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New book…

Top 10 in U.S. in ‘Children’s Scary Stories’, and in ‘Children’s Coming of Age Fantasy Books’, and in ‘Children’s Paranormal, Occult and Supernatural Books’, “The Call of The Shaman”, #1 in the epic Dark Fantasy series, is the story of a 12-year-old orphan boy who is trying to discover himself.

His father was a great shaman. His mother a great healer. Great ancestral indigenous roots. And after the visit from his ‘believed’ dead father, he must go on a journey to discover who he really is, the magic he has inside him, and the connection to the ancient Sumerian gods. All this while managing the great curse, the ghouls, and the wicked necromancer on his path…

If you haven’t read #1 yet, right now and for a limited time it is free to download on Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble. Please browse through my website and learn more, or find it here: “The Call of The Shaman.”

And to celebrate the new book in the Dark Fantasy series that I have soon coming out, #4, “Shadow Ghouls of Nergus”, I want to share an exerpt from Chapter 48 – Titled: ‘Everything you Believe.’

His  eyes  were  wide  open  in  astonishment.  “You  can  talk??”

“Hmm,  can  I  talk…??  Let’s  see,”  he  said  in  deep  thought.  “Hmm.  Yes,  apparently  I  can.  And  so  can  you.”

“I  mean,  how  can  you  talk??”  Ben  insisted  putting  the  feather  back  in  his  pocket. 

“Hmm,  what  a  fascinating  question,”  the  dragon-wolf  continued.  “I  dunno.  Never  really  thought  about  it.  And  how  can  you  talk??”

“Well,  I  am  human.  We  have  vo—”

WAIT—!”  he  interrupted.  “I  really  don’t  care.”

Ben  saw  him  in  a  very  serious  pose,  as  if  some  kind  of  Greek  philosopher.  This  hybrid  creature  looked  very  funny.  He  seemed  to  be  very  conscious  of  himself,  but  his  fairly  generous  size  and  his  long  tail  swaying  side  to  side  as  he  remained  in  thought  made  Ben  chuckle.

“Oh,  yes!  You  were  going  somewhere.  Where??”

“I  think  I’m  being  punished  for  what  I  did,”  Ben  explained.  “I’m  dying  of  thirst.”

“Oh,  yes,  look  at  that.  You  don’t  look  so  good,”  he  said  while  noticing  his  pale  complexion.  “You  might  be  right.  I  might  be  talking  to  a  dead  boy  after  all.  Or  soon  to  be.”

“Gee,  I’m  so  glad  you  came.  Thanks.”

“Oh  cheer  up,  you!  It’s  not  that  bad!”  the  hybrid  creature  said  while  moving  one  of  his  wings  and  exposing  the  rich  sand  for  him.  “Take  some  water  now.”

“Umm.  What  water…??”  Ben  asked  suspiciously.

“What  is  it  that  you  mean??  The  delicious  spring  water  in  this  crystal  glass,”  he  said  while  motioning  with  his  wing.

Ben  looked  closer.  Maybe  he  was  having  problems  with  his  vision  too.  He  moved  the  giant  wing  out  of  the  way  just  to  make  a  point.  “There’s  no  water  there.”

Of  course  there  is.  You’re  thinking  too  much.  Now  stop  seeking  excuses,  reach  the  glass,  and  drink  the  water.”

Ben  smiled  and  looked  awkwardly  at  the  talking  dragon-wolf.  “You’re  an  illusion,  just  like  this  whole  place,  aren’t  you??  Just  like  I  can  talk  clearly  now.”

“But  do  you  still  feel  thirsty,  about  to  die??”

Ben  took  his  time.  He  felt  different  now,  but  the  lingering  exhaustion  as  other  side  effects  from  dehydration  were  there. 

Then,  gathering  himself,  he  said,  “Weirdly,  yes.”

“Then  drink,  and  live.  Or  don’t  drink,  and  die.  But  do  not  waver  anymore,”  the  hybrid  said,  then  turned  around  and  away  from  him.

Ben  felt  silly,  and  he  still  thought  this  was  an  illusion.  He  probably  was  dead  already,  or  maybe  unconscious  somewhere.  He  didn’t  really  care.  He  carried  his  big  burden.  And  he  knew  the  gods  weren’t  happy  with  him.  He  then  went  ahead,  took  the  make-believe  glass  and  drank.

“How  do  you  feel??”  asked  the  dragon-wolf.

Ben  left  the  now-visible  glass  on  the  strange  sandy  surface.  “Hey,  it  was  real!”

“Of  course  it  was!  Everything  is  real  if  you  believe  in  it.”

HHFFMMTT!  Suddenly,  the  glass  was  swallowed  by  the  hungry  mound.  Ben  saw  this  and  rubbed  his  eyes,  then  looked  yonder  and  saw  his  friends  down  at  the  foot  of  a  cave.  They  were  waiting  for  him,  just  like  he’d  told  them. 

