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Crafting your unique art

Crafting your best

I feel that in order to craft the best ideas, the best characters, the best plot in a story, you have to be emotionally in touch with yourself. That you must accept yourself, your past burdens, your flaws, your pains.

After all, whatever you create, in any artistic form, must be born from you. And also must deliver the strength of your emotions, without, of course, overwhelming the ones who will appreciate your art form.

Artistic freedom

It is very personal, I know, because the way we create is based on the personality and the experiences we have; and, obviously, each one of us is different, which makes art forms potentially excellent. So, as an author, I find that pouring my personality and experience in what I write gives me artistic freedom.

And, I’d humbly suggest, that in life, or in anything else that requires the subtlety of your art, you find also your artistic freedom. That you liberate yourself from the constraints of following others, or the ways they do things, or encasing your mind to think like them.


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Mediocrity vs Genius

The art of your life

What true art is goes beyond established rules and norms. It’s about creating and pouring your emotions, your personality, the way you think; not about copying how others do it and following the rigid rules of a system. Whatever it is you do then, do not focus on rules and ways of old. The art of your life is unique to you.

Great art

There is art and there is great art. There is mediocrity and there is genius. What’s the difference..?? Mediocrity is doing something and following the established norm just to appeal to the masses and make money–most people do this. If you are this kind of artist, of course, I respect your chosen path.

Genius art is the path that only the brave and unique take, because in this path not many will accept you due to jealousy. Most would like to deviate from the established rules, but they won’t do it because fear of not fitting in will grip them.

But the true visionary does not care, because for us it’s all about expressing ourselves through our art, leading and creating new ways–a sort of rebellion against the rules and norms established by the society of mediocrity. So, to be a true artist, in whatever you do, you must be willing to deviate from the norm, be entirely you, and lose the fear of not fitting in.


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Self-expression, the only Art.

Art is self-expression. To me, it is the most important thing in life. Because better communication requires the capacity for self-expression. Better choices in life require expressive thoughts, and that is thinking that can be creative and hopeful, visionary and confident in what can be built in the future.

Tips for self-expression:

1- My first and biggest tip would be to always be open to trying new things, new conversations, new habits. Learn new beliefs, even if they seem uncomfortable to you. Expand your understanding and leave any attachment to old views and ways of seeing the world.

2- A second tip would be to read and also watch movies. But read and watch inspiring things, and specially fantastical things. Such are stories or things that can really make you envision and create new thoughts, maybe even silly or unreal thoughts. It’s all about remembering the child’s creative mind again. I find that fantasy mainly does that for me.

My art:

I found self-expression in my artform, writing for my readers, because to have your own outlet to transform your frustration and anxiety into something useful is what it’s all about. I recommend you find your passion, commit to it, work at it daily; and whatever that passion is must make you more expressive and give you more freedom.

An example of my wring follows. This is a coming-of-age fantasy series. Middle grade/Young adult. This is #3 in the series BENJAMIN JONES. Coming May 31st 2022. This one is titled: “The Book of 1st Witchcraft.”

“So, under the guidance of Aldorf, they brought the casket, or magical box keeping Ben’s body, to The Place of Zaronn, or to the place of the elders.  And this wasn’t a place to bury the dead, but this was their most sacred place… 

“This was atop the other side of the enormous mountain, and it was a vast extension where their elders communicated with gods from different dimensions. This was indeed a divine oracle of sorts, and there were temples or places of holy meditation, and there were glowing trees spread throughout, and also thick pillars engraved with messages from the gods in different languages… 

“And so it happened that the snow wasn’t falling anymore, and in fact it was like it never had fallen because the soil on the mountain was dry and rid of any frost whatsoever. And as the strong orcs carried the magical casket on their shoulders, suddenly so, it started to quake violently on its own…

“And one of the creatures was hurt on his shoulder due to it, and the box thus was dropped on the hallowed ground.  SCRAATT!—  But, even though it had been thrown from more than 6 feet in height by brute reaction, the said box did not break or even suffer a mere scratch…” 

I started this book series to bring some entertainment, but also bring some insights and moral guidance to myself and to the reader. I always liked the worlds of ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Percy Jackson,’ so I wanted to write in the same narrative and adventure style.

If you’re interested in the series, you can find it on my website Right now #1 in the series, “The Call of The shaman” is free to download on Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble.

COMING MAY 31st, #3 in the series,


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The art of loving.

Society, family, tradition, culture, religion, philosophy, cannot teach you how to love properly; however, they may give you ideas, experiences and ways which are popular out there, but they are not your own experience.
If you begin then by consuming all these sources to know love, you will become desperate and seeking love instead of nurturing love within you and sharing it from you.  Like The Sun fills itself with energy to give us life, you must fill yourself with love to give life to love in another.
To truly love is to remain free, because freedom is happiness; and happiness gives you that sense of wholeness, of healthiness, of immense love.

Now, an immense love, or immense capacity for love, is already within the human creature; however, the ego, its attachments out of desire, out of vanity, out of blind excitement, creates more attachment, obsessively, and any attachment makes you a slave and robs you of freedom.

If freedom is stolen from you then there is no love, because as we said love is freedom, or to remain free; therefore, the ego does not know love but attachment, such attachment which blinds you from love through an intense desire to possess someone or something–which can be a person, an idea or belief, or a thing.

Attachment, being not true love, can mislead you into believing a desire is love; however, this desire is created by the ego, and thus blinding you in life.

Only true love knows wholeness, health, and true care for yourself and for others; for only love is peace and harmony within you, such peace and harmony which brings connection and honesty, intelligence and strength in life.

So loving is an art form, the greatest art form a human being can master; for true love frees you from the chains of ego and desire, and true love then connects and builds out of honesty with yourself and with others.




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The Path…??

Okay, guys.  This is the piece on which I am currently working.  Not too sure of the title yet, as I am still working on finishing touches here and there to convey a deeper message.  I woke up to surrealistic paintings; something which makes you think and stirs your emotions at the same time, depth and substance. 

This will be one of the paintings I will be offering with their prints on my new website, here, soon.

Can you tell me what it means to you…??




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Unique Art.

I think that too many people are just existing for the sake of getting through the day, through the week, through the year; or worse yet, people are just expecting situations to change and so they are not being the best they can be.  Their minds are located in their current problems, pressures of this and that, and they are ignorantly praying and desiring for better things, for better days, for happier days to come.  They are not really putting all their good vibes and energy, their best moods and pure hearts, into the task at hand, into what they are doing each minute of each day–i.e., into their communications with somebody else, into their self-talks, into their jobs, into their ideas, into their ways of affection towards somebody important for them, into their arts, into their alone moments, and into all activities.
And can you not see that this is exactly the reason for any fear and lack of confidence to fester in the mind…??  Love and happiness is in how much energy and discipline/attention you put into whatever you do:  If you put all your energy and attention into your job (into the details of it without complaining), you will soon get used to it and find love in that.  If you put attention and all your energy in all aspects of a relationship, soon your mind will erase the flaws of your partner and you will become more caring and mature in the ways you express your love.  If you feel alone, neglected, but you begin to discipline your mind into putting all your energy into yourself and into activities for yourself, you will soon feel whole, working for yourself, and too busy loving yourself to feel alone and neglected.  So put all your attention and energy into whatever you do, all the time, even into things which you do not consider important–like cleaning, shopping, drawing, writing, taking the bus, walking by yourself, walking the dog, usual conversations, etc. etc.
Putting all your heart and soul into these things, in my own experience I know, will soon give you the inner strength to rise above all fears you may have; because life is a true celebration as you enjoy each moment (whatever that moment is), but when you neglect the moment then your attention wanders into overthinking and depression.  And art is just that, being extremely creative and unique in whatever you are doing.  See, popular art might be painting, dancing, acting, sculpting, making music; however, anything in life can be transformed into art, because art is what brings you love and happiness, what makes you say “I am unique and great!”
You can love somebody, or something you do daily, as an ordinary and mediocre person does, like most people, and so fall into hate, jealousy, sadness, feelings of worthlessness, and the rest of the nonsense; or you can love somebody, or something you do daily, as a true art form, uniquely of yourself as a superior human being who creates with his divine energy and wonderful creativity…  And it is all in your hands.  And it is all up to you…


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Do you really know justice…??

What is justice…??  Is it the pompous and rash healing of resentment and anger…??–“an-eye-for-an-eye” type idiocy…??  Can justice become an art if we use greater empathy and less anger, if we follow truth and not society’s conditioning of what the proceedings of justice should be…??  Are you truly just in your everyday situations and relationships…??  Is justice born out of your ego or out of absolute truth (beyond any ego, revenge, or anger you may harbor within)…?? 
Society has taken sacredness and serious matters into mockery and corruption, like God, truth, love, freedom, peace, and justice; and so, this corruption has been conditioned into the weak minds of people like yourself, and now their meanings, their depth is lost and vanished for you, so you follow the news, the media, your family, your own ignorant and crooked beliefs on all of these.  Individual thinking is no more, and yet you desire to be awakened, illumined without emptying your mind from all this nonsense; and so, you expect that by reading and hearing enlightening words you will become awakened and just in these matters.  Is this your foolishness…??  Are you lying to yourself about this even now…??

“She hurt my feelings, so I must hurt hers!”  “He cheated on me, so I am free to cheat as well and hate him forever!”  “Immigrants are ‘stealing’ our jobs, so throw them out with ‘humane’ violence and break their families!”  “My heart must be hardened when treating with any sort of crime.”  “Animals are ours to eat and do whatever we want with them, they are not human beings like us so they do not deserve the same justice.”  “My family does not have the same views I have, so I am building my own life away from all of them!”  And more nonsense fill the minds of the stubborn, old fools who follow their egos and the garbage society has introduced in them since childhood. 
And this is because societies, your family, you, have built and kept all justice distanced from truth and deeper understanding, thus you use your intellect/your ego to create meaning; consequently, you lose all empathy and understanding in love, in justice, in truth, thus you are confused and lost without the enlightenment of your very conscience.  Is this the way you choose to live then…??  Nothing real in you, but everything borrowed and dead…  Whoever amongst you understands this, do not just agree with me but CHANGE!  Become better!


