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Keep on moving

It’s easy to become frustrated and angry with others, with life and with ourselves even. You try your best and it doesn’t come out the way you expected it. Or you put effort, time, desire into something; but at some point things begin to fall apart. Well, it is frustrating indeed; but, frustrating or not, your duty is to observe and learn. And let’s not make excuses. There is always something to learn. Sometimes we don’t want to accept it, or even recognize in our minds that we failed at something; but the truth will set us free, and it shall also help us become better in life. Hurt, pain, disappointment, frustration. These are there for a reason. Don’t drown in sorrow, but be patient and humble enough to see and study that reason.

A series of small steps. Daily. Life is all about small steps. That is how love, happiness, success is experienced, felt, embraced in you. Don’t be impulsive. Don’t think you can’t. Start with the small things. Don’t just have in mind the big picture, but have in mind the small steps that’ll get you where you want to be. It’s about commitment and enjoying the process of self-transformation. For years, I couldn’t see this. Heartbreaks. The death of my father. Financial problems. And many more things made me feel like a failure, and not even able to look forward and claim a better future. But slowly, through much hardship, I learned that life is all about determination and purpose. It is about taking daily the small steps towards my goals, towards what I want.

And for this we need patience and much more courage. Courage to see through our own sorrows and hardships. Courage to deny the negative thoughts and feelings we may have. Courage to stop following the rest and paying attention to the opinions they carry of us. Because in order to better your life, you must better yourself. Day by day. Slowly. Committed to change your thoughts, your feelings, your behaviors in life. You have to focus on a new purpose, on something which brings you passion, and a process of self-transformation. You want something, and the secret to getting it is in focusing on the small steps towards building that something. But always moving on, not staying with the old. Old relationships. Old ways of believing. Old habits. Leave it all behind. And create the new. Create yourself anew. Life is always evolving, so you evolve with life as well.

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Creative Dawn

What is the one thing that differentiates humans from other animals…??

What makes us unique…??

What allows for individuality and introspection??

When I think about these questions I can see how important the answer is.

And what is the answer…??

I choose to create because…

What makes possible everything in our lives…??

-In relationships, two persons planning unity and compromise.

-In envisioning a future outcome, a new possibility.

-In the ideas and insight to create, to innovate.

-In the intelligence to persevere and create a new path in life.

What is it that makes this possible…?? It is ‘imagination’: This wonderful phenomena is what betters our lives. Because this phenomena is what brings you the light of psychological expansion and freedom. Imagination goes hand in hand with great creativity, or it should; because all of us have great imagination, but not many of us great creativity. So, what’s the difference?? Why do some people have great creativity and others do not?? It is all starting with imagination. And like everything in life, imagination must be used, practiced, worked. Here’s a simple, but very direct example. What happens if you stay in bed or sitting and you don’t use your legs for a long time??

What happens is that your leg muscles lose strength, stamina; and so, it becomes truly difficult, and painful, whenever you get up to walk after such a long time. The same is with imagination. For it to be powerful, insightful, to bring intelligence and vision in your day-to-day life, it must be crafted and practiced to become great creativity. You must focus on something truly important and interesting to you, and craft, create, build your creativity. And this is not only reserved for artists, but it is reserved for anyone who seeks a better life, a better career, a better relationship, great lovemaking, great personality development, better mood and attitude, superb ideas and solutions for any stressful or serious problem you get in your life.

Everything becomes better, easier, more enjoyable with great creativity. This is because great creativity means an expansion of mind. Great creativity makes you more intuitive, more in touch with your fun side. Great creativity helps you become more easygoing, relaxed, able to see beyond the flaws and weaknesses of others, even of yourself so you gain more confidence. Imagine yourself laughing at your problems, in your relationship, in your job, in your life in general. This laughing means that your mind is not stressed, anxious, frustrated; therefore, you can now be more relaxed, and find better solutions, and be more flexible to see beyond this problem.

Imagine you let go of focusing on the flaws and things you do not like about your significant other. This means you let go of judging the other person, and now you are more centered in the best qualities of the other person. This also makes you more enjoyable, more attractive in all aspects–being mentally, emotionally, physically. And what about your moods and personality. Great creativity also allows you to access easily a more positive persona and attitude. And now you see life with different eyes, love and happiness are more attainable, and you easily choose how to feel in certain situations which might otherwise stress you and make you upset.

And now…

-We all keep great darkness inside…

-We all battle great darkness daily…

-We all have demons with which we struggle…

-But what really matters in life is what we do with these. It is about how we use and transform that darkness, those demons…

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I encountered a man once who always talked about politics, blaming politicians and the government. This is all he did. He lived his life blaming others. And when things were wrong in his life, he would always say, “Well, God wants this,” and “Why is God doing this??” It was never his fault, but always another person’s fault. Either a real person in politics or an imaginary belief in the skies. And on top of that, he would look around him daily. If he felt wrong or somehow upset, frustrated or angry, he would blame his boss, or his neighbors, or his own wife. He was totally arrogant and wouldn’t see his own weakness in the pitiful blaming game he was constantly playing.

