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BENJAMIN JONES. Fiction characters.

This is about the main characters of my upcoming novel titled “BENJAMIN JONES – The Call of The Shaman.”

So, in a past post or blog I shared a chapter called “Chat with a Necromancer,” which is a crucial one in my upcoming young adult, fantasy and mystery novel “BENJAMIN JONES – The Call of The Shaman.” And I thought that I would write a little bit about the main characters now, because this story is deep and it starts with the beginning of humanity, and also because I will be making this a series. This story has much to tell.

In my story, we start with 4 main characters. ‘Benjamin Jones’ (a 12-year-old orphan), ‘Jake Sullivan’ (an 11-year-old orphan), ‘Adit Acharya’ (spiritual guide and friend), and ‘Lord Furvusmortem’ (necromancer and main villain shrouded in mystery). These characters add background, action, laughter, emotional touch, adventure, cruelty and mystery to the story. But as the story develops, we also come across very important, new characters. Purely magical characters. We have now ‘Gemlik The ghoul’ (ancient god cursed to be a ghoul for eternity) and ‘Shadow’ (this is Ben’s shadow now alive due to magic).

I will write about the first three main characters in this posting. On a later posting, I will write about the last three.

Benjamin Jones: Ben is the most important character, and he is a Pawnee (native). He is the son of a powerful shaman. His mother died of a terrible illness. His father was taken by the Sioux (native enemies). Ben has been shunned by his people, because they believe he is cursed. So, now Ben lives in an orphanage. But he is also very special, but does not know it. He sees visions of his father. He is trying to discover his magic and his shamanic roots, and for this he will have to return ‘The Sphere of Truth and Wisdom’ taken by ‘The Necromancer of The Four Winds.’ But Ben might also be the reincarnation of a demigod who lived in the beginnings of humanity as we know it, at a time when the gods came from the skies. This demi-god was known as ‘Wolf boy’ or ‘Burned Belly.’

Jake Sullivan: Jake is Ben’s best friend in the orphanage. Also he is very intelligent and positive, and so he brings laughter to the story. His father died of cholera, and Jake had suffered much because of it.  His depressed mother had fallen into serious drinking, and that is why Jake has been placed in an orphanage until she can get better.  Jake and Ben share a profound bond and their friendship only grows and gets stronger as the story unfolds. Ben also might be destined to become a great magician beside his good friend.

Adit Acharya: Adit is Ben’s spiritual guru or guide, and he is also a good friend and an author of spiritual books. Adit knew Ben’s father, they were good friends. Adit lost his mother to a terrible illness, and his father left him as a baby on the doorsteps of a wealthy family. He grew up seeking himself, and he thus became a great healer and more. He will be a great character, crucial in the story due to his wisdom, spiritual guidance, and also healing and magical abilities.

This fiction story is not just about fantasy and entertainment, but it is also about finding yourself and learning about yourself. Throughout it, you can appreciate the wisdom and deep insights shared. With this work, I aim to entertain but also help the reader become aware of his own situation in life. I seek to bring some inspiration and guidance. I have 20 years experience in professional writing and pride myself on my talents for delivering my messages through the printed word. This is a story sure to get your full attention and make you think, as well as become immersed in the magic world of BENJAMIN JONES.


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