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Concrete visions.

Are you emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually expressive, free, balanced, healthy…?? Is any type of fear blocking you, depressing you, affecting you in any way…??
The subconscious is where our experiences, beliefs and memories are stored.  Self-knowledge, the understanding of our thoughts and behaviors and their influence on our lives, will make the unconscious conscious; however, quite often people repress things, avoid expression, ignore how they feel and think, and they remain trapped in themselves with bouts of sadness, embarrassment, moodiness, anger, and all types of anxiety…  Ever happened to you that your subconscious knows something but your conscious does not fully, or that you feel you cannot quite express yourself or be free from a feeling you have deep inside…??

Liberation, inner revolution, deeper knowledge through drawing or mapping your inner images, visions, or feelings; and this is tapping into your own subconscious to access that repressed sense you have, and this not only frees you to feel better and direct your life with greater vision and confidence but it enables you to communicate more openly with others while you make your unconscious conscious through your art/through your divine expression…  Map your business strategies.  Write down how you feel about a certain situation.  Describe your mental images on paper.  Work on freeing past memories.  Whatever you do, make your unconscious conscious always.  You can see better if the pond is cleaner.

For example, I used to wake up in the middle of the night and write my dreams; and so I found many answers I was looking for in that moment of my life–by making the unconscious forces of consciousness work to my advantage I liberated myself and opened my own conscious mind to greater understanding.  As in dreams, one may experience certain unbalance, unhealthiness, trapped emotions during day or night, and this may disturb us; and so, in those cases making use of our inner abilities for artistic expression is what will make the difference between slavery or freedom.

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.  Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” ~ C.G. Jung; Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology.


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Step out of the cage!

Is inspiration something that bashes you on the head suddenly…?? Is inspiration something which is only reserved for the highly creative…??
Step out of the cage and create inspiration!
If you look at the world through people’s “logic” and beliefs, something is missing in their everyday lives–they make mistake after mistake, they do not take responsibility for their own actions, they seem to ignore what love and truth really are, they hate their jobs, etc…  Why is that…??  Is it because they lack inspiration to see and understand even their own lives…??

The artist waits for inspiration to hit him because throughout the ages society and all philosophies have told him that inspiration is a divine magic which comes to him from above, from somewhere he is not.  And this ignorant knowledge has gotten out and filled the minds of all of us, so inspiration has become a wealthy trait, something miraculous, something which not everybody can access.  Doesn’t seem fair, does it…??  I mean we all have to create in our lives, we all must fix our personal problems, we all struggle to find success in whatever we do, we all need a little inspiration daily, right…??

It is the waiting that which distances people.  The waiting is killing us.  No.  Why would you wait for inspiration when you must look inside you for inspiration, like you must look inside you for love and happiness.  Step out of your own mechanical thinking and inspire yourself!  Step out of the cage and create inspiration!  You must be proactive and creative, because these are traits we all have; and you find them step by step:  Write down ideas, think about past memories, connect to how you really feel, begin to work out the simple and easy things, and so on…  As an artist, I say that I never wait for inspiration, I am inspiration; so I begin to write something simple, I draw something simple, I see my feelings… and, Voila!:  There it is..

Step out of the cage and create inspiration!

“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts.  This is the secret of success.”  ~ Swami Sivananda.



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Bring beauty and answers into your life…


Do you understand the massive power lying in your own subconscious…??  Do you know the importance of your brain frequencies when dealing with creative expression and profound insights of any kind…??  Most people claim to have problems to be highly creative, but the truth is they themselves are creative in existence.  So what are they doing wrong…??  Where’s the creativity…??  

The communication with your divine subconscious is the storehouse for all innovation and great ideas, and one cannot tap within it if there are other people around you or any distracting noise that rattles your brain frequencies; and that is what it is all about, managing brain frequencies, because the layers of your brain frequencies manifest true states of consciousness.


The direct communion with your divine subconscious mind and its mighty influences as beautiful temple of pure creation and wisdom can only be achieved by inducing the brain condition to a long state or period of peace, and also a still yet dynamic concentration within the same induced brain frequency, where the magnificent structural brain is freed from all outside disturbances and distractions.  Can you see that peace and harmony means pure love to dwell within yourself in this…??
And what is the state of mind you regularly maintain…??  The raw energies in consciousness which are responsible for this inward attention are ever so subtle and profound that the state of mind belonging to the creative individual has to be and remain in complete order and control.  Inertia of mind and of the brain states then induces a complete effect upon the body’s central nervous system and creates an extremely resonant energetic coherence within each cellular make-up.


I know this from experience, and Tesla knew it as well when he found the Schumann Resonance Frequency, Earth’s cavity frequency, and the human heart cavity frequency to match the human ‘Alpha’ brain-waves frequency (6-8 hertz, which is exactly the human subconscious).
I order to create beauty and be as creative in any art form or expression, you must know and practice tapping into the raw and rich energies of your own subconscious.

The conscious mind may be compared to a fountain playing in the sun and falling back into the great subterranean pool of subconscious from which it rises.”  ~ Sigmund Freud.


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