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This is the half-cover reveal for my next book.


(#4 in the epic series BENJAMIN JONES)

It  was  dry,  bone  dry.  It  was  a  desert,  wretched  and  deprived  of  any  life.  It  looked  as  if  this  world  had  poisoned  himself,  as  the  earth  was  cracked  and  pale,  as  the  skies  were  grieved  and  colorless.  There  was  light  from  the  moons  and  the  suns,  weak  and  omnipresent;  but  there  was  no  warmth,  and  there  was  no  cold  either.  But  they  found  a  few  remains,  skulls,  scattered  frames  of,  perhaps,  creatures  who  had  lived  long  ago.”…

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About love & romance…

What is romance…??

Romance is a love connection, a poetic way to join us together. It is physical attraction, respect for one another, admiration for the personality of someone. And yet, it is a construct of society. It is an institution, honest, heartfelt; but no more than a tradition and a belief where sex has some importance.

Is romance love..??

Romantic feelings are strong. A strong desire to be with one another. A strong desire to connect through nice and poetic words. Love. But love is not “romantic love.” Romantic love is just another label. In all truth, love is a connection beyond labels. Love goes beyond the flesh and it has no thoughts of poetic nature.

What love is

Love is no label. When you see a beautiful horizon, or a beautiful woman, or a beautiful and innocent baby, or a stranger suffering in a war, or a whole nation in terrible pain from war.

In all this you feel empathy, a connection to the beauty, to the suffering, to the existence of love in you. Because love is a connection to all existence. It cannot be explained, because it is not of the mind. So when you love, remind yourself that love is pure empathy.


Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

A book about the essence of love.

Just wanted to introduce my first non-fiction book, “I ALWAYS LOVED YOU – Creatures of Eternal Love.”  Coming soon to Amazon, in e-book and paperback formats.
It is written, or divided, in Two Parts:  The first part is about self-love.  And about the meaning and purpose of existence.  Also about the nihilistic mind and how it operates arrogantly as a philosophy in our heads.  It goes in deep into people who feel empty, and lonely, and frustrated with love.  The confusion brought on by relying too much on society’s influence.
The second part is about relationships with another.  Romance.  Attraction.  Natural magnetism.  And about the feminine.  Men and women as romantic partners.  Why life and women test the masculine and men.  And many other things….  A little seriousness.  A little comedy.  Storytelling to understand better what is being said.  It carries my style.



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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Sexual Attraction.




So, love and the mind are absolutely different experiences.  The mind creates sexual desire, consuming passion, romance, obsession with your partner to possess her/him.

Love is a very powerful connection to one another, not attraction to a body or an arousal to a desire; but a deep connection which makes you peaceful and not excited, selfless in your thinking and behaving towards another.

Now, as human creatures we know love through the mind, we can access love and the experience of it; however, in order to know and experience love, one must tame the wild mind, control sexual urges and not be obsessed by them, so love can have room in the mind.

If the mind is filled with desires and obsessions, with constant thinking of sex and attachment to another, then love is not known, it does not truly exist in such a mind.  Friendship is what better describes this selfless and unattached, liberating and peaceful phenomenon we call love.

That is how you know if you have true love for your partner, by being selfless, by being not obsessed by your sexual urges, by feeling like a true friend to her/him first.   Friendship, this connection beyond desires, leads one to happiness, to bliss, to harmony in life.

If life and your mind is harmonious, not filled with urges and desires, then your relationships will be harmonious as well.  A sexual attraction which is healthy for the mind is strengthened this way, for both the man and woman.




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Better than a lover can.




So, love, that force which connects us all, the essence which makes us at some deep level realize that we all know each other from before, is a given; however, it is the mind of likes and dislikes the one that separates us and finds excuses to believe that we do not belong together.

So, when it comes to romantic feelings, our minds choose to see the negativity or the positivity in the relationship.  The behaviors of a person could bring either that negativity or positivity as well, but we choose if to give those behaviors real importance or not.  And it is a very personal decision.

