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Beasts of Tarmul

This is the beginning of the new part in “Benjamin Jones – Son of Darkness” (now a work in progress), which is #5 in the epic dark-fantasy series.

Each beginning or part starts with a short poem into the epic section of the events.

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PART  18

Beasts  of  Tarmul

From  Tarmul’s  mouth  the  beasts  be  born.

From  Tarmul’s  skies  heard  be  great  horn.

Hear  ye  now  who  comes  from  the  depths!

Hear  ye  now  who  brings  such  many  breaths!

Such  Supreme  Being,  ancient  Son  of  The  Dark;

For  it’s  He  who  comes  as  the  story’s  antihero,

For  he  within  the  prophecy  plays  great  part,

For  he  brings  that  ancient  beast  of  death,  Spiro.

Why  has  He  come??  And  where  is  our  Ben??

That  original  boy  who  was  lost  and  then  found.

Magic-born,  his  soul  ancient  and  free  from  men.

And  now  new  God  visiting  that  Úgolff  Mound.  

He’ll  be  summoned  by  odd  and  occult  Plant,

He’ll  be  fierce  and  just  within  fight  most  cruel;

As  the  fields  light  up  great  power  it’ll  grant,

Against  new  perils  from  below  with  no  rule.

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New Stories

We tell stories each day

Life is personal storytelling. We tell stories in our minds, and to ourselves, every day, do we not?? I do not like this. I do like this. I do not trust this way. I trust this way. I am hurt by this. I do not care about this. This and that. Experiences, for positive or negative, we create for ourselves.

But the best storytelling comes from freedom from rules, from emotional openness, and from daily wrestling with new ideas without giving up. The stories you tell yourself in your mind. You must create new stories.

Freedom is key

Freedom from rules of how to think, feel, and live. Freedom from how you thought, felt, and lived in the past. Each day is a new day, and you must live accordingly in order to experience yourself anew.

Experiencing yourself anew means creating how you think and feel now, detached from your past, from what happened to you, from who you were, from who others were, from the dreams and desires you once had.

Cut the cord

Because what truly matters is the joy you get from the exploration, right now, without bias from past experiences, without you clinging to past events and desires. It’s about the Now and the Tomorrow. What you feel now creates your life Now.

What you feel now is creating your life for Tomorrow as well. So, you must be able to cut the cord to your past, and especially cut the cord to the mindset acquired from your past. That cord, precisely, is what holds you back from better thinking, feeling, and from better things in life.

Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The Great Orb…

Dreams and magic

Creativity and love.

I hope your day is going well. I thought I’d share a little of the story I’m writing so far:

“Here’s the funny, and very interesting, thing about dreams: Even though our dreams are product of our minds, we never actually dream exactly what we consciously want. Sure, we can have pleasant dreams, or twisted ones; however, moments before sleep we don’t say to ourselves that we want to dream what we dream…

“We are not in control. Our subconscious takes over. We just go along for the ride. But, deep in the crevices of our minds, the truth, the beyond, the darkness and the light hide in wait for the awakening conscience living in dreams. And now, unknown dreams had taken over while Red remained in her coma, placed inside a slumber pod, and located in a semi-lit chamber of The Castle of Illusions…

“No one had been able to do anything about it. After that last event with the shadow ghouls in the skies, after she fell hundreds of feet the dragon-wolf grabbed her just in time, her mind had simply gone inwards, isolated itself, shut off from outside reality (see series #4). Now a tear rolled down her face. She dreamed and experienced some hidden, challenging truth…

“Count Morgol had put 2 of his highest mages in charge of discovering what was happening inside her mind. The mentioned gremlins observed a sphere of energy hovering a few feet above ground and away from the slumber pod. This head-sized ball radiated a yellow, green and red substance around it, more like the dazzling vision of a rainbow in the sky…

“I’m afraid your attempts to learn anything from the orb will not be successful, little ones,” the voice came from the shadows. “I too thought The Great Sphere would give us the answers we wanted about Red.”…

