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Make your life better.

How often one complains and talks about the negative side of something that happened…?? One does it so often that it gets recorded in the subconscious and we automatically do it daily. But this brings negativity into our minds, where we only focus on the struggle, on the bad side, on the things we do not like. And so our character, our inner strength and capacity for confidence and motivation dies with our mindset.

So, in order to bring a radical change into our daily mindset, we must begin to focus on the good, on the positive, on the small inspiration. Don’t say there is none. The miracle lives in each moment, in each situation, in each hardship; however, you must choose to see it. So, train your mind in this, so your character grows; and thus your life gets better.

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REVIEW OF MY BOOKS: “I really loved the depth of your approach, specially because sometimes I struggle with low self-esteem and that gets into my relationship with my new wife.  Thanks for helping us become aware of all these things.  Much love to you and yours.”

REVIEW OF MY BOOKS: “It allowed me to see another explanation of love..with a touch of humor i was able to find a sensible place to kick back to enjoy knowing I have always been Loved!!  YOUR advice is like finding a treasure. Thank you so much sharing!”

“I ALWAYS LOVED YOU.” A book about love and relationships.

“LEAVING THE HERD” (part 1). A book about self-esteem and individuality.

“LEAVING THE HERD” (part 2). A book about enlightenment and the renaissance of the leader in you.