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Beasts of Tarmul

This is the beginning of the new part in “Benjamin Jones – Son of Darkness” (now a work in progress), which is #5 in the epic dark-fantasy series.

Each beginning or part starts with a short poem into the epic section of the events.

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PART  18

Beasts  of  Tarmul

From  Tarmul’s  mouth  the  beasts  be  born.

From  Tarmul’s  skies  heard  be  great  horn.

Hear  ye  now  who  comes  from  the  depths!

Hear  ye  now  who  brings  such  many  breaths!

Such  Supreme  Being,  ancient  Son  of  The  Dark;

For  it’s  He  who  comes  as  the  story’s  antihero,

For  he  within  the  prophecy  plays  great  part,

For  he  brings  that  ancient  beast  of  death,  Spiro.

Why  has  He  come??  And  where  is  our  Ben??

That  original  boy  who  was  lost  and  then  found.

Magic-born,  his  soul  ancient  and  free  from  men.

And  now  new  God  visiting  that  Úgolff  Mound.  

He’ll  be  summoned  by  odd  and  occult  Plant,

He’ll  be  fierce  and  just  within  fight  most  cruel;

As  the  fields  light  up  great  power  it’ll  grant,

Against  new  perils  from  below  with  no  rule.

Stories to ponder.

The story of a dwarf…

-Top 20 in Children’s Scary Stories.

Top 20 in Children’s Coming of Age Fantasy books.

-Top 20 in Children’s Paranormal, Occult & Supernatural Books.

I write stories within stories…


Meet Havendorf…

“It was a beautiful village called Havendorf, a loving community of artisans, creatives, and businesspeople of all types; and, better yet, a truly magical place where children could grow up without the influence of war and any other violence at all. The inhabitants weren’t enlightened gods or special in the order of divinity though, not at all; and yet, absolutely so, they were extremely mature and healthy—mentally and emotionally…

The dwarves…

“They were friendly little creatures, dwarves as they might be called. From about 2 to 5 feet in stature. They did not have religion per se, but they did have stories of real, outstanding members in their society; and these were stories which brought inspiration and paved the way to become a better dwarf…

“These mentioned stories became their scriptures, and each one of them read them at home, taught them in their schools and to their children, and used them as moral standards to follow. And so, in their society, they had elders, of course. These were wise leaders who guided and blessed the community, the family, and the individual, more like spiritual godfathers and godmothers, in a manner of speaking…

Baby Aldorf…

“And baby Aldorf was born under the special blessing of an elder. Aldorf’s mother and father were very happy about the blessing, because they loved him very much and wanted the best for their son. But they were also a little sad, fearing the future of Aldorf, even though the blessing said that he was to become a wise and beloved leader; for baby Aldorf had been born half blind and with a condition that affected his spinal column…

“Doctors said that by the teen years he’d be completely blind and have a serious deformation in his spine. Many doctors from other villages even studied the case further, but it already seemed like his fate was set and unchangeable. Years and years passed. Life became struggle for the little dwarf, even with all the love and support surrounding him; because he battled strong physical pain due to his crooked spine and severe ocular condition…

Burden & hope…

“And it happened that by now Aldorf was 12 years of age, very creative, extremely intelligent, and a great kid overall. His parents were very proud and happy with their boy, but they suffered terribly inside, in secret; because each day they had to see Aldorf struggle so much, and they also knew that it would only get worse…

“Yes, this was really hard on them, because their love wasn’t enough to heal him; and they would only blame themselves for his terrible suffering, as the most caring parents do. But it also occurred that Aldorf was learning from this pain, from these terrible burdens given unto him to carry; for he was very insightful, very mature for his age, and his faith could move mountains. Of course, he also carried much anger in him; and sometimes he didn’t know how to express this great frustration…

The traveler…

“And so, close to his 13th birthday, someone came from somewhere truly unknown. The outsider wasn’t a dwarf, or a tall sengei creature, and not even an orc or ogre from the far lands in the East. This traveler was of unusual appearance, his very presence brought a harmony and power of being into those in near contact with him; and the inhabitants of Havendorf had never seen and experienced someone like this before…

“And this was because what they were experiencing in their minds and hearts was what could be referred to as pure magic, which was something totally unknown to them at the time. So, as Aldorf had met him on his way to buy food, he engaged in pleasant conversation with him; and from then on they became good friends. The outsider came to live with the family, and he became loved by the parents as well…


