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Creative Dawn

What is the one thing that differentiates humans from other animals…??

What makes us unique…??

What allows for individuality and introspection??

When I think about these questions I can see how important the answer is.

And what is the answer…??

I choose to create because…

What makes possible everything in our lives…??

-In relationships, two persons planning unity and compromise.

-In envisioning a future outcome, a new possibility.

-In the ideas and insight to create, to innovate.

-In the intelligence to persevere and create a new path in life.

What is it that makes this possible…?? It is ‘imagination’: This wonderful phenomena is what betters our lives. Because this phenomena is what brings you the light of psychological expansion and freedom. Imagination goes hand in hand with great creativity, or it should; because all of us have great imagination, but not many of us great creativity. So, what’s the difference?? Why do some people have great creativity and others do not?? It is all starting with imagination. And like everything in life, imagination must be used, practiced, worked. Here’s a simple, but very direct example. What happens if you stay in bed or sitting and you don’t use your legs for a long time??

What happens is that your leg muscles lose strength, stamina; and so, it becomes truly difficult, and painful, whenever you get up to walk after such a long time. The same is with imagination. For it to be powerful, insightful, to bring intelligence and vision in your day-to-day life, it must be crafted and practiced to become great creativity. You must focus on something truly important and interesting to you, and craft, create, build your creativity. And this is not only reserved for artists, but it is reserved for anyone who seeks a better life, a better career, a better relationship, great lovemaking, great personality development, better mood and attitude, superb ideas and solutions for any stressful or serious problem you get in your life.

Everything becomes better, easier, more enjoyable with great creativity. This is because great creativity means an expansion of mind. Great creativity makes you more intuitive, more in touch with your fun side. Great creativity helps you become more easygoing, relaxed, able to see beyond the flaws and weaknesses of others, even of yourself so you gain more confidence. Imagine yourself laughing at your problems, in your relationship, in your job, in your life in general. This laughing means that your mind is not stressed, anxious, frustrated; therefore, you can now be more relaxed, and find better solutions, and be more flexible to see beyond this problem.

Imagine you let go of focusing on the flaws and things you do not like about your significant other. This means you let go of judging the other person, and now you are more centered in the best qualities of the other person. This also makes you more enjoyable, more attractive in all aspects–being mentally, emotionally, physically. And what about your moods and personality. Great creativity also allows you to access easily a more positive persona and attitude. And now you see life with different eyes, love and happiness are more attainable, and you easily choose how to feel in certain situations which might otherwise stress you and make you upset.

And now…

-We all keep great darkness inside…

-We all battle great darkness daily…

-We all have demons with which we struggle…

-But what really matters in life is what we do with these. It is about how we use and transform that darkness, those demons…

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Free books. Creativity.

I feel that sometimes is easy to drown ourselves in sorrow. Not enough money. The mortgage or rent is coming up. The kids are misbehaving in school. Nobody supports me. It’s very damaging to think like this. Dangerous mental habits.

Think. What is required in life…?? What is absolutely paramount in expanding your mind and understanding?? What is the one thing that helps in our lives, to create, to find solutions, to ease ourselves in the face of problems??

Creativity. Imagination. The spark to dream and grow. Ideas and insights to boost your own capacity for imagination. Because sometimes the pressures of daily life can get to us, and the mind can become a terrible place with loud voices of fear and negativity.

Relationship problems. Any problem really. These require a mind who can step away from the overwhelming anxiety, overthinking, horrible and constant stress. This must be a mind which expands in creativity, because creativity helps your mind to create solutions and to imagine better steps to accomplish our goals and fix what needs to be fixed. And for that, and specially in this quarantine times, I find that books can help us discover new ways in life.

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Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder.

“The Winged Spirit.”

“Poetry comes from the highest happiness or the deepest sorrow.”  ~ A. P. J. Abdul Kalam; Indian president, scientist, and engineer.

The Winged Spirit

Times of grief and deep misery

Of dark days in past history,

Jackals and wolves ruled the night,

Wicked men of pain were the sight,

Streets of great pestilence and crimes,

Taxes, debts, of people suffering times;

Hate and fear were the ones in power,

Love and peace did not exist, nor the flower.

Broken I felt my heart in those moments,

My thoughts were miserable torments;

My abode, my wife and children were gone,

Light had left me and to dark I was drawn,

My dreams had fallen into the obscure abyss

Where I could not reach and there was no bliss.

