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New book…

Top 10 in U.S. in ‘Children’s Scary Stories’, and in ‘Children’s Coming of Age Fantasy Books’, and in ‘Children’s Paranormal, Occult and Supernatural Books’, “The Call of The Shaman”, #1 in the epic Dark Fantasy series, is the story of a 12-year-old orphan boy who is trying to discover himself.

His father was a great shaman. His mother a great healer. Great ancestral indigenous roots. And after the visit from his ‘believed’ dead father, he must go on a journey to discover who he really is, the magic he has inside him, and the connection to the ancient Sumerian gods. All this while managing the great curse, the ghouls, and the wicked necromancer on his path…

If you haven’t read #1 yet, right now and for a limited time it is free to download on Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble. Please browse through my website and learn more, or find it here: “The Call of The Shaman.”

And to celebrate the new book in the Dark Fantasy series that I have soon coming out, #4, “Shadow Ghouls of Nergus”, I want to share an exerpt from Chapter 48 – Titled: ‘Everything you Believe.’

His  eyes  were  wide  open  in  astonishment.  “You  can  talk??”

“Hmm,  can  I  talk…??  Let’s  see,”  he  said  in  deep  thought.  “Hmm.  Yes,  apparently  I  can.  And  so  can  you.”

“I  mean,  how  can  you  talk??”  Ben  insisted  putting  the  feather  back  in  his  pocket. 

“Hmm,  what  a  fascinating  question,”  the  dragon-wolf  continued.  “I  dunno.  Never  really  thought  about  it.  And  how  can  you  talk??”

“Well,  I  am  human.  We  have  vo—”

WAIT—!”  he  interrupted.  “I  really  don’t  care.”

Ben  saw  him  in  a  very  serious  pose,  as  if  some  kind  of  Greek  philosopher.  This  hybrid  creature  looked  very  funny.  He  seemed  to  be  very  conscious  of  himself,  but  his  fairly  generous  size  and  his  long  tail  swaying  side  to  side  as  he  remained  in  thought  made  Ben  chuckle.

“Oh,  yes!  You  were  going  somewhere.  Where??”

“I  think  I’m  being  punished  for  what  I  did,”  Ben  explained.  “I’m  dying  of  thirst.”

“Oh,  yes,  look  at  that.  You  don’t  look  so  good,”  he  said  while  noticing  his  pale  complexion.  “You  might  be  right.  I  might  be  talking  to  a  dead  boy  after  all.  Or  soon  to  be.”

“Gee,  I’m  so  glad  you  came.  Thanks.”

“Oh  cheer  up,  you!  It’s  not  that  bad!”  the  hybrid  creature  said  while  moving  one  of  his  wings  and  exposing  the  rich  sand  for  him.  “Take  some  water  now.”

“Umm.  What  water…??”  Ben  asked  suspiciously.

“What  is  it  that  you  mean??  The  delicious  spring  water  in  this  crystal  glass,”  he  said  while  motioning  with  his  wing.

Ben  looked  closer.  Maybe  he  was  having  problems  with  his  vision  too.  He  moved  the  giant  wing  out  of  the  way  just  to  make  a  point.  “There’s  no  water  there.”

Of  course  there  is.  You’re  thinking  too  much.  Now  stop  seeking  excuses,  reach  the  glass,  and  drink  the  water.”

Ben  smiled  and  looked  awkwardly  at  the  talking  dragon-wolf.  “You’re  an  illusion,  just  like  this  whole  place,  aren’t  you??  Just  like  I  can  talk  clearly  now.”

“But  do  you  still  feel  thirsty,  about  to  die??”

Ben  took  his  time.  He  felt  different  now,  but  the  lingering  exhaustion  as  other  side  effects  from  dehydration  were  there. 

Then,  gathering  himself,  he  said,  “Weirdly,  yes.”

“Then  drink,  and  live.  Or  don’t  drink,  and  die.  But  do  not  waver  anymore,”  the  hybrid  said,  then  turned  around  and  away  from  him.

Ben  felt  silly,  and  he  still  thought  this  was  an  illusion.  He  probably  was  dead  already,  or  maybe  unconscious  somewhere.  He  didn’t  really  care.  He  carried  his  big  burden.  And  he  knew  the  gods  weren’t  happy  with  him.  He  then  went  ahead,  took  the  make-believe  glass  and  drank.