Still, one must be able to keep the mind of likes and dislikes in peace and clear from any anger and anxiety in order to judge if to forgive those behaviors or not.  Most of the time, people tend to jump to conclusions and judge immaturely and impulsively, without patience, without stepping back and observing the whole picture.

To do this, to step back, breathe and calm yourself in order to make the right decisions, one must be not just the significant other, the lover, but also the friend who understands and supports.  Friendship, unattached and understanding, is vital to make any relationship work, specially a romantic one.

A friend can see your flaws and weaknesses and understand you better than a lover can.  A friend cares enough to sit down quietly and listen without judging you.  A friend gives you the space and the time you need to develop yourself intellectually and emotionally.





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The art of loving.

Society, family, tradition, culture, religion, philosophy, cannot teach you how to love properly; however, they may give you ideas, experiences and ways which are popular out there, but they are not your own experience.
If you begin then by consuming all these sources to know love, you will become desperate and seeking love instead of nurturing love within you and sharing it from you.  Like The Sun fills itself with energy to give us life, you must fill yourself with love to give life to love in another.
To truly love is to remain free, because freedom is happiness; and happiness gives you that sense of wholeness, of healthiness, of immense love.

Now, an immense love, or immense capacity for love, is already within the human creature; however, the ego, its attachments out of desire, out of vanity, out of blind excitement, creates more attachment, obsessively, and any attachment makes you a slave and robs you of freedom.

If freedom is stolen from you then there is no love, because as we said love is freedom, or to remain free; therefore, the ego does not know love but attachment, such attachment which blinds you from love through an intense desire to possess someone or something–which can be a person, an idea or belief, or a thing.

Attachment, being not true love, can mislead you into believing a desire is love; however, this desire is created by the ego, and thus blinding you in life.

Only true love knows wholeness, health, and true care for yourself and for others; for only love is peace and harmony within you, such peace and harmony which brings connection and honesty, intelligence and strength in life.

So loving is an art form, the greatest art form a human being can master; for true love frees you from the chains of ego and desire, and true love then connects and builds out of honesty with yourself and with others.




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Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder.

The Mind of Love.



Love is not man-made or a design of thought, but we must nurture it in our minds as well; and so in order to become understanding and experience its divine essence, its divine origins. To truly love ourselves, and another as well.

The intellect is ruled by concepts, philosophies, beliefs, opinions; therefore, all may form obsessions, stubbornness, goals. This can be good or bad for the evolution of our humanity; but it can certainly never be true love, for the intellect cannot know true love.

So, our minds must see beyond the intellect, beyond personal egos, to actually allow access to true love, to true connection from The Divine into the crudeness of our humanity, into the crudeness of our minds.

From there, it is all a question of keeping the intellect away from love.


The Mind of Love

O, the Mind of Love is gone from man!
Its divine grace and magic trampled.
How do I fly to the heights of heaven
When the intellect has stolen my wings …??
Just know the Father in God is wisdom,
And know the Mother in God is true love;
Both must be One Soul of Light in me,
As my being becomes freedom’s dove.

To rend a hundred veils and just be,
To do away with society and the world,
To acquire liberation from goals of “I”–
This is The Mind of Love of the lovers.
Within a silent mind, beyond petty time;
Within a simple gaze, the whole universe:
It is how The Mind of Love exists truly,
It is how our lives remain a poetic verse.




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Things as they are.

People tends to always follow this romantic concept of soulmates.  Romanticism tends to be what love is for people.  A soulmate is someone who people think is their most perfect fit, the end of struggle, the heart of happiness for them.  But they miss the point due to ignorance and due to following all these concepts based on romance which are floating out there.  Do you seek perfection, uninterrupted happiness…??  What do you think a soulmate really is…??

Physical life is never-ending challenges, always a reason to live better, and the best way to exist and explore your own existence; and thus there is romance, friendship, family, etc.–all bases for our constant psychological and emotional evolution.  And nothing and no one is ever a solution or perfect.  All one must do is to see beyond the flaws and imperfections, and then you may experience the magic of love, of happiness.  And a soulmate is there to help us, a mirror of ourselves, someone to shake our ego and teach us or point us to a deep realization within ourselves; however, this so-called “soulmate” is not tied or limited by romance, or any other label society has designed for your ignorant and egoistical needs.