I walked the path of no return one night of fate,

Of death I saw shadows summoning the gate;

Then the path was illumined at far sight on end,

Fear held me at first but then it became a friend,

There was an explosion of light which I did endure,

The love expanded, the warm peace was most pure,

I realized something extremely bizarre and out of place,

Time had vanished, I was within no common space,

Bubbles and ripples were all about my formless essence,

My mind sensed deeply the wonderful quintessence.

Then there was deeper realization and I came to see,

I had died in pain but was now reborn in profound glee,

The Winged Spirit in the midst of pain and turmoil,

Ready to advocate truth and all men’s suffering foil.

My losses were then met with wisdom and true heart,

My fear and anger, misery and frustration had part.



The game

Illusions are about us and all the time emerging,
Thought-forms and mediocre ideas without purging,
Men and women experience ambition in the mind,
They constantly plot all selfishness most blind.

Regarded I the coin of all treasure, the shiny thing,
I labored constantly like a puppet on a string,
Hurt was disguised as purpose, love was not there,
Misery was disguised as passion, stress I couldn’t bear.

Fleeting pleasures, incoming pain, I lived confused,
Society’s schemes, man of ignorance, I was used;
There was a brilliant light I couldn’t see at first,
Madness possessed my form, beyond cursed.

Love had been my savior then and it took time
To stop all anxiety and experience The Sublime,
For I elevated to the paradise of mental peace,
Because she found me the illusion did cease.

Realized then I was the pawn of the crude,
As the servant to the rich and powerful glued;
One lives as a puppet every day of his life,
I had awakened, cut the cord with a knife.

The game is thought by the ignorance of humanity,
Everybody desires happiness but cannot see vanity;
Love is the answer and the deepest connection,
Of the poisonous illness in life is the grand injection.



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Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder.

What is it…??


The flaming spirit

Convoluted and confused my thoughts became when my eyes fell
Upon the form of the beautiful and majestic mare.
In front of me after I had awoken myself it was presented,
The intense color, the magnetic energy, the heavenly scented.
It took away my worries and fears as it reminded me of Her,
We had been best friends, her sudden death I did not bear.
Ripples in the air and warm vibes took over my form,
Something like love, good memories, bliss did swarm.
My whole mind flew over and understood the meaning
Of my loss, a deeper communion with my own being.
There were stars in the sky which shone bright that night,
As I had never seen before the Moon so bright.
The hours passed and the night came to an end,
My soul delighted now, it had been godsend.   


What is it…??

The mind rattles in immense confusion,
It believes the grand illusion.
Is it a great idea, a religious belief, a passionate act…??
If it is, then is limited, it can die, that’s a fact.
The imagination creates thoughts everywhere,
Of you and I together;
But true love has no ambition, form or shape,
No hidden jealousy to drape.
Clothed in garbs of intense emotion,
It cannot be that notion.
What about passion and lust…??
No, they are finite, like wind gust.
The sage in me says love goes eternal,
It is within your own body, not external.
True love is of the wise,
The outer act is a disguise.


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Stories to ponder.

The transfiguration.

“The ultimate aim of the ego is not to see something, but to be something.”  ~ Muhammad Iqbal; Indian poet, philosopher, politician, academic, barrister, and scholar.

Year  2045. 

In a distant world where thinking deeply got you in trouble, where going against the establishment and its rules got you excommunicated and locked behind bars.

A dirty and trembling man sits upon the floor within his enclosed jail cell, close to him The Lord of Darkness himself sits under the form of a bright window…


…After several minutes had passed under stress and thoughts of grim death, the man dares finally ask, “Who–Who are you…??”

The Deceiver responds in a haughty and soothing tone after a poised chuckle,  “You know who I am, Adam.  You brought me here, to this… place you chose.”

The dead air stunk of sweat and hell ashes.  Adam swallowed nervously, “…I didn’t choose this.  And I didn’t bring you here.”

He was in meditation, brooding deeply.  “Thoughts, intentions, and actions open portals into that which is represented by light or darkness in the cosmos.  You chose your fate.”

Screams of anguish and people being punished pollute the air further.  “Am I dreaming..??  This must be death…  Is it not…??”

“How amusing you are.”  His lips curled into something someone could call a smile of derision, “Life is all there is.  Death, what you call death, is but a door into a higher level of consciousness, one level you cannot achieve in this… pitiful form you carry…  No, not death.  This is something else.”

“What is this then?”