Life is a string of moments. These moments, each one of them, are originated by choices. Intimate or very personal choices. We are always choosing, even if we are not aware of it. We have a conscious and subconscious. When the conscious does not choose, the subconscious does; and it is automatic. The subconscious is reflected in our habits and behaviors, the ones we are not fully aware of taking. The issue is that if the economy is bad, then you will blame your life on this in order to feel better about your bad conscious and subconscious choices. The same happens with everything in your life. And this is running away from your personal responsibilities.

If you divorce or break up, then you will blame the other person. At least most people do this. In your anxious mind, this excuses you from your own misguided behavior during the relationship. So, what you are doing is denying your own faults; and by this denial you are programming your subconscious to keep making wrong choices in the future. This is not working on yourself, and it is keeping you down in terms of love, happiness, and that great feeling of success we all want. Focusing on yourself, in the other hand, helps you see your own faults; thus you can better understand your own subconscious programming, fix it, and through some soul-searching better yourself.


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Make your life better.

How often one complains and talks about the negative side of something that happened…?? One does it so often that it gets recorded in the subconscious and we automatically do it daily. But this brings negativity into our minds, where we only focus on the struggle, on the bad side, on the things we do not like. And so our character, our inner strength and capacity for confidence and motivation dies with our mindset.

So, in order to bring a radical change into our daily mindset, we must begin to focus on the good, on the positive, on the small inspiration. Don’t say there is none. The miracle lives in each moment, in each situation, in each hardship; however, you must choose to see it. So, train your mind in this, so your character grows; and thus your life gets better.

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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The search for inspiration.



  • Life is about following your passions, your heart, your bliss.  Seek inspiration in the smallest things to keep going.  Inspiration is found in the journey.  Set your mind, reach for goals, and on the way you will find inspiration; because it is about self-development and giving your best.


  • For this, you must stay committed, patient, faithful.  Nothing comes easy, and if it does then it won’t last.  Love, happiness, inspiration, the will to go on strongly.  These lie hidden in you, and you discover them by following your passions with heart. 

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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths.

The Alignment.




  • What is the most important in order to heal and move on…??  It is extremely important to let go.  Past hurts, losses, heartaches, abuse, neglect.  All this anger and frustration inside us.  This does not allow us to align with life.  Aligning with life is a harmonious mind which moves on.  Life is a miracle, but you cannot experience the miracle unless you align with life.  Appreciate life.

  • I am all about self-development, moving on and letting go, freedom from the past and from society’s influence.  I am not shy about it.  It is about truth and love, but also about not fearing to say it to others, less to yourself.

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Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Rising and rising…




No one lives a perfect life.  There is always some aspect which troubles the mind.  And so, it is the mind the one which must be tamed and not allowed to make things worse than they really are.

Wisdom is to see this, to observe how your mind reacts to situations, to what he/she said, and to what it says about yourself.  You must realize this and rise above your own struggle.

Do not wait for things to be perfect, or for situations in life to be exactly as you want them to be; but keep moving forward, adapt to your current life as it is, and become better and better.

You keep on rising and leaving your past behind.  That is what you have to do.  Control your mind, allow harmony to guide you through life, and so think clearly how to keep on going.





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You cannot find yourself to do this or that.  You tell yourself constantly that you do not have time.  Other things seem to occupy your mind while you keep allowing them to do so often.

All the excuses you make are something you invent in your mind and convince yourself that it is true, real, that cannot be changed.

But if you really love something, if you really see something as important, you make time for it, you train your mind to see it as the most important thing to do; and you stop making excuses, because you realize that morality is improving yourself.

Behaviors rooted on health of body and mind, attitudes which are positive and moral in their core, treating yourself and all other creatures with respect and understanding–this is the only thing to seek in your daily choices.

Stop the lies and excuses and start maturing.  Learn to fit rationality, morality, real values which lead you to real behaviors in your thinking and feeling.  Give an example unto yourself and unto others.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

The one who listens…


As we live we fear what may happen, and we fear what was long ago, and we fear what we do not understand; therefore, the excuses are many and the fear we have grows and grows.  Maybe new fears appear as we embark on new journeys, in meeting new people, new challenges and situations in our life, frustrations galore due to unresolved issues and dark visions of a future.  We feel like everything is against us, and above all we become impatient because we do not see a way out or even a little bit of progress; but this is not us, whatever we are experiencing is of time, it passes, it is a trick from the mind however real to us. 

