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Out of the rut.

I usually encounter people who talk a lot about their illness or problems, like anxiety, like OCD, like anger issues, like frustrations, etc. etc. They go on and on trying to get attention and pity from others. Specially social media is plagued by people venting their illnesses, problems, frustrations. But, unbeknownst to them, they are making their issues and frustrations more powerful; for the attention you give to thoughts makes them even stronger and assimilated by your entire biological system.

Assimilated by your entire biological system means that these thoughts of frustration and negativity become powerful feelings, and these feelings become your experience in life–i.e., your whole identity, or how you experience yourself. But, on the other hand, if you were to empower your positive traits, your talents, your dreams, your strengths, then you would become free and you would feel capable of being love and happiness.

With this, I am not saying you are not going through a rough patch, or that your traumas are fake; but I am saying that you should think and talk about your positives, to empower yourself, to not live tied to misery, and to not feel trapped and doomed. You define yourself by this. Your true identity is discovered only if you have courage to detach from the negative. Life is about self-discovery. You are life. I talk about this in my books very clearly, with many examples to help you understand this and thus change your mindset and behavior. Because I am all about this.


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Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Rising and rising…




No one lives a perfect life.  There is always some aspect which troubles the mind.  And so, it is the mind the one which must be tamed and not allowed to make things worse than they really are.

Wisdom is to see this, to observe how your mind reacts to situations, to what he/she said, and to what it says about yourself.  You must realize this and rise above your own struggle.

Do not wait for things to be perfect, or for situations in life to be exactly as you want them to be; but keep moving forward, adapt to your current life as it is, and become better and better.

You keep on rising and leaving your past behind.  That is what you have to do.  Control your mind, allow harmony to guide you through life, and so think clearly how to keep on going.





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It shines…




When someone goes through psychological and emotional suffering is a cleanse, is the way life brings change by transmutation, even if the mind cannot see it right away.

All the shame, the disappointment, the frustration, have its purpose; and all in existence blooms at its right time, all it takes is for the mind to allow itself to acknowledge it through patience and a positive consistency.


Your beauty shines in my tears

When I look away from you,
Far away from a place of love,
I lose the beauty that you can be;
For you are the muse of the artist in me,
And the answers to my very sorrows.
And I know you from long before,
You are my shadow and you follow me.
Why is it that you cling to me as I you…??
Oh, you are a part of me, just tell me?!
We are friends and enemies in love,
People see us in the street,
They sneer at us and my mind rebels;
And so we dance our concealed love song,
And your beauty shines in my tears,
Because it cleanses my soul, my ills.
So, I must welcome you into my arms,
Naked as you are, under the moon,
And under the stars lighting my path.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Beyond 1,000 Sorrows.




So, pain, suffering, challenges, any traumas we may carry, are important in the formation of our character.  You forge steel by extreme heat, and the same is with our characters–we must explore our pain to rise up and forge ourselves to be steel, to learn and be stronger in life.

But, even so, many people get addictive to pain, to their own traumas, to their own chaos lived in the past; in a sense, they are unconsciously choosing their own fate, how they feel and how they will experience their lives based on their addiction to their own pain.

This is getting lost in your pain, and this is why people live in their nightmares and feel depressed, or feel worthless, or feel neglect, or feel a void deep inside.  Be honest with yourself:  Is it rational to make your pain, your hurt, your troubles, your whole life and the way you feel…??

To reach healing, to prosper in all aspects, to truly feel happy and with opportunities to create a better life for yourself you must not drown in your sorrows; but you must see that your pain is to be cherished and felt as a source of energy you can turn into strength to move on and create beauty from it.

What you seek in life is not found in your pain, but it is indeed found using your pain as energy to be positive and create better things for yourself.  Drowning in your sorrows is an unconscious addiction and obsession which is not healthy in your life; so you must let it go.





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