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Just a Formula…

Freedom & The Formula

While love is an essence of freedom outside comprehension, one must understand that everything starts with the attraction the brain creates. I must understand how to attract you, how to charm you, how to treat you in order for a relationship to work.

In this sense, it is a purely mechanical formula. I am myself, but I know how you think and feel; therefore, I can see a way to create the attraction in a way relatable, or recognizable, to you. This formula then requires great empathy in order to project myself and feel what you feel. You must then do the same.

Grow it Like a Muscle

From then on, we can feel each other’s experience; thus we merge. What we call Oneness. Then a recognition, that love is not a magical essence. But love follows attraction/this formula. As long as we attract each other, love will be there and free us.

If love then is to flourish and stay in our hearts, the formula must stay too. Don’t let yourself go. Love is everything the brain recognizes as love. This love must grow, be strengthened like a muscle. Nothing is a given. Pay attention to detail.

Say it & Make it Remain

Work on your body and mind. Care about your intelligence, your health of mind and body. Grow in empathy. Be tactful with the other one’s feelings. Respect your own feelings. Work on becoming attractive in all aspect, to you and to your partner/or to the one you seek to attract.

You only deserve, and will get, what you understand how to attract. This core value/fact is true for everything in life. Say with meaning: ‘I Will Love You For Ever’ or ‘Until Death Do Us Part’. But, understand, love will keep us happy and free in the relationship as long as the attraction remains.

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Beasts of Tarmul

This is the beginning of the new part in “Benjamin Jones – Son of Darkness” (now a work in progress), which is #5 in the epic dark-fantasy series.

Each beginning or part starts with a short poem into the epic section of the events.

Check my website for more on this new series.

PART  18

Beasts  of  Tarmul

From  Tarmul’s  mouth  the  beasts  be  born.

From  Tarmul’s  skies  heard  be  great  horn.

Hear  ye  now  who  comes  from  the  depths!

Hear  ye  now  who  brings  such  many  breaths!

Such  Supreme  Being,  ancient  Son  of  The  Dark;

For  it’s  He  who  comes  as  the  story’s  antihero,

For  he  within  the  prophecy  plays  great  part,

For  he  brings  that  ancient  beast  of  death,  Spiro.

Why  has  He  come??  And  where  is  our  Ben??

That  original  boy  who  was  lost  and  then  found.

Magic-born,  his  soul  ancient  and  free  from  men.

And  now  new  God  visiting  that  Úgolff  Mound.  

He’ll  be  summoned  by  odd  and  occult  Plant,

He’ll  be  fierce  and  just  within  fight  most  cruel;

As  the  fields  light  up  great  power  it’ll  grant,

Against  new  perils  from  below  with  no  rule.

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The Only Thing…


Change is what drives me to you, always. Because deep inside I seek a change that brings affection, value, freedom in me. Because change is the currency of life, of evolution. But any change is uncomfortable at first, until we realize its truth.

But the ones who get stuck in the past, in traditions, in ways of thinking and believing, are the ones who suffer and are always in confusion, and in war and holding grudges. So what is it about change?? What does it mean??


Change is the nature in us. The One deep inside us. The One that loves and enjoys the evolution of life without reason. But the superficial us, the so-popular and egomaniac us seeks to attach itself and avoid change.

Society promotes this avoidance. Because avoidance of change keeps you buying over and over again, and attached to political philosophies and religious ways of thinking, and subservient to what they say and have established in the many systems throughout history.


After all, society, the way is built, works only if people’s minds remain enslaved like this, and unaware of their own slavery. But, on the other hand, in order to accept any change, whether good or not so good, one must become free from society.

Free from what it promotes, its influence on your mind and activities that become compulsive and possessive. No one is above change. You and I can only become truly free, in love and happy in life through accepting and welcoming all change.

Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Rising, becoming, being

What are your unique core values…??