Nothing can really hurt you and kill your hopes, “break” you heart and deny you better opportunities for progress; for your mind is the obstacle, and if you tame your mind and do not just react you shall see heaven. 


By saying that you shall see heaven I do not mean that everything will be perfect, obviously; but what I mean is that if you tame your mind you can really get in touch with yourself and find that harmony and silence that you are deep inside.   Once you are born, as you go on growing, your conscious mind develops, experiences that shape your persona, anxiety and stress become you, memories begin fear in you; but as you age only your humanity gets taken like this, that source of eternal energy that is you still lies within, immutable, perfect, wise, intuitive, connected to a higher awareness.  You can feel it when you become silent and meditative, without distractions and without anxious thoughts, can you not…??

Each one of us has this, we are it, beyond whatever we suffer and live; furthermore, you must seek this within yourself and wake up to life, and see that it has much more to offer than frustrations and problems.  When you see darkness remind yourself that light is there as well, it is the same essence or energy; but it is just a matter of how you look at it, either with a busy, overwhelmed and anxious mind, or with a faithful and meditative mind.

Silence your mind by quieting your brain…


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Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Hidden paradise.

“Too many people measure how successful they are by how much money they make or the people that they associate with.  In my opinion, true success should be measured by how happy you are.”  – Richard Branson; English business magnate, investor and philanthropist.

Life as human beings have distorted it is not reality, it is a fake reality that societies nourish with the ignorant sense of pride which comes with billions of comatose people; thus, such people who hold materialistic values, which are not real values because they pass away like the wind blows on a cloudy day.  This is the sickness of society, the cancerous tumor that they cannot see or feel but that it is there spreading and poisoning slowly from the inside out; and they feel moody and go through changes, and complain about their lives and blame the world for every misery that their eyes see, ergo they are extremely unhappy and extremely attached to the concept of human happiness they create for themselves.
Then comes TV, movies, the media telling people what to believe and what happiness really is, when they themselves form part of the most egotistical section of our society.  People’s ego is powerful and it is an entity constructed out of your physical senses and what you allow your mind to experience on a daily basis; these experiences formed in your mind from the outside environment tend to influence your whole being, thus you create your own reality of what happiness really is for you based on what the populous displays.

Society is sick and going in the wrong direction.  Choose you own direction.


But, even though society’s nonsense and lack of wisdom, happiness is really an inside job and you won’t find it in people or things, events or relationships.  Of course, these things I’ve mentioned are important sources of pleasure and joy in our human lives, and this is something we should aim at getting if we feel inclined to it; however, whatever you encounter outside of yourself cannot bring eternal, constant bliss or happiness because it lacks self-love, as the word says, “Self”–it lives in you, you just have to embrace it and look beyond society’s influence.
Here are some signs you are happy already, even if you do not pay attention to these in your own daily living–for happiness is experienced in yourself based on where your attention goes:
  1. You are alive and healthy: Now, first you need to understand that by healthy I don’t mean perfect health, because we are all different physically and perfection is not something our bodies can ever attain. For example, I suffer from really strong allergies at times which make me really miserable; some other people might suffer differently, worse even. The point is that we can always find a moment in our lives to enjoy ourselves and experience life, because we are alive, and so if we focus on putting our attention on each moment we live we can choose to experience happiness.
  2. Someone loves you: Whether is your dog or another human being, this is a clear sign that you are valuable for someone, it is a clear sign that you matter and that you are a shining personality for someone. This is success because you succeed on sharing some part of you enough to attract another soul. “If you have people around whom you love and who love you back, you are successful.” ~ Liz Ryan; author.
  3. You have learned forgiveness: Forgiving is getting over anger and all fear, and anger and fear is what distances you from experiencing happiness in the first place; therefore, if you embraced the strength in you and allowed yourself to forgive, then you are successful and happy.
  4. You can be truly yourself: In this world is extremely rare and unique to be yourself, because of all the TV commercials and media telling people how to behave and think. If you have found a way to express your unique self and embrace who you are without fear of what others might think, then you are truly yourself and allowing your human spirit to soar. Being yourself has nothing to do with money or a career, but being yourself is expressing your talents and skills through arts, important conversations, meaningful connection with yourself and with others, time with yourself, etc.
  5. You have dreams and you follow them: Even if you think you are going nowhere, if you keep those dreams and goals alive in you and you still fight for them, then it means your human spirit is expressing itself and shining a light inside you, and this light is pure bliss if you pay full attention to it. Happiness is not measured by what you achieve in the outside environment, but it is measured by how you embrace and attend to your inner one.

Success and happiness are about how you’ve grown as a person, discovering yourself beyond the world’s influence.  Some people live their whole lives never making that journey of discovery.  So, if you are discovering yourself in any way, you are successful and happy already; but you need to pay full attention to that, not allow your attention to follow the world.

If you do this, then you will find the clear skies of eternal bliss.


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