Then  the  hybrid  came  to  him  and  said,  “You  have  good  friends,  Ben.

“I  know  they’re  angry  with  me.  But  my  friends  shouldn’t  be  punished  for…”

I hope you enjoyed this section of the story.

“Shadow Ghouls of Nergus”, #4 in the epic series BENJAMIN JONES, is coming soon…

And, as mentioned above, if you haven’t read #1 yet and started the adventure with Ben, right now and for a limited time it is free to download on Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble. Please browse through my website and learn more, or find it here: “The Call of The Shaman”


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Occult & Paranormal

So, for the ones who haven’t seen my website yet. And for the ones interested in Children’s/Young adult’s Dark Fantasy, in Coming of Age stories, and in Occult and Paranormal book series.

This is the half-cover reveal for my next book.


(#4 in the epic series BENJAMIN JONES)

It  was  dry,  bone  dry.  It  was  a  desert,  wretched  and  deprived  of  any  life.  It  looked  as  if  this  world  had  poisoned  himself,  as  the  earth  was  cracked  and  pale,  as  the  skies  were  grieved  and  colorless.  There  was  light  from  the  moons  and  the  suns,  weak  and  omnipresent;  but  there  was  no  warmth,  and  there  was  no  cold  either.  But  they  found  a  few  remains,  skulls,  scattered  frames  of,  perhaps,  creatures  who  had  lived  long  ago.”…

And if you’re new to my site and you havent’t read the #1 in the series. Please feel free to browse through my website. Right now “The Call of The Shaman”, #1 in the epic Dark Fantasy series is free to download for all countries…


Stories to ponder.

The story of a dwarf…

-Top 20 in Children’s Scary Stories.

Top 20 in Children’s Coming of Age Fantasy books.

-Top 20 in Children’s Paranormal, Occult & Supernatural Books.

I write stories within stories…


Meet Havendorf…

“It was a beautiful village called Havendorf, a loving community of artisans, creatives, and businesspeople of all types; and, better yet, a truly magical place where children could grow up without the influence of war and any other violence at all. The inhabitants weren’t enlightened gods or special in the order of divinity though, not at all; and yet, absolutely so, they were extremely mature and healthy—mentally and emotionally…

The dwarves…

“They were friendly little creatures, dwarves as they might be called. From about 2 to 5 feet in stature. They did not have religion per se, but they did have stories of real, outstanding members in their society; and these were stories which brought inspiration and paved the way to become a better dwarf…

“These mentioned stories became their scriptures, and each one of them read them at home, taught them in their schools and to their children, and used them as moral standards to follow. And so, in their society, they had elders, of course. These were wise leaders who guided and blessed the community, the family, and the individual, more like spiritual godfathers and godmothers, in a manner of speaking…

Baby Aldorf…

“And baby Aldorf was born under the special blessing of an elder. Aldorf’s mother and father were very happy about the blessing, because they loved him very much and wanted the best for their son. But they were also a little sad, fearing the future of Aldorf, even though the blessing said that he was to become a wise and beloved leader; for baby Aldorf had been born half blind and with a condition that affected his spinal column…

“Doctors said that by the teen years he’d be completely blind and have a serious deformation in his spine. Many doctors from other villages even studied the case further, but it already seemed like his fate was set and unchangeable. Years and years passed. Life became struggle for the little dwarf, even with all the love and support surrounding him; because he battled strong physical pain due to his crooked spine and severe ocular condition…

Burden & hope…

“And it happened that by now Aldorf was 12 years of age, very creative, extremely intelligent, and a great kid overall. His parents were very proud and happy with their boy, but they suffered terribly inside, in secret; because each day they had to see Aldorf struggle so much, and they also knew that it would only get worse…

“Yes, this was really hard on them, because their love wasn’t enough to heal him; and they would only blame themselves for his terrible suffering, as the most caring parents do. But it also occurred that Aldorf was learning from this pain, from these terrible burdens given unto him to carry; for he was very insightful, very mature for his age, and his faith could move mountains. Of course, he also carried much anger in him; and sometimes he didn’t know how to express this great frustration…

The traveler…

“And so, close to his 13th birthday, someone came from somewhere truly unknown. The outsider wasn’t a dwarf, or a tall sengei creature, and not even an orc or ogre from the far lands in the East. This traveler was of unusual appearance, his very presence brought a harmony and power of being into those in near contact with him; and the inhabitants of Havendorf had never seen and experienced someone like this before…

“And this was because what they were experiencing in their minds and hearts was what could be referred to as pure magic, which was something totally unknown to them at the time. So, as Aldorf had met him on his way to buy food, he engaged in pleasant conversation with him; and from then on they became good friends. The outsider came to live with the family, and he became loved by the parents as well…


“He told them he had visited many villages seeking someone in particular, and that he had now found him in Aldorf. He was very tall and slender. His hair was long, and his skin always clean and nourished. He wore a long cloak and simple clothes underneath. He looked like a human being, but he was not one…

“He never revealed his true name, but he told them to choose one and call him that. So, ‘Lucian’ was born right then and there, which means ‘Bright light.’ And he did many things for them. Many good deeds that had no explanation for them, so they called these deeds ‘miracles’; for these were incredible and defied their logic and…”

~ “The Book of 1st Witchcraft.” #3 in the Dark Fantasy series BENJAMIN JONES.