“This is your world, the one you’ve chosen.  Everything exists still, no life passes away; your wife, your children, even your dog, they all live.  But you can’t see them, you lost that privilege when you chose me into your life.”  The air became electric and cool.   The bright window form became dark and the scenery through it purely wretched.  “There is a balance for all that exists, Adam.  You pushed on that balance too far, and life became… well this.”


Silence corroded the dungeon.

The Deceiver pierced his eyes, “Did you think your rebellious nonsense wouldn’t upset the balance of your life?  Did you ever think of your family, how your selfish actions would affect them?…  No, you were too self-involved.  Your ego and your beliefs, thus your illusions mattered most to you.  Congratulations on killing them.  Congratulations on choosing me.”  Then he vanished into thin air.

Tears began streaming down Adam’s face bathed on the memories of his family being killed in a shootout with police.  It felt like he finally understood his whole world had come down on him.  Several minutes he felt darkness consume his soul, grip his mind with a vise.  His screams filled the air with terror!

Suddenly, a ray of electrified light came down, penetrated the jail, and swallowed him whole!  His body and mind became light and each cell of his composition was stretched and filled in.


When he woke up next to his wife, his children were jumping on the bed.  Covered in sweat and stinking of hell ashes, he ran to his bedroom window:  Darkness and wretchedness had gone…

Light path through the dark forest_HD

He looked at his wife and kids, then understood that he needed to stop being selfish and thinking about how to bring down the government, others and their nonsense, he understood that following others means being self-centered and radical while praising his own ego in any situation…


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Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder.

Fire and Ice…

“When truth has no burning, then it is philosophy, when it gets burning from the heart, it becomes poetry.”  ~ Muhammad Iqbal; British-Indian philosopher, poet, academic, politician, barrister and scholar.

Fire and Ice, Love And Fear

Godly ripples in the ether of mind,
Rich essence of me without bind.
Monsters and ghouls as rulers behest,
Dark and confusing thought stressed.

My way and my step were under siege,
Life and Death my tyrannous liege;
I had fallen in the whimsical illusion each day,
The cruel devastation of my life I did pay.

She was burning coal and I frozen rock,
For two opposites met the imminent shock;
Love existed but my form never knew,
For fear within my wretched soul grew.

The clock had become my foe as well,
The rushing entity of misery in Hell.
The winds took a message in the fall,
You wanted to see me in the ball.

Anxiety and doubt filled my many day and night,
Fear had cursed my mind and it allowed no light;
Dreams of the fire that consumed my house,
The deaths of my dog, children, and spouse.

My face had been severely under fire,
But I was marked and living most dire,
And the wounds of my heart had no heal,
The essence of love from my soul had conceal.

A book of ancient mystery and great lore,
A bright and fateful day strengthened my core;
It told about poles and degrees of the mental plane,
How to transmute fear and reach a higher gain.

The fear stayed but let in some light then,
There was this new confidence from the wise man.
I chose to give my life one more try,
Perhaps developed I had the inner eye.

Danced all night with you and saw your smile,
That ball gave me an opportunity with no guile;
You were perfect in your dress by me near,
I took my lesson, Fire and Ice, Love and Fear.


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Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder.

The Sexiest Part of a Woman

The sexiest part of a woman

If you look deeper,
Than the exterior,
That is where you will find
The sexiest part of a woman;
Is not her body
Or pretty face;
The sexiest part of a woman
Is in her mind…
That is where she hides away,
The kinky side,
The naughty girl,
The freak that likes to play…
The sexiest part of a woman
Is in the secrets
That she keeps locked away…

No one but a womandeeply in love ever sees the maximum of a man's greatness


 –The Shield–

Her love was now gone

That fateful morn dawn,

And I was feeling broken

Due to our love unspoken;

The insincerity had I brought

And hours had we fought.


The smell of her hair I miss,

Her smile, her playful tease.

Does she miss me…??

Where is she…??

If only I was so fortunate,

Be able to erase the argument,

She would be here with her smile

And I would feel bliss all the while.

But I must become the strong man

And woo her back with a plan.

Yes, my heart is now most revealed!

For true love has broken The Shield!


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Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder.

Within our kiss.

Within Our Kiss

The magic beyond the lips

Far greater than the magnificent eclipse,

More than just touch and sensation,

Spiritual harmony, two souls in connection.

There never was in my existence

The pure bliss in the persistence

Of your soul merging with mine,

Yes, you made me experience the sublime.


My being was lost and confused,

By hatred and several vices I was used,

The stars for me were not shining anymore,

My way was corrupted, my heart ill and sore.

But one day I met the miracle which made me

Realize my strength for you did tell me

That two souls which belong together

Are never apart, connected forever.