Reflecting on your core values involves taking time to think about what is most important to you, for your growth. You can start by asking yourself questions such as: What do I value most in life?? What brings me true happiness and fulfillment without clinging to others/events/things??

What principles do I want to live by?? You can also think about times when you felt particularly challenged or fulfilled and what values were present in those situations. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can also be helpful in the reflection process.

Who are you…??

Just know that by doing this, with honesty, you are 90% ahead of the world, since most people do not realize their own internal power and thus cling to the events in society instead of really investing in self-knowledge.

And no one can really tell you who you are, what truly brings you everlasting happiness, and what is your purpose in existence in this society. These are matters that can only be discovered by you, by reflecting on them, without letting any infatuation and obsession for anything outside you influence you and your choices.

What is truly real…??

Growing up, maturing, experience your life is a challenge. Parents, friends, people and ads on TV, old philosophies, new philosophies, religions, scriptures–these will all try to steer you one way or the other, these will all try to mold your conscience however they think is best or better for you.

But, no matter your loyalty to them, all these still are outside influences of no real substance (because the only real substance is you). Nothing is real but you, which means nothing can manifest true love and happiness in your life unless you manifest it yourself, by knowing you and by letting go of all outside reflections/confusions.

Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder.

When it comes to love…

When it comes to love

It can feel like walking on water or air, so free and inspiring. But how do people know real love?? Because it is not exciting, or passionate, or something that goes low and then high, or something that makes you go crazy.

All this is the fulfillment of a need in you. You were depressed before, felt lonely; and now you found attraction, someone you like, and you confuse this exciting and new event in your life with true love. Is it true love though?? How sure are you??

When it comes to self-awareness

Sadly, the average human being, or most of us, are needy and always seeking fulfilment outside of us. So, if I don’t find it outside me, then I cannot feel loved and happy. And, if I do find it outside me, then I feel so loved and so happy.

This is very narcissistic, selfish, truly short in self-awareness; but it doesn’t sound like this to you, I’m sure, because it is how most of the world live so it is the “normal” way. But, the truth being, that it is all about making use of self-awareness in this life. Self-awareness will tell you if it is true love, true happiness.

When it comes to all pleasure

Self-awareness is like calming, never-ending waters in a vast ocean. So, when you meet someone, or when you sleep with someone, or when you marry someone, seek within your mind this self-awareness, this calming water.

Seek beyond any excitement, passion, sexual or emotional fulfillment. For us to find the truth, self-awareness, the real answers, we must go beyond the fulfillment or pleasure we feel. Fulfillment and pleasure are fine, but they are just superficial events.

When it comes to really knowing life

It’s like the agitated waters in the ocean. This agitation is not the true state of the waters, too much motion and things going on to really experience the majesty of the waters. It might be exciting, but it has to end at some point.

So, always seek self-awareness, beyond the superficial things you think and feel. Seek the peace. If you’re patient enough, the peace, the calmness, will speak the truth to you about love, happiness, and about all the things you experience in life.

Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The purest essence

Truly unique/rare/pure

The greatest and purest love. The love that transcends time and space. The love that gives unlimited and absolute freedom. This is the love for life. love that keeps you inspired, strong, optimistic, visionary, and able to access empathy and understanding for your past, your present, and your future.

But, to be honest, it is truly rare to actually discover this love within oneself. Most of us seek any signs of this pure love outside ourselves, specially when it comes to jumping from relationship to relationship. And so the concept and belief of “falling in love” and “falling out of love” is born in the mind.

An un-attached mind

So popular in society and in people’s lives now-a-days. The depression. The isolation. The loneliness. The feelings of unworthiness. The suicidal ideas. Most mental issues. A lack of identity. All this is born from this concept and belief of a beginning and an end of/to love. Like love is a mere object and idea the mind plays with.

Like love relies on who you meet and on what happens outside in society. But, whether we want to admit it or not, the fact of the matter is that for freedom to truly exist then the mind must get rid of all concepts and ideas, thus getting rid of a beginning and an end of/to love.

Inner freedom

Because love is essential for life. Because there is no life without love. Because life is to be enjoyed fully, and you can only enjoy it through the purest love. The greatest mistake is to lean on concepts, philosophies, and beliefs telling us that love is out there.

I know from experience, because I thought like this for decades. But I finally understand that true love is inner freedom, thus letting go of everything and anyone out there.

Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

New Stories

We tell stories each day

Life is personal storytelling. We tell stories in our minds, and to ourselves, every day, do we not?? I do not like this. I do like this. I do not trust this way. I trust this way. I am hurt by this. I do not care about this. This and that. Experiences, for positive or negative, we create for ourselves.

But the best storytelling comes from freedom from rules, from emotional openness, and from daily wrestling with new ideas without giving up. The stories you tell yourself in your mind. You must create new stories.

Freedom is key

Freedom from rules of how to think, feel, and live. Freedom from how you thought, felt, and lived in the past. Each day is a new day, and you must live accordingly in order to experience yourself anew.

Experiencing yourself anew means creating how you think and feel now, detached from your past, from what happened to you, from who you were, from who others were, from the dreams and desires you once had.

Cut the cord

Because what truly matters is the joy you get from the exploration, right now, without bias from past experiences, without you clinging to past events and desires. It’s about the Now and the Tomorrow. What you feel now creates your life Now.

What you feel now is creating your life for Tomorrow as well. So, you must be able to cut the cord to your past, and especially cut the cord to the mindset acquired from your past. That cord, precisely, is what holds you back from better thinking, feeling, and from better things in life.

Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The Great Orb…

Dreams and magic

Creativity and love.

I hope your day is going well. I thought I’d share a little of the story I’m writing so far:

“Here’s the funny, and very interesting, thing about dreams: Even though our dreams are product of our minds, we never actually dream exactly what we consciously want. Sure, we can have pleasant dreams, or twisted ones; however, moments before sleep we don’t say to ourselves that we want to dream what we dream…

“We are not in control. Our subconscious takes over. We just go along for the ride. But, deep in the crevices of our minds, the truth, the beyond, the darkness and the light hide in wait for the awakening conscience living in dreams. And now, unknown dreams had taken over while Red remained in her coma, placed inside a slumber pod, and located in a semi-lit chamber of The Castle of Illusions…

“No one had been able to do anything about it. After that last event with the shadow ghouls in the skies, after she fell hundreds of feet the dragon-wolf grabbed her just in time, her mind had simply gone inwards, isolated itself, shut off from outside reality (see series #4). Now a tear rolled down her face. She dreamed and experienced some hidden, challenging truth…

“Count Morgol had put 2 of his highest mages in charge of discovering what was happening inside her mind. The mentioned gremlins observed a sphere of energy hovering a few feet above ground and away from the slumber pod. This head-sized ball radiated a yellow, green and red substance around it, more like the dazzling vision of a rainbow in the sky…

“I’m afraid your attempts to learn anything from the orb will not be successful, little ones,” the voice came from the shadows. “I too thought The Great Sphere would give us the answers we wanted about Red.”…

“The silver god stepped into the light and approached the slumber pod, then he felt the energy coming off it with his hands. The gremlins became very humbled, and yet excited, by his presence, so they started immediately communicating their respects in their language. But they didn’t really know how to treat a Celestial god, so they just knelt on the ground to worship him…

“O, please, there’s no need for that,” he said while smiling, approaching them and offering his hand. “Get up. And tell me: What are your names??”…

“And so they told him their names. And, of course, he clearly understood their gibberish…

“Well, Pkontuksunu and Pkontiksini, nice to meet you. Would you call Morgol down here for me??”…

“Yes, Mr. Detreus!” they both cried at the same time, then went about their new duties…

“In the background, the spiritual orb, or The Sphere of Truth and Wisdom, had started releasing slight, but still somewhat critical, pulses into the air that, mixed with the projected colors, appeared to be similar to heavy sound waves without any particular sound. He became interested and started feeling the pulsing pattern…

