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The Book of 1st Witchcraft

This is a section from #3 in the epic series. An excerpt from “The Book of 1st Witchcraft.” Dark fantasy. Coming of age fantasy. Spiritual stories. Magic adventures. Paranormal stories. Ancient aliens and mythical creatures.

Critical moment of transformation

This is the moment Ben and his subconscious demons, his 7 sins, see each other face to face. Here Ben’s subconscious materializes as the book takes control of him…

Into the story – short excerpt

..”But also because Ben’s demons, monsters, sins, layers of existence, were there. And they were watching it all happen, as they seemed now unmoved by the event. Vegetation was being demolished.

Rocks, pebbles and all debris were flying around joined to the violent spiral. The corkscrew motion expanded and became more intense as the air turned electrified and filled with energy beams from the book.

And not even the time-traveling witch with her magic wand could bring him down and stop the funnel of air from reaching above the crowns of trees. As soon as she took out her wand from inside her cloak, then this one was repelled by the energy of The Verum Codex that filled the air.

The magic in the air

Elradon’s staff also struggled to resist the magic in the air, as this one was also rejected by the chaotic nature of the ancient tome. The red-headed girl tried to talk him down, because she witnessed that magic was not working here.

Red saw that Ben was lost, even inside that column of electrified air; but she wouldn’t give up on him, not at all, because she knew how much he was changing and how confused about it he really was.

And so, it happened that Ben peered down through the shafts of energy and the violent air and met her eyes; but he did not speak, not one word. “Ben!” she called over the loud wind currents. “I know you can hear me! I need you to be with me now!”

Benjamin Jones just stared at her, his eyes glowing red, his facial expression cold and austere. And no one really knew what he was thinking.

The demons of Ben

Inside the air funnel, his body was flashed with energy branches; but there was no pain or sorrow, only transformation. His demons looked down at her as well, then got near her, and attracted by the speech they were now studying her carefully.

She took a few steps back and eyed the dark creatures with certain apprehension, then continued to talk to him, “I imagine you’re turning into something more! I-I dunno what that is, but I’m really afraid for you; because I care, and because I want you to be safe!”

Elradon, who had been observing Ben and Ben’s demons closely, held on tight to his staff and pressed forward now, then he stopped by Red and spoke, “Ben! I’m not upset! I understand now!”

Then he took his time and regarded each sin or demon hovering around and above them. He remained calmed and confident, then continued, “These! These are you, aren’t they?! You have struggled too much, my boy! You must control yourself, because we must keep on the journey!”

Trying to bring him down

Then Red, seeing that Ben showed no signs of coming back down or even responding, took a few steps forth carefully, and struggling with the strong wind currents she finally said, “Please, whatever is going on, you must come down! We need you! Don’t let the book control you! You are good! Remember that!”

And then the time-traveling witch, who had stayed behind long enough, was now watching all the near area of the forest; and so, she became sad as her eyes fell on the destruction the strong wind currents and branching beams of energy had caused. Nature was sacred for her.

Nature was the origin of life for her. She loved Mother Nature, and this certainly weighed heavily upon her heart. And Arleas, the green cat to her side, sensed her resolve immediately and started to hiss in discontent.

But the witch ignored the trapped targoblin and proceeded forth. She wasn’t happy with Ben, and so she began to whisper under her breath and into the wind. Her hands thrust forward, feeling the charged air, measuring the black magic mixed with the white one.”…


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Precious time

Choose your people

So many of us spend time with people who do not support us, or who do not inspire us, or who only bring us self-doubt and negativity. But I have learned that it is vital to give your time only to people who help you become better at some level, not people who waste your time with stupidity or people who do not fit the life you want to lead for yourself.

Your time is precious

Now, I understand that sometimes we have to visit family, friends, or be in situations which are not ideal or inspirational. This happens to any of us. But I also understand that my time is precious, so I will use it mostly for what benefits me, for that which makes me feel loved and happy.

So, having in mind this, I will be direct with others. I will tell them exactly how I feel, and what I need. If they do not understand me or support me still, I will just walk away. I won’t leave them entirely, but I will spend less time with them. So, that’s my suggestion to you, and it is to learn to manage your time better, and to truly understand that your time on this earth is precious.


Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Greatest knowledge

Knowing yourself

Sounds too spiritual, doesn’t it?? Sounds like some ‘Buddha mysticism’, right?? Well, it’s simpler than that actually. It means to understand the deep roots of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. People all over the world become impulsive, they follow beliefs, try to fit in with others.

Why?? Because they do not find an identity within themselves, and this makes them anxious, disturbed, even violent, and so they feel the need of justifying this by joining others that have no identity like them. So, what happens in this state of mind??

People follow ideas, opinions, philosophies, rules that others set for them. Could be parents telling them this or that. Could be religions introducing beliefs into their minds since young. Could be politics based purely on satisfying one group. Could be little groups of “friends” just “having fun”.

Why knowing yourself…??

Knowing yourself is understanding yourself. There are many benefits, but I will mention the most important ones, at least for me.

1- You realize and build great self-love, which takes you to focus entirely on creating better, healthier, more positive habits daily. This grows your confidence, you begin to appreciate more the time with yourself, and you increase your self-esteem in every aspect of your life.

2- Your understanding of others, of the world, grows massively and gives you so much insight and knowledge, and all this insight and knowledge takes away your frustration, misery, jealousy, violent and revengeful thoughts.

3- You become more wise in your decisions, you start growing a deep insight, some call it Third Eye, into better ways, better ideas, new strategies that help you see other paths as your self-awareness expands. And this expands as well your capacity to be truly happy and to make others around you happy as well.


Book reviews Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder.

True art

Writing characters

All creation becomes true art when it is poured from the heart of the creator. So, for example, in my writing I create my characters with heart, which means I give them life through sharing the way I feel and projecting that into them. In that way, my readers can know me through my characters and their stories; so, in a sense, I am living through my characters, or I am building and leaving my legacy through my characters.

The attraction

And, of course, my characters must create the attraction, the mystery, the reason for the reader to keep on reading. And that is done through the stress, joy, excitement, sadness, and everything else the characters feel and that is described throughout their journey. Description of their mental state, for me at least, is very important if I want to create and strengthen that attraction.


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Wolf on the ferry…

A little bit of what I am working on

This is from “Shadow Ghouls of Nergus”, which is #4 in the epic Dark Fantasy series BENJAMIN JONES.

“He  saw  himself  changing  into  a  wolf,  because  he  was  the  leader  of  the  pack  and  he  already  knew  and  felt  that  very  wellHe  indeed  felt  proud  of  his  change.  Perhaps  he  should’ve  felt  fear  at  such  transformation,  but  he  did  not  because  the  essence  of  the  wolf  lived  already  in  his  mind…

Maybe  it  had  lived  inside  him  ever  since  he  had  been  taken  by  wolves  as  a  baby  (see  series  #1).  But,  as  the  incredible  alteration  took  place,  his  strength  grew  and  grew.  His  mind  merged  with  the  animal’s,  and  then  it  all  became  clearer…

The  wolf  saw  everything.  The  wolf  did  not  overthink  anything.  The  wolf  feared  nothing.  The  wolf  allowed  instinct  to  guide  him.  Benjamin  Jones  was  the  wolf  now,  and  the  journey  into  his  subconscious  was  understood…

Whoooaaa!”  exclaimed  Shadow,  then  flew  to  him  and  started  touching  him.  “You’re  a  wolf,  Ben!  And  you’re  really  fluffy.  So  fluffy.  Yeah,  so—”…

…The  wolf,  who  was  now  Ben,  growled  softly  and  then  took  off.  There  was  a  pier  or  dock  really  close  to  them,  right  on  the  other  side  of  some  trees  and  bushes.  He  stood  on  the  planks  of  the  pier’s  end  and  became  really  silent.

He stared  straight  into  the  mist  above  the  waters,  waiting  for  something  or  someone  to  arrive.  Wolf  boy’s  soul  and  Shadow  came  to  him  instantly,  then  they  waited  with  him  for  several  seconds.  Nobody  said  anything…

“So…”  Shadow  finally  started.  “Do  you  have  fleas,  Ben??  Do  you??  Do  you??  Because  Kushim  gave  me  a  book,  and  I  read  the  book,  and  the  book  said  some  wolves  have  fleas.  So,  do  you  have  fleas,  Ben??  Do  you??  Do  you??”…

The  wolf  seemed  so  focused  and  alert  that  nothing  disturbed  him.  He  just  remained  still  while  peering  through  the  night  and  haze  above  water…