You became my friend and companion,

We visited the beach, the parks, the canyon.

Then something happened and my world was changed,

We felt that vital essences were exchanged,

The closeness of our bodies, the link of our minds,

The burst of energy, the love that binds.


It was the world within which elevated this poet

To incredible heights of the romantic sonnet.

God put images in my mind of bright stars,

Beautiful planets, Venus and Mars.

My heart sensed beyond the physical touch of our lips,

The dimensions I saw, the rich galaxies Within Our Kiss.     


A passionate kiss which communicates deep affection and share connection goes beyond two lips touching, it goes beyond the thoughts you have during that magic kiss. This kiss is the merging of two souls into one, going back to Source/God for the moment that kiss lasts where no space and time are limitations.

Hot Sunset kiss

Plain words cannot describe that sensation,
For our spirits were in glorious elation,
Soaring through heavenly clouds of light,
Magical stories of love the poet cannot write.
We felt the mystery of our warm embrace;
It became a flame without time and space.
It burned deep in our souls as one,
Our lips and burning love under the sun.

Shy at first I communicated my sincere affection,
We talked for hours and found the connection.
Our hands held and I felt I knew you from somewhere,
Twin flames, a past life, a deepness we share.
Then we elevated the passion, there was pure bliss,
For I will always remember that Hot Sunset Kiss.


Deep, sincere love bursts with flames of truth and soul connection.

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Stories to ponder.

The ghastly story!

My full name is Asa Ezequiel Rodriguez (Asael is my entire first name; Hebrew name picked from somewhere within the Bible, meaning “God’s right hand”).  I used to be just like you, until a fatal accident changed my life entirely…

Are you ready for this true story…?!  If you are, grab your popcorn and cozy blanket, and perhaps that baby pacifier you use when nobody is looking.  This will become quite a ride as you read on!

One rainy night my parents and I were coming back home, when a heavily drunk asshole hit our Peugeot (that’s a car, for you Americans that do not know) and sent us all to the near Mar Del Plata’s main hospital (Mar Del Plata, Argentina, where I was born and raised).  I had been injured pretty badly, and actually much more than my parents; the ambulance couldn’t revive me as I was in a deep unconscious state, losing blood and seizing every five minutes.  Once there, the hospital team did everything they could to bring me back to life, but it was too late, for I was dead, gone from this physical plane.
 Several minutes later, I don’t know how or why (I just know that nothing that happens to us human beings is random, all has a purpose in life–even when we do not understand what’s happening) but I returned to life, and greatly changed (not just in physical function but in other aspects as well).
Now, I won’t tell you that while dead or unconscious without pulse I saw some brilliant light or angels or pearly gates swung open or anything like that.  Let your imagination fly.  There is not enough use of good imagination now-a-days, most people just watches reality TV shows where idiots fight over who’s going to use the toilet next and over who used all the toilet paper.  It’s pitiful.
After that, to make it shorter, I acquired certain talents or “conscious endowments.”  And in the course of many months, I encountered great abilities head-on (granted they weren’t strong yet, but in firm transition or conscious evolution).  My parents, of course, weren’t told anything because they would not have understood (you know, religious parents, or “normal-by-this-society” parents).  And at the same time, I needed more time for myself and “to find me” (because I had gotten lost at the shopping mall when I went to buy some underwear).  Put it simply, I wanted a job where I could meet great experiences, develop great wisdom in those extraordinary lessons from life itself, so I went in search for one.
So, after months’ search for the right one for me, Mr. Hernandez–a Psychic Investigator and a nice man–gave me the opportunity to earn some cash (some pesos), and I joined his ‘Mar Del Retards Paranormal’ agency as an apprentice.  (Needless to say, I think he had confused me with a retard, but, to be honest, when I went to my job interview I was loaded with the Novocaine my dentist had pumped in my mouth that morning, so, of course, I was drooling like a river was flowing out of my mouth and I couldn’t talk well; but, on the other hand, that incident did help me get the job, so all worked out great for me.)
Mr. Hernandez had gotten a call from the police dept. to go check out a “especial case for Paranormal Retards”, or a possible murder lead from an “unknown source”.  This would be my first case.  Although, this time I had stayed at the office because I had needed to use the bathroom very badly, and also because the OfficeMart truck was suppose to deliver a couch and Mr. Hernandez had wanted me to be there to receive it.
The delivery truck was pulling over up front by the sidewalk.  You could see the giant display of colors and the words ‘OfficeMart makes it easier to rob your place if you’re not home’ (or some better translation of it from Spanish verbose) printed on the side of it.
Let me now introduce you to the nitty-gritty of the first case which I call…

Booooohh… gives me chills just to think about it…  “The Vampire’s Slaughterhouse!”

