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Need of a change

This is a poetry review for “Need of a change,” a book by Rita Rana.

In need of a wake up call…?? In need of some inspiration and understanding??

This is a poetry review for “Need of a change,” a book by Rita Rana.

We all seek inspiration, maybe something which can guide us or wake up our inner moral compass. I know I do. This life can be deceitful, or, better put, our minds can lead us into something negative, depression, worthlessness, wrong choices, etc. By our minds I mean our egos. This poetry book is just about this. It is simple, yet very deep. I would say it is very honest about what sometimes people seem to forget. It reminds us of the right path to follow, and I think the author means to share her own life with us by connecting through her poetry.

It is not about her life per se, but the author uses an emotional tone we can all find relevant. Each poem is designed to paint a mental picture and help you think about your own life and where this one is going, in order for you to wake up and see what you must do to change for the better. All love and happiness is an inner work, and an inner success. Personally, I find this the message. It reminded me of the important things that must come first in my life. I could even add that it took me on a journey of self-discovery, because self-discovery never ends as long as you are alive; and so, books like this one can help you enormously in your journey.

So, to finalize, I really recommend this book. If you are like me, into self-development and inspiration to become a better human being, then this is definitely a poetry book worth both your time and money.


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