, respect, and trust with myself. It might sound silly, but, in all honesty, love and happiness will only grow in you if there is good communication daily.