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Relationships of mutual growth.



Why is it that love can be confused with desire and impulsive passions…??  Love is freedom, isn’t it??  When you fill your mind with excitement, with the urge to quench your desires and passions, with that impulsive search for self-satisfaction, you become blinded.  Whether you see it as positive or negative, you become blinded and only understand what you want, which is your desire.  This is not freedom.






My book, “I ALWAYS LOVED YOU.  Creatures of Eternal Love,” centers on this.  True love is about empathy, about feeling what the other feels, that it is not about the endless search for self-satisfaction.  If it is to be true love, one must seek to grow in emotional intelligence, which my book also talks at length.  We learn and grow together by putting our desires aside, becoming detached from them, and uniting with our loved one or loved ones to become one in goal.




The feminine force, women, life, connection.  The obstacles of the intellect.  Emotional intelligence.  Why loneliness??  Success and opportunity.  The dimensions of love.  How to increase self-esteem??  –  Get my non-fiction book, “I ALWAYS LOVED YOU – Creatures of eternal love.”  On e-book and paperback.  Coming soon on audio book.

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The art of loving.

Society, family, tradition, culture, religion, philosophy, cannot teach you how to love properly; however, they may give you ideas, experiences and ways which are popular out there, but they are not your own experience.
If you begin then by consuming all these sources to know love, you will become desperate and seeking love instead of nurturing love within you and sharing it from you.  Like The Sun fills itself with energy to give us life, you must fill yourself with love to give life to love in another.
To truly love is to remain free, because freedom is happiness; and happiness gives you that sense of wholeness, of healthiness, of immense love.

Now, an immense love, or immense capacity for love, is already within the human creature; however, the ego, its attachments out of desire, out of vanity, out of blind excitement, creates more attachment, obsessively, and any attachment makes you a slave and robs you of freedom.

If freedom is stolen from you then there is no love, because as we said love is freedom, or to remain free; therefore, the ego does not know love but attachment, such attachment which blinds you from love through an intense desire to possess someone or something–which can be a person, an idea or belief, or a thing.

Attachment, being not true love, can mislead you into believing a desire is love; however, this desire is created by the ego, and thus blinding you in life.

Only true love knows wholeness, health, and true care for yourself and for others; for only love is peace and harmony within you, such peace and harmony which brings connection and honesty, intelligence and strength in life.

So loving is an art form, the greatest art form a human being can master; for true love frees you from the chains of ego and desire, and true love then connects and builds out of honesty with yourself and with others.




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