To learn to see this is to have a realization which elevates you.  To learn to see this is illumination to your conscience.  Because the mind is always looking into perfection and constant bliss, but this is not real–just an egoistical comparison influenced by society.  So, stop looking for perfect, stop looking for yourself, stop dreaming and creating exactly what your ego wants; expand your views, your mind, step away from the influence you carry from society and start seeing things as they really are in life.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The flame of the eternal.


Good morning!  Feels like a poetry morning.  Let us get started then..
The flame of the eternal carries the everlasting word in the heart of two souls, by a bond so strong that it surpasses all flesh and thought…

The flame of the eternal

Allow the very flame of the eternal to speak,
Allow our true love to soar ever higher;
As the young lover of the truth does seek,
As our very souls as one ignite the fire.
And let us not be hasty in our true affections,
For patience is the very essence of love;
And let us hold all our mental preoccupations,
For you and I sing with the angels above.
The beauty you carry shines like the moon
With its mighty spell on the heart of the tide;
The smile you bring to my heart is the tune
Which is the very secret to my affections guide.
Your lovely lips drink from the eternal word,
Which gives you eternal youth and splendor;
Your innocence as sweet as the hummingbird,
Your passions grow with the love most tender.


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What is being Love…??–Is it to tell the people around you that you are love but in secret you are still unhappy and seeking desperately relationships??–Is it to claim you are not attached but you still find your reason for love and happiness in another person and not in you??  It is hard to understand for many, I know, because society claims, and has taught you since birth, that love is a designed set, concepts, something you acquire with two people or with a family: 1- you like a person so you date, 2- you “fall in love” with that person, 3- you get married and have kids (a bunch of kids, because the more kids you have the more love created in the family, right??). 
And isn’t this love everything in life…??–So if you do not seek a relationship and then marriage, does that mean you don’t know love and that you can never be in love…?? 
But this is a mere concept, steps created by society and that most people follow blindly because they believe romance to be the source of love.  And, of course, one is free to do whatever one wants in his/her life.  But is liking someone, dating, getting married, following all these steps, Love…??  Is it…??  Because if it is then divorces shouldn’t exist, wars shouldn’t exist, prejudice shouldn’t exist, and all the ugliness people of this world create shouldn’t exist.  Because if you truly know love, and if you truly are in love then your whole life changes; you become more emotionally connected, you become kinder, gentler, fear vanishes and you desire harmony and love to everyone.  If you really know love then you don’t just love your partner, but you are love–which means that all you think, feel, and do towards the world is love.  You are love and that is all you know. 
But the world is full of people in love with whomever they date and marry, they follow the steps marked by society–  So how come they still hate others, lie, cheat, do not appreciate the life of other sentient beings, divorce themselves, murder themselves, fight with themselves.  But still everybody you ask claims to know love, right….??  A father loves his son and his wife, but he kills other countries as a military man and also hates immigrants with all his heart.  But he knows love…??  Anyone among you makes sense of this…??  This all happens because no one really knows love, because all they know is what society teaches, levels–i.e., friendship love, family love, love for a job, love for an education, and romantic love being the highest peak of love. 
All they know is to seek, and seek, and seek in the world; but the problem is that when you spend your whole life seeking, you actually deviate yourself from love.  Because in order to seek with success, first you must become love–you must actually love everybody.  If you love all beings, it means you have no fear; if you have no fear, then your love with another will be perfect.  If there is no fear, then you have no reason to hate anything or anyone.  If you have no fear, then you are love–not “in love” but you are love.

Because the source of love is not something you seek in the world, create as a couple, or design by following steps marked by society.  The source of love is an individual meditation, godly, pure, an expansive energy, which brings the perfection of love, because your whole existence becomes this perfection–and now you can love the world with perfection as well.


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