When Mr. Hernandez came back, we both went to take a look at this ominous house of old-looking existence.  To the cellar, where our retarded intuition took us.  Once there, my mind was racing.  I told myself to calm the fuck down, hold on tight to the three pounds of garlic to scare any vampires, and concentrate!  Even having this conscious energy inside of me and this knowledge I had acquired of the supernatural wasn’t enough.  I could feel my heart pounding, my hands sweating, while forcing my legs to keep marching to that cellar.  And the worst, the smell was getting to me, revolting my stomach.  See, I hadn’t shower in a month.
Then I realized night would soon come, and darkness was the perfect playground for any creature or demon.  I had to pay attention to signs and sensations, having my surroundings in check at all times, looking for anything with even a teeny tiny presence.  Finally we arrived to the cellar–old and partially cracked wood, a few paint scrapings on the doors, vampire vomit all over, and the room smelled like vampires had farted.  Very common, I thought.
After we opened wide the heavy doors, we climbed down the stairs…
The first few steps we took were lit by the natural light from the outside (it wasn’t completely dark out yet), then we had to look for the switch to turn on the light as it was getting obscurer.  Shit!-–  The lights then turned on at the same time, it looked like lightning–a couple of flashes and flickers and then they settled.  I noticed it was a large cellar, a lot of red and green blood, and also pee in storage (I had learned these creatures of the night drank the pee of their victims as well, as some kind of ritual), and some boxes containing stuffed Teddy bears on the sides.  Did they also sell stuffed bears on the black market…?!  Ghastly!  Macabre!
A lot of twists and turns.  A few rooms at the end, shelves with old and dusty magazines–a lot of vampire’s gay pornography.  Everything seemed storage and junk.  Suddenly, I tripped over a pile of bras and panties!  These bastards also kept them from their victims as souvenirs.  Sick Fucks!, I thought.
I couldn’t help but thinking that Demonitus could be part of this!  He is a demon I found in the list of popular demons. And what do demons do?—torture and scare people!  Good people!
(Oh, by the way, Demonitus had also been the first demon I had seen when I was dead in the hospital; however, back then I had no idea of what it was exactly–a product of my imagination, the memory of a horror movie, a subconscious fear of death itself…??  And then it had appeared next to the coffin of my dead friend.  But the real shock for me was that he was fat and carried a big fork around–always thought that demons were fit or at least slim, because the spiritual body tends to have no need for physical food, and thus no need for a big fork either).

‘Demonitus’. The suspected perpetrator. Have you seen this rascal?
And as I kept onward, seconds later, the lights of this section of the cellar went off too leaving us in total darkness!  I tried to turn the switch back on  but it was all riddled with vomit, and it felt like some force was holding the light switch in one position!  I tried and tried, and at one point I thought my fingers were about to be broken–the darn thing appeared to be rock!  Oh mamma!–  The air around me turned cold and heavy!  Everywhere I looked was pitch black!  My mind started playing tricks on me.  I felt a swift touch on my shoulder– “Mr. Hernandez, did you touch me?!  I–I’m not gay, dude.”
My confused mind started then coming up with all these frightening images and odd sensations of pure dread that gotten worse as he didn’t answer. “…Mr.–”  I swallowed nervously,  “Mr. Hernandez, did you–”  Jesus!–  Again.  Someone was definitely in the room!  Shit–  Who was touching my shoulder, again?  I spun halfway.  My stance had been rooted to the ground, my feet firm as a rock.  But as I turned around I lost my balance, snatched the air trying to get a grip on something, then, SLAAMM!– I dropped down like a bag of potatoes!
‘An eerie someone!’  It all seemed spooky and odd.  I noticed I had fallen on top of something, and this something felt like a fat pig.  “Mr. Hernan–”  Couldn’t finish my thought.  What had happened to him?  Something had happened to him, something that had occurred in the split of a second.  I then tried to remember a noise or something which could have hinted me of his fall, but all had taken place so fast.  I was in the dark, confused, overwhelmed, nervous.  This ‘eerie someone’ obviously did not want me to be down here–that much I knew at the moment.
I drummed a few on his face.  “Mr. Hernandez, are you okay?  Are you okay, Mr. Hernandez? …  ARE YOU OKAY, YOU FAT PIG?!”  I almost lost my marbles.  After he squinted a few times and shielded his eyes from the strong light, he came to.  By now, the room really smelled of vomit and farts.  Not good for my allergies.  Hard to breathe as well.
“What–What happened,” he drawled weakly.  He then eyed me disoriented as he sat up.
“Are you okay?”  I repeated.  Christ!–  “You have red lipstick kisses all over your face!  Did the demon kiss you?!”  …But you’re a fat pig; how can anyone wanna kiss you…??’  I thought to myself.
“I–I don’t remember…” he started, “I fell. I must have fainted.”  He felt uneasy and odd, which worried me so.  His eyes looked lost like a puppy’s, and his facial expression painful and awkward.
“What happened to you?”  I pointed at the blood stain.  “You are bleeding.”  I took a better look at the area.  The wounded are was close to his neck.  And as I checked nearer, I found very tiny marks not too deep into the muscle–this is where my knowledge of anatomy paid off.  They were one above the other, they weren’t life-threatening or anything like that.
But how–??  What–??  Can’t it be possible..??   As I studied the odd marks I also noticed their pattern, and they looked like needles.  Honestly, I didn’t know what to make of it. What would I tell him?  What was I suppose to say?–  Someone had tried to had his way with him?  A large group of ghostly ticks in love with his neck, perhaps? …

