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It shines…




When someone goes through psychological and emotional suffering is a cleanse, is the way life brings change by transmutation, even if the mind cannot see it right away.

All the shame, the disappointment, the frustration, have its purpose; and all in existence blooms at its right time, all it takes is for the mind to allow itself to acknowledge it through patience and a positive consistency.


Your beauty shines in my tears

When I look away from you,
Far away from a place of love,
I lose the beauty that you can be;
For you are the muse of the artist in me,
And the answers to my very sorrows.
And I know you from long before,
You are my shadow and you follow me.
Why is it that you cling to me as I you…??
Oh, you are a part of me, just tell me?!
We are friends and enemies in love,
People see us in the street,
They sneer at us and my mind rebels;
And so we dance our concealed love song,
And your beauty shines in my tears,
Because it cleanses my soul, my ills.
So, I must welcome you into my arms,
Naked as you are, under the moon,
And under the stars lighting my path.





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