Hope you enjoyed that.

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Download #1 in the epic series, “The Call of The Shaman”, and start the adventure for FREE.

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Top 20 in Children’s Scary Stories.

-Top 20 in Children’s Coming of Age Fantasy books.

Top 20 in Children’s Paranormal, Occult & Supernatural Books.

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Anatomy and physiology of life Book reviews Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Dark/Epic Fantasy

“Jesus, buddy! What’re you doing?!” The sleeping willow woke up and said to Adit. “This could be considered as abuse. Hands off!”

“What is happening here?!” Ben shrieked loudly.

Benjamin Jones thought he could be losing his mind. Once, he’d been so rational about life, but since this quest had started he was questioning life more and more. Magic was all around him here. And now he was beginning to understand how crazy this could be.

Coming-of-age fantasy

This adventure is about the spiritual and magical journey of a 12-year-old orphan boy who learns he’s a shaman. He does not believe in himself at first, but with the help of his friend and spiritual guru he starts on a journey of self-discovery to find his relationship to an ancient Sumerian demigod and to find out who took his parents.

A dark fantasy

The boy goes through much self-doubt and fear. Many voices in his head. He can see ghouls. There’s a necromancer after him. He feels cursed. This adventure is focused on describing his inner world, how he thinks and feels, his fears and joys. I want Ben to take life of his own in your mind. Because is not just about the paranormal and the magic per se, but also about his journey as a person just like any of us.

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Book reviews Stories to ponder.

BENJAMIN JONES. Fiction characters.

So, in a past post or blog I shared a chapter called “Chat with a Necromancer,” which is a crucial one in my upcoming young adult, fantasy and mystery novel “BENJAMIN JONES – The Call of The Shaman.” And I thought that I would write a little bit about the main characters now, because this story is deep and it starts with the beginning of humanity, and also because I will be making this a series. This story has much to tell.

In my story, we start with 4 main characters. ‘Benjamin Jones’ (a 12-year-old orphan), ‘Jake Sullivan’ (an 11-year-old orphan), ‘Adit Acharya’ (spiritual guide and friend), and ‘Lord Furvusmortem’ (necromancer and main villain shrouded in mystery). These characters add background, action, laughter, emotional touch, adventure, cruelty and mystery to the story. But as the story develops, we also come across very important, new characters. Purely magical characters. We have now ‘Gemlik The ghoul’ (ancient god cursed to be a ghoul for eternity) and ‘Shadow’ (this is Ben’s shadow now alive due to magic).

I will write about the first three main characters in this posting. On a later posting, I will write about the last three.

Benjamin Jones: Ben is the most important character, and he is a Pawnee (native). He is the son of a powerful shaman. His mother died of a terrible illness. His father was taken by the Sioux (native enemies). Ben has been shunned by his people, because they believe he is cursed. So, now Ben lives in an orphanage. But he is also very special, but does not know it. He sees visions of his father. He is trying to discover his magic and his shamanic roots, and for this he will have to return ‘The Sphere of Truth and Wisdom’ taken by ‘The Necromancer of The Four Winds.’ But Ben might also be the reincarnation of a demigod who lived in the beginnings of humanity as we know it, at a time when the gods came from the skies. This demi-god was known as ‘Wolf boy’ or ‘Burned Belly.’

Jake Sullivan: Jake is Ben’s best friend in the orphanage. Also he is very intelligent and positive, and so he brings laughter to the story. His father died of cholera, and Jake had suffered much because of it.  His depressed mother had fallen into serious drinking, and that is why Jake has been placed in an orphanage until she can get better.  Jake and Ben share a profound bond and their friendship only grows and gets stronger as the story unfolds. Ben also might be destined to become a great magician beside his good friend.

Adit Acharya: Adit is Ben’s spiritual guru or guide, and he is also a good friend and an author of spiritual books. Adit knew Ben’s father, they were good friends. Adit lost his mother to a terrible illness, and his father left him as a baby on the doorsteps of a wealthy family. He grew up seeking himself, and he thus became a great healer and more. He will be a great character, crucial in the story due to his wisdom, spiritual guidance, and also healing and magical abilities.

This fiction story is not just about fantasy and entertainment, but it is also about finding yourself and learning about yourself. Throughout it, you can appreciate the wisdom and deep insights shared. With this work, I aim to entertain but also help the reader become aware of his own situation in life. I seek to bring some inspiration and guidance. I have 20 years experience in professional writing and pride myself on my talents for delivering my messages through the printed word. This is a story sure to get your full attention and make you think, as well as become immersed in the magic world of BENJAMIN JONES.


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