“The silver god stepped into the light and approached the slumber pod, then he felt the energy coming off it with his hands. The gremlins became very humbled, and yet excited, by his presence, so they started immediately communicating their respects in their language. But they didn’t really know how to treat a Celestial god, so they just knelt on the ground to worship him…

“O, please, there’s no need for that,” he said while smiling, approaching them and offering his hand. “Get up. And tell me: What are your names??”…

“And so they told him their names. And, of course, he clearly understood their gibberish…

“Well, Pkontuksunu and Pkontiksini, nice to meet you. Would you call Morgol down here for me??”…

“Yes, Mr. Detreus!” they both cried at the same time, then went about their new duties…

“In the background, the spiritual orb, or The Sphere of Truth and Wisdom, had started releasing slight, but still somewhat critical, pulses into the air that, mixed with the projected colors, appeared to be similar to heavy sound waves without any particular sound. He became interested and started feeling the pulsing pattern…

“There was certainly a strange reading in the air, and as he came to the center of the room he became connected to it. As the holographic lights flashed in front and around him, he sat quietly in meditation pose on the ground and felt his surroundings. Not far from this event, Red stirred slightly and quietly grimaced in her dream-containment pod…

“Detreus then proceeded to shut his eyes and extend his arms, thus touching the flashing colors and merging with it. There was indeed a special communication that was going beyond the physical here, because the sphere held great secrets, even greater knowledge, and magic beyond comprehension. Now, The Great Sphere had been created by the ancient Celestials, and the silver god, being a Celestial himself, was a direct descendant of these gods…

“Created from the blood and tears of the first fallen angel, or of the first Celestial who led the revolution against the old established system of governance, the said orb now possessed great sentiency and was entering his mind. The images he was seeing, as the voices he was hearing, were catastrophic and ominous; but also familiar and comforting…

“Show me more,” he said as he suddenly opened his eyes and stood up. Then he walked towards the orb and continued, “Great Sphere, tell me more.”…

“Then Count Morgol quietly entered the chamber, but seeing the event happening he stayed in the shadows watching the silver god communicate with the sentient sphere. There were more lights flashing, and even shadows dancing, which lasted for a few more seconds. Then the orb became peaceful and the communication ended…

“I take it you found your gokurawani,” Morgol started as he left the shadows for the light…

“Yes, The Chosen One is ready,” replied Detreus while sensing the orb one last time. “He’s not lost. He found his way. And he also found some new friends it seems.”…

“There are all sorts of creatures in the dream worlds…”

~ Benjamin Jones #5, “Son of Darkness” ~

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Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!


What is unique

The individual who shows courage, individuality, character, always seems odd, cold, even heartless to the rest. This is because all society gives you is groups: Political parties. Religions. Cultures.

Gangs or friendship perspectives. Family traditions and beliefs. The spiritual woke nonsense. The conspiracy theorists. Every group carries its own version of what morality is, of what values are, of what the truth is.

What is within

But no group understands what reality is, because each one of them creates what fits its own mindset. But opinions, beliefs, traditions mean nothing, because these are based on each group’s points of view.

The deity, the value, the reality is in you; not in groups and in their established norms, not in books or in what the ancients have said. The whole world is lost, because people are divided in groups.

And it is in the use of great self-awareness that one can contemplate oneself. If one successfully contemplates oneself, then that one has no need, no want for groups. Groups seem dull, archaic, a waste of time now.

What is whole

Because in the contemplation of oneself one finds one’s true identity, which brings absolute freedom and confidence to that person’s very mind. This expands such mind and life begins to be seen as a whole.

Life being seen as a whole now makes the false idea of any group’s validity vanish completely. When this happens, one adopts and shows courage, individuality, character. Traits that do not exist in the obedient group and its agenda.

Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The motivator

Superior-minded people

Small-minded people blame others, like the government, the elite, the wealthy, etc. Average-minded people blame themselves, but they do not take the necessary steps to actually change.