However, reader, I cannot tell you more, too scary for you.

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Poetry and prose from the heart.

The richest man alive!

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”  ~ Albert Einstein; physicist and author.

“Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”  ~ Hans Christian Andersen;  Danish prolific author, novelist and poet.


The spirit or energy body of the human being, the spirit or energy behind all we do, behind our daily thinking, feeling, behaving, connecting to others and to the world around us in any situation, needs to disconnect once in a while; however, the spirit, or energy, itself is an entity which never depletes, it never wanes, but since our thinking, feeling, acting is limited and fated to birth and death it is surely depleted and marred by the toxic waste of stress and anxiety, and so it needs to distance itself from the pressures of daily life.  The spirit body needs to distance itself from all this and get in touch and surround itself with itself–that is to say, surround itself with peace and harmony, with Nature.

Peace and harmony is the deeper meaning/the essence of love itself, even though we human beings have made love to be about holding hands, sex expression, marriage, conversations, and the rest.  This peace and harmony creates many miracles or powerful transformations within us, transformations in our mental perceptions, physiology, DNA structure, emotional content, etc. etc.  This peace and harmony is a special peace and harmony which is only found by walking or staring at the wonders and beauty of God’s Nature, because God’s Nature emanates an essence of vitality and motivation into us.

Scientifically put, God’s Nature spreads energy into our tissues, into our being, and its subconscious links to our subconscious because it is all the same mental energy or Universal Mind, just kept in different form (one being our human form, and the other that of trees, grass, fresh air, and so forth).  Also, Nature’s magnetism forces (that of what we call “love”) synchronizes or tunes in with our vital organs (heart, lungs, kidney, etc.), and that is why scientists say that walking through nature boosts your immune system, gives you creative ideas, and adds overall life to your whole body and mind… 

_God's Nature is Love on Fire, Eternal Flame. You just can't see that flame with your physical eyes. But you can feel the flame, if you allow yourself to bask in the present moment, thro


There is a realm beyond what we see and feel in our everyday lives, the realm of energy or spirit; and it is a realm that lives here, in us and all around us, but it is at the same time found ONLY beyond the nuisance of conscious past and future thoughts and the emotional content we carry which can at times direct our attention to things that stress us.  Walking in nature and even closing my eyes, while avoiding thought and the emotions thought carries, a deeper meditation, connects me to what we call God and the beauty that is beyond man-maned beauty–i.e., man-made beauty which depicts in fine paintings, inspirational movies, great poetry, beautiful cars, etc. 

The smells, the sights, the sounds, the emotions of Nature Itself transport me to myself and remind me of the connection we share.  The Oneness we all are.  Creation is vast, unlimited, eternal beyond form and quality; and this connection is what the spirit or energy body craves or needs in order to dwell with itself, with the true essence of love.  This makes me the richest man alive!

The richest man alive is the one who embraces the traits of Nature and the one who allows himself to be one with Nature. This is indeed the very heart of the ultimate power; therefore, the mighty power to achieve and create anything you desire in your own life. 


_God's Nature is Love on Fire, Eternal Flame. You just can't see that flame with your physical eyes. But you can feel the flame, if you allow yourself to bask in the present moment, thro

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