“He told them he had visited many villages seeking someone in particular, and that he had now found him in Aldorf. He was very tall and slender. His hair was long, and his skin always clean and nourished. He wore a long cloak and simple clothes underneath. He looked like a human being, but he was not one…

“He never revealed his true name, but he told them to choose one and call him that. So, ‘Lucian’ was born right then and there, which means ‘Bright light.’ And he did many things for them. Many good deeds that had no explanation for them, so they called these deeds ‘miracles’; for these were incredible and defied their logic and…”

~ “The Book of 1st Witchcraft.” #3 in the Dark Fantasy series BENJAMIN JONES.

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Top 20 in Children’s Scary Stories.

-Top 20 in Children’s Coming of Age Fantasy books.

Top 20 in Children’s Paranormal, Occult & Supernatural Books.

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The Book of 1st Witchcraft

This is a section from #3 in the epic series. An excerpt from “The Book of 1st Witchcraft.” Dark fantasy. Coming of age fantasy. Spiritual stories. Magic adventures. Paranormal stories. Ancient aliens and mythical creatures.

Critical moment of transformation

This is the moment Ben and his subconscious demons, his 7 sins, see each other face to face. Here Ben’s subconscious materializes as the book takes control of him…

Into the story – short excerpt

..”But also because Ben’s demons, monsters, sins, layers of existence, were there. And they were watching it all happen, as they seemed now unmoved by the event. Vegetation was being demolished.

Rocks, pebbles and all debris were flying around joined to the violent spiral. The corkscrew motion expanded and became more intense as the air turned electrified and filled with energy beams from the book.

And not even the time-traveling witch with her magic wand could bring him down and stop the funnel of air from reaching above the crowns of trees. As soon as she took out her wand from inside her cloak, then this one was repelled by the energy of The Verum Codex that filled the air.

The magic in the air

Elradon’s staff also struggled to resist the magic in the air, as this one was also rejected by the chaotic nature of the ancient tome. The red-headed girl tried to talk him down, because she witnessed that magic was not working here.

Red saw that Ben was lost, even inside that column of electrified air; but she wouldn’t give up on him, not at all, because she knew how much he was changing and how confused about it he really was.

And so, it happened that Ben peered down through the shafts of energy and the violent air and met her eyes; but he did not speak, not one word. “Ben!” she called over the loud wind currents. “I know you can hear me! I need you to be with me now!”

Benjamin Jones just stared at her, his eyes glowing red, his facial expression cold and austere. And no one really knew what he was thinking.

The demons of Ben

Inside the air funnel, his body was flashed with energy branches; but there was no pain or sorrow, only transformation. His demons looked down at her as well, then got near her, and attracted by the speech they were now studying her carefully.

She took a few steps back and eyed the dark creatures with certain apprehension, then continued to talk to him, “I imagine you’re turning into something more! I-I dunno what that is, but I’m really afraid for you; because I care, and because I want you to be safe!”

Elradon, who had been observing Ben and Ben’s demons closely, held on tight to his staff and pressed forward now, then he stopped by Red and spoke, “Ben! I’m not upset! I understand now!”

Then he took his time and regarded each sin or demon hovering around and above them. He remained calmed and confident, then continued, “These! These are you, aren’t they?! You have struggled too much, my boy! You must control yourself, because we must keep on the journey!”

Trying to bring him down

Then Red, seeing that Ben showed no signs of coming back down or even responding, took a few steps forth carefully, and struggling with the strong wind currents she finally said, “Please, whatever is going on, you must come down! We need you! Don’t let the book control you! You are good! Remember that!”

And then the time-traveling witch, who had stayed behind long enough, was now watching all the near area of the forest; and so, she became sad as her eyes fell on the destruction the strong wind currents and branching beams of energy had caused. Nature was sacred for her.

Nature was the origin of life for her. She loved Mother Nature, and this certainly weighed heavily upon her heart. And Arleas, the green cat to her side, sensed her resolve immediately and started to hiss in discontent.

But the witch ignored the trapped targoblin and proceeded forth. She wasn’t happy with Ben, and so she began to whisper under her breath and into the wind. Her hands thrust forward, feeling the charged air, measuring the black magic mixed with the white one.”…