Shhh…”  shushed  the  hero’s  soul  while  pointing  at  an  approaching  form  beyond  the  mist.  “Shadow,  look—”…

The  form  pierced  through  the  heavy  mist  and  soon  became  a  welcomed  shape.  The  simple  boat,  more  like  a  big  gondola,  moved  with  ease  over  the  calmed  waters  of  the  lake.  And  they  noticed  that  someone  was  driving  it  with  great  skill,  and  so  he  was  using  a  rowing  oar  to  gracefully  get  to  them… 

The  ferryman  or  creature  soon  appeared  out  of  the  darkness,  and  they  saw  that  he  was  tall  and  shrouded,  and  they  also  saw  that  his  hands  were  not  there  and  that  his  face  was  emptiness  itself.”…

Hope you enjoyed that. I really like to make my characters and situations fun, not only for the reader but for me as the writer.

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The 2 forces

The positive and the negative. That’s what we are. One split into two, because we are here to learn to balance what we love with what we fear.

The 2 forces

We are not what we think.
We are not what we feel.
We are indeed what we do.
We are our chosen habits.

We are beyond thoughts,
For we create by action.
We are beyond impulses,
For we can see consequence.

A human being is conscious.
A human being must be aware.
We must not drown in opposites.
We must balance the 2 forces. 


Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The small things

Love unites

Everything that changes with time and evolution is external. The rest, the inner is about choices. Love can unite people all their lives, just as long as you choose love by focusing on the small details in regards to you, to your partner, to life.

If the mind is to deviate from the small things in life, then it will fall under chaos–it will fall into frustration, worry, and into the illusion of the changing external. (Become highly aware of this to avoid all kinds of problems.)

All mental health and connection

And then, when in chaos, anger appears, and mental distortions and all obsessions appear, and separation from your true self and from your loved one appear. That is why the heart of all mental health and connection lies not in what you see but in what you cannot.


Anatomy and physiology of life Book reviews Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Dark/Epic Fantasy

“Jesus, buddy! What’re you doing?!” The sleeping willow woke up and said to Adit. “This could be considered as abuse. Hands off!”

“What is happening here?!” Ben shrieked loudly.

Benjamin Jones thought he could be losing his mind. Once, he’d been so rational about life, but since this quest had started he was questioning life more and more. Magic was all around him here. And now he was beginning to understand how crazy this could be.

Coming-of-age fantasy

This adventure is about the spiritual and magical journey of a 12-year-old orphan boy who learns he’s a shaman. He does not believe in himself at first, but with the help of his friend and spiritual guru he starts on a journey of self-discovery to find his relationship to an ancient Sumerian demigod and to find out who took his parents.

A dark fantasy

The boy goes through much self-doubt and fear. Many voices in his head. He can see ghouls. There’s a necromancer after him. He feels cursed. This adventure is focused on describing his inner world, how he thinks and feels, his fears and joys. I want Ben to take life of his own in your mind. Because is not just about the paranormal and the magic per se, but also about his journey as a person just like any of us.

Start the journey for FREE:


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What is it to love??

About Love

O, what is this love I feel?!
For it has no desperation.
For it has no agony or sorrow.
Is it real or is it just an illusion??

And what is it to love...??
Isn't love freedom to be...??
This love is pure and grand.
It is love that gives me wings.

I found it alone and deep inside me.
After all chasing and groveling I did.
I found that love is about being reborn.
I found that love is about only myself.


Anatomy and physiology of life Book reviews Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Freedom from society

The spiritual path

When I started in a purely spiritual path years ago, at about 30 years of age, I left religion and all beliefs I had accumulated. I started to know myself instead of having the scriptures or people tell me who I was and what truth was. So, I decided to learn to meditate and focus on my breath to empty my mind of all thoughts.

It took me years of practice, but through much work I began on my journey. A very personal and intimate journey. Much later, as a consequence, I started self-publishing spiritual and psychological works to share the knowledge I was acquiring.

Search your country

So, I have managed to get one of my 1st nonfiction books perma-free. I’m still trying to get Amazon stores on the same deal. But I have Kobo worldwide on board. I wanted to offer you “LEAVING THE HERD, The True Revolution Begins,” which is a book that talks about the path to awakening or enlightenment, the path to insight to get the mind thinking into freedom from society and its mores. Please check it out below: