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About loneliness…

Feeling lonely

When someone feels lonely is really because that person feels empty, even without knowing it, which means an intimate, individual purpose is lacking. See, loneliness does not come from an empty home, or from no people around, or from no special someone in your life.

Individual purpose

Loneliness comes because there is no real intimacy with yourself, which means your inner communication, kind and inspirational self-talk is not there. Try occupying your time to fix this, creating a personal purpose that does not involve others, designing daily behaviors that bring you more health of body and mind.


Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

In the present.




Don’t block yourself from that warm feeling of wholeness in you.  Don’t fill your mind with desires for something and/or someone.  Leave all the overthinking and planning obsessively.  The worst you can do is to be here while your mind is somewhere else.  Be present wholly.

To be present wholly, be actually present, stop thinking so much, and learn to value the moment you are living.  It all stems from the moment you are living right now–happiness, love, success, confidence, etc.  Don’t let your mind wander and steal from you the value of this moment.

You have one life to live, lead it from the present moment.  Many times people engage in an activity while their minds are somewhere else.  This is not productive.  This is not being aware of yourself.  This is seeking the illusion of love and happiness in your mind, instead of being yourself love and happiness in your body and in the moment.





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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The art of loving.

Society, family, tradition, culture, religion, philosophy, cannot teach you how to love properly; however, they may give you ideas, experiences and ways which are popular out there, but they are not your own experience.
If you begin then by consuming all these sources to know love, you will become desperate and seeking love instead of nurturing love within you and sharing it from you.  Like The Sun fills itself with energy to give us life, you must fill yourself with love to give life to love in another.
To truly love is to remain free, because freedom is happiness; and happiness gives you that sense of wholeness, of healthiness, of immense love.

Now, an immense love, or immense capacity for love, is already within the human creature; however, the ego, its attachments out of desire, out of vanity, out of blind excitement, creates more attachment, obsessively, and any attachment makes you a slave and robs you of freedom.

If freedom is stolen from you then there is no love, because as we said love is freedom, or to remain free; therefore, the ego does not know love but attachment, such attachment which blinds you from love through an intense desire to possess someone or something–which can be a person, an idea or belief, or a thing.

Attachment, being not true love, can mislead you into believing a desire is love; however, this desire is created by the ego, and thus blinding you in life.

Only true love knows wholeness, health, and true care for yourself and for others; for only love is peace and harmony within you, such peace and harmony which brings connection and honesty, intelligence and strength in life.

So loving is an art form, the greatest art form a human being can master; for true love frees you from the chains of ego and desire, and true love then connects and builds out of honesty with yourself and with others.




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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

The Father of ALL Commandments.

The world, its societies, its religions, has taught you that the purpose of this life is to do for others, to “go the extra mile for others”, to “put the other cheek”, to make others feel loved and happy; however, this is very simplistic and ignorant, sanctimonious and founded on religious beliefs.

You, as an individual, as a human being, experience love and happiness through your mind, thus your mind (including your whole body) being the sacred temple you must worship and which you must take care above all other things; therefore, your attention must not go to others, must not go to the world, it must stay in your own mind and working on itself in order to create love and happiness as real experience for yourself.


If your attention is directed outwardly then you will neglect your own temple.  And even, to love others and bring happiness to others you must be and feel whole yourself, which is to keep your attention inwardly; and now, once you are truly feeling whole, you may help others and give your example.  The only great mistake or “sin” is to worry and be depressed for the world while you neglect your own mind–i.e., your source for freedom, love and happiness.

Forget about the stupid commandments invented by average men in The Bible, because these commandments may only be acted as true if you are whole yourself first; thus, the first and foremost commandment, The Father of ALL Commandments, is to “TAKE CARE AND WORK ON YOUR OWN MIND”–i.e., which is loving yourself and the divinity of your own temple.

This first and most important commandment is what shall truly give you capacity to fulfill all the other commandments.  This first and most important commandment is what shall keep you self-aware, healthy, in love and in bliss to experience the best life–i.e., to create the best life.  And this first and most important commandment is what brings true conscience and moral values to your very own human existence.


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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Wholeness within.

The sanctum sanctorum, that is the divine force of the human creature, is his own power of will, his divine desire to be free from influences of the world; thus, in order to be truly himself he must not seek comparison and also not develop in himself a crude inferiority complex.  Each one of us has been endowed with an inner force, such is the combined force of the masculine and feminine; so, when these forces within the creature are in balance, working side by side or united, there exists no emptiness, no lack of confidence, and no seeking comparisons with another.

This wholeness in man makes for the superior man.  This wholeness in man is the balance of the forces of nature which give that man, or woman, incredible confidence and tranquility.  A tranquil person, and a confident person, does not feel the obnoxious and vulgar need and compulsion to argue with others with the selfish aim of feeling superior, or making the other feel inferior.  The tranquil and confident person is the superior human creature like the lion–i.e., the lion walks and nothing disturbs him, he does not get pulled in by mere distractions and situations around him; but he acts according to his superior power and will.

The human being is unique, the true masterpiece in us is forged by fire, the fire of our own experiences, and the fire of truth which molds our interior according to our divinity.  This man or woman is not in need of gossiping or even comparison, because he or she stands on his/her own, and because there is only wholeness within.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The power of Creation.

At some point in the beginning phenomena we call now physical life, Creation started, light burst out, molecules and all chemistry commenced to design structures and shapes, and the substance of divinity of the Process of Creation (The Creator) left its glorious spark in the physical elements we carry today.  This is the Whole of man–i.e., all the elements and their corresponding energies. This is the power of visualization, the sacred spark left in us; therefore, the Creator initiated life by designing a new awareness, a physical awareness, such is a consciousness that visualized matter and started the gracious work which continues today.  Evolution, as in the physical, mental, and spiritual, right…??

And the subconscious in man carries the substance of visualization, because our attitudes, characters, personas, beliefs, viewpoints, are made by what we see, hear, touch, taste, and overall experience.  Most of the time this enters our subconscious as we are not aware; and so, our environments and what we allow ourselves to absorb is what will make us.  Now, a silly story comes to mind: A teacher and a group of students where visiting a holy land.  Now, they encountered a donkey lifeless on the barren ground, then blood; a really gruesome sight to behold of a killed animal.  The students were speechless and then did shed tears.  The teacher said, “But have you noticed the donkey’s teeth; they’re perfectly white and aligned.”

Obviously, this is a very funny and sort of grotesque story, but the truth stands; that there is always something to be gained in each moment, whatever that moment may hold.  When I lost my father I was distraught, but now I understand that his death was a blessing in disguise; I am the man I am because of it.  The Power of Creation is in us still then, and we may use it to create a positive attitude in the worst of things.  The environments you choose–i.e., the movies you watch, the music you listen, the people with whom you engage, the places you visit–all assist in the use of your visualization….  Remember, nothing is out of your hands with faith and the right awareness in your visualization…



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The Illumination!

What is being a whole human being if not embracing all you are, including all your experiences–good and bad…??  If you hate something in your past, doesn’t it mean you hate some part of you…??  If you hate some part of you then, can you truly know and embrace yourself…??  The memories you have, the cruel past, the joyful past–it is all you are as a human being, is it not…??

I have said many times before, as a human being all you are is your mind, and that is a bundle of memories–i.e., you think and live the way you do because of the influence and things taught to you by family and society, you like what you like because you have been programmed subconsciously since childhood, you react emotionally the way you do because you have learned from others.  All this is you!  The past has shaped you into who you are today.  Your character, your beliefs, your traditions, your lifestyle, the way you handle your hurt, the way you handle your joy, etc.—it is all borrowed.  Unless you are truly awakened, truly enlightened, you remain attached to all this–or maybe to some part of it.  Realize this within yourself through self-analysis and wisdom.  Do not agree or disagree with me about this; it is irrelevant if you do, for only truth matters, not opinions.  Opinions are of the ego; truth is of the heart or of that which is eternal in you.

If you are, as a human being, memories and all past experiences, does it truly make sense to hate or fear any memory or experience you have lived…??  The death of my father is why I am who I am today; if he was alive I would still be religious and my mind still would be confused and lost.  If you got divorced–that experience helped giving you lessons.  If you got sick–that leads you to overcome that pain, the aim is to make you wiser and stronger.  If you still pay school and you never finished–that is a lesson as well.  In order to understand your difficult or cruel past, or any past at all, you must love it, you must love the whole of you; opposite to this, if you try to escape it or fear it, talk badly about it or hate the experience, then you will remain broken, in pieces, not whole.

Accept that as a human being you are your past and the memories and experiences which shaped you, so then you can entirely love who you are and who you have become…  When you entirely love who you are and who you have become, then you shall hurt no more and great and divine understanding will illumine your conscience…

Illumination is the lighting of your human conscience, no more and no less. It is started or experienced in you when you forgive your past and see or realize that all you have gone through–whether it was forced upon you or not–serves a purpose. Once you truly realize and embrace this you become whole–which means you do not see memories as hurt anymore, you love your memories because you understand that you are them as a human. And so, now you are not confused and damaged by your past, there is no pain in you and no more superficial masks to hold for yourself and for others–because you are free to be yourself 100%. Emotionally free! Psychologically strong! Spiritually illumined!


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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart.

You are there.

How many times you allow yourself to get swallowed by your mind and its loud demands, by its bullying characters and stubborn views…??  It is not any form of health to live your whole day overthinking and also making all decisions with the rigidness and shortsightedness of your mind; but remind yourself that there are things which must be felt and meditated with patience and wisdom.  And patience and wisdom can only be accessed through the listening of your heart; such untainted by the mind who is always rushing and being guided by desire and set patterns of thought.

So, make time and know you are wiser when you connect with your heart…

You are there.”

My mind knows not what the infinite is,
It confuses me with ideas and dreams;
For my very trust cannot belong to it,
For the very eternal is not under its time.

And I have seen miracles in my daily toils,
And I have felt the light of love every day.
Would my mind claim this in its mere wit…?!
Can my mind tell me what I really am…??

But you are always there for me,
The sincere integrity of my soul,
The depths of empathy and clarity,
The divine answer to life’s riddles.

The mind is loud, it is difficult to hear you;
But if I really listen intently I find you there,
Within me beating and whispering Infinity,
Within you I am whole and ever aware.



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