Superior-minded people see that blaming is wasting time, and they take the needed steps to actually change. They see that the origin of everything in existence is health. From feeling healthy (in mind and body), a person feels good about himself.

Feeling good about himself then, he treats others better, he feels good about his life and about his capacity to be successful in the future. This empowers him in the present, to keep being positive and motivating himself to be better and better.

Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

That mysterious allure…

That unique degree

Don’t run away from it. Run to it. Because it’s a matter of attitude. All of it! Attitude in your writing. Attitude in your speech. Attitude in your behavior. Attitude in your gaze.

It’s about reaching that degree of unique intensity, the one which only belongs to you and feels intimate to you. Don’t fall into fakeness. Nobody can teach you this.

That truly great value

If you try to copy the style of others, that’s when you begin to distance yourself from your identity, from your capacity to become attractive and relevant, intriguing and mysterious to others.

‘To others.’ Yes! Because we all have to bring something unique to society, in order to stand out, in order to accomplish great things, in order to increase our value to ourselves and feel empowered to be always more.

Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The wisdom in pain

Born to be great

Learning is not child’s play, because we cannot learn without pain. Pain means being confronted in your beliefs. Pain means accepting failure. Pain means carrying your past until you observe it carefully.

Pain means leaving those unhealthy addictions and adopting a different lifestyle. Pain means many things. But remember that what we do with that pain makes us better human beings, or destroys us in life.

And what we do now, echoes in eternity. We are born to be great. And so, to be truly great as we grow up, we are required to learn from our pain. This requires us, of course, to leave our comfort zones.

Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

That Devil…

The Dream

Man has been put in a box, forged, molded to be something he’s not. ‘Eat the same things most people eat, because the ad says so and they taste good. Concern yourself only with working and making money, so you can consume and become like the rest…

‘Get married and have lots of children, because that is the “normal/way to love” you have to obey. Seek daily addictions, identity, groups in the world, so you can feel whole and loved by the rest of the cogs. You must choose a religion, a god, a prophet, choose a side to become another worshiper, because only sides hold the truth and direction you need.’

Time to Get Up

And it goes on and on with the performances of the ignorant clowns. And if you do not join in this, then something’s wrong with you. It is not normal. But beware, this is the box, which has structured your mind. Of course, you don’t see it, you deny it even. But, wake up from your slumber, I say! It is time to get up from your cushy dream.

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Recognizing the illusion

Why is it that most of us find value in not letting go??  Most of us feel that letting go somehow makes us selfish, disloyal, isolated from others who do not desire to let go either.  Most of us, I’ve found, live in this illusion where attachment is real love. 


This is not progressive.  This is not spiritual.  This is not moral.  Because love has nothing to do with the pettiness of attachment, neediness, hatred of change.  It is the main reason I wrote this book, because life is about observing yourself and your own attachment.  

That’s the only way to any true progress.

Please read a sample below:

The Work

This work is about the individual and the creation of greater self-awareness. Self-awareness is what is required to live a better life. A life of success. A life of self-development. We focus on the existential chaos of the person. What ails the mind…?? What is the solution…?? And from then, we enlighten ourselves…


Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

What is a desire??

So I desire you, but beyond desire.

This longing. This need. This urge. This impulse. This passion that burns in me. It can be blinding. It can distort my reality and make me selfish.

It is a burden on my day. A constant itch that makes me impatient. A thing in my mind which makes me attached to what is not mine.

So, I analyze the sweltering passion in this desire. So, I become the watcher of my longing. What is it?? The surface. The smoothness and ruggedness of the thought material.

The muse of my dreams and nightmares. And the muse is beautiful, like a perfect scented flower. And the muse is deceitful, like a controlling lover.

But beyond my desire’s surface I find its very material, its core, its love’s essence. Why do I love it?? Why do I want it so?? It speaks to me. But only when I discover it.

This essence I love, I cannot live without, is the ocean of my existence. And I am my existence, am I not?? I’ve discovered my own existence, which my mind chooses to call desire when it points to you.

So I desire you, but beyond desire.