“There was certainly a strange reading in the air, and as he came to the center of the room he became connected to it. As the holographic lights flashed in front and around him, he sat quietly in meditation pose on the ground and felt his surroundings. Not far from this event, Red stirred slightly and quietly grimaced in her dream-containment pod…

“Detreus then proceeded to shut his eyes and extend his arms, thus touching the flashing colors and merging with it. There was indeed a special communication that was going beyond the physical here, because the sphere held great secrets, even greater knowledge, and magic beyond comprehension. Now, The Great Sphere had been created by the ancient Celestials, and the silver god, being a Celestial himself, was a direct descendant of these gods…

“Created from the blood and tears of the first fallen angel, or of the first Celestial who led the revolution against the old established system of governance, the said orb now possessed great sentiency and was entering his mind. The images he was seeing, as the voices he was hearing, were catastrophic and ominous; but also familiar and comforting…

“Show me more,” he said as he suddenly opened his eyes and stood up. Then he walked towards the orb and continued, “Great Sphere, tell me more.”…

“Then Count Morgol quietly entered the chamber, but seeing the event happening he stayed in the shadows watching the silver god communicate with the sentient sphere. There were more lights flashing, and even shadows dancing, which lasted for a few more seconds. Then the orb became peaceful and the communication ended…

“I take it you found your gokurawani,” Morgol started as he left the shadows for the light…

“Yes, The Chosen One is ready,” replied Detreus while sensing the orb one last time. “He’s not lost. He found his way. And he also found some new friends it seems.”…

“There are all sorts of creatures in the dream worlds…”

~ Benjamin Jones #5, “Son of Darkness” ~

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Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Help yourself

A new mind

Nobody in life gets exactly what they wanted, but if you remain open-minded and let your heart bloom, regardless of the events around you, then you’ll become aware of opportunities you hadn’t seen before. This is guiding you and your life.

A poor mindset, I know by personal experience, is changed by knowledge. The right knowledge that you need. Seek that knowledge. Learn new ways. Expand your mind. Widen your vision. Dare let go of your past and expand your horizon.

The right knowledge

That’s all it takes. You take the good and the bad, then make the best version of yourself. You don’t wait for the right opportunities to fall on your lap, or for the perfect situation to arrive in your life. You either change yourself, through patience and commitment, or you let the events around you change you.

And it’s all done through imagination. You imagine clearly a better life for yourself, even if it seems impossible. Then you seek the right knowledge, whatever that is. The right knowledge will help you understand how to work towards something better.

This will help you let go of your prejudice and negative mindset, which will make you more sensitive to yourself, to the world around you, to love and to happiness. Because life is just a creation of your mind, and just a projection of the way you feel about yourself, so you will experience whatever you allow yours to create for yourself.

Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Leading a better life

Springs from the inside

You never know what the future holds. Things have a way to change, for the better or for the worse, based on your mindset, not necessarily based on outside circumstances.

The country can be in turmoil. Marketplaces down. Future prospects of private matter in general shot down or in absolute disarray. But your life truly springs from the inside, not from the outside.

Life then…

Sadly, most people get attached to the environments outside them, and so their minds become lost and enslaved by them. But life begins inside the seed, as in the biggest tree.

Life in the cosmos from a single dot of energy exploding outwards, as in the Big Bang. And so the life you experience, even though you may be lost in your environment, begins inside you, springing from a single neuron to a single thought that spreads throughout your whole body.

From that feeling leading your body and mind, you create your life. So, reality is just the by-product of that single neuron’s content that spreads throughout your body. For good or bad, you project your life and create your future sprouting from that seed within you.

Only in yourself

Sometimes things do not go as planned. Sometimes one works hard to get something without success. Sometimes the environment seems to create life. But the greatest mistake then is to believe this.

If you believe it, your mind then makes it real to you. So believe only in yourself as creator, which means to ignore society, its systems, its events, and all its predictions and opinions.