“How  do  you  feel??”  asked  the  dragon-wolf.

Ben  left  the  now-visible  glass  on  the  strange  sandy  surface.  “Hey,  it  was  real!”

“Of  course  it  was!  Everything  is  real  if  you  believe  in  it.”

HHFFMMTT!  Suddenly,  the  glass  was  swallowed  by  the  hungry  mound.  Ben  saw  this  and  rubbed  his  eyes,  then  looked  yonder  and  saw  his  friends  down  at  the  foot  of  a  cave.  They  were  waiting  for  him,  just  like  he’d  told  them. 

Then  the  hybrid  came  to  him  and  said,  “You  have  good  friends,  Ben.

“I  know  they’re  angry  with  me.  But  my  friends  shouldn’t  be  punished  for…”

I hope you enjoyed this section of the story.

“Shadow Ghouls of Nergus”, #4 in the epic series BENJAMIN JONES, is coming soon…

And, as mentioned above, if you haven’t read #1 yet and started the adventure with Ben, right now and for a limited time it is free to download on Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble. Please browse through my website and learn more, or find it here: “The Call of The Shaman”


Stories to ponder.

The story of a dwarf…

-Top 20 in Children’s Scary Stories.

Top 20 in Children’s Coming of Age Fantasy books.

-Top 20 in Children’s Paranormal, Occult & Supernatural Books.

I write stories within stories…


Meet Havendorf…

“It was a beautiful village called Havendorf, a loving community of artisans, creatives, and businesspeople of all types; and, better yet, a truly magical place where children could grow up without the influence of war and any other violence at all. The inhabitants weren’t enlightened gods or special in the order of divinity though, not at all; and yet, absolutely so, they were extremely mature and healthy—mentally and emotionally…

The dwarves…

“They were friendly little creatures, dwarves as they might be called. From about 2 to 5 feet in stature. They did not have religion per se, but they did have stories of real, outstanding members in their society; and these were stories which brought inspiration and paved the way to become a better dwarf…

“These mentioned stories became their scriptures, and each one of them read them at home, taught them in their schools and to their children, and used them as moral standards to follow. And so, in their society, they had elders, of course. These were wise leaders who guided and blessed the community, the family, and the individual, more like spiritual godfathers and godmothers, in a manner of speaking…

Baby Aldorf…

“And baby Aldorf was born under the special blessing of an elder. Aldorf’s mother and father were very happy about the blessing, because they loved him very much and wanted the best for their son. But they were also a little sad, fearing the future of Aldorf, even though the blessing said that he was to become a wise and beloved leader; for baby Aldorf had been born half blind and with a condition that affected his spinal column…

“Doctors said that by the teen years he’d be completely blind and have a serious deformation in his spine. Many doctors from other villages even studied the case further, but it already seemed like his fate was set and unchangeable. Years and years passed. Life became struggle for the little dwarf, even with all the love and support surrounding him; because he battled strong physical pain due to his crooked spine and severe ocular condition…

Burden & hope…

“And it happened that by now Aldorf was 12 years of age, very creative, extremely intelligent, and a great kid overall. His parents were very proud and happy with their boy, but they suffered terribly inside, in secret; because each day they had to see Aldorf struggle so much, and they also knew that it would only get worse…

“Yes, this was really hard on them, because their love wasn’t enough to heal him; and they would only blame themselves for his terrible suffering, as the most caring parents do. But it also occurred that Aldorf was learning from this pain, from these terrible burdens given unto him to carry; for he was very insightful, very mature for his age, and his faith could move mountains. Of course, he also carried much anger in him; and sometimes he didn’t know how to express this great frustration…

The traveler…

“And so, close to his 13th birthday, someone came from somewhere truly unknown. The outsider wasn’t a dwarf, or a tall sengei creature, and not even an orc or ogre from the far lands in the East. This traveler was of unusual appearance, his very presence brought a harmony and power of being into those in near contact with him; and the inhabitants of Havendorf had never seen and experienced someone like this before…

“And this was because what they were experiencing in their minds and hearts was what could be referred to as pure magic, which was something totally unknown to them at the time. So, as Aldorf had met him on his way to buy food, he engaged in pleasant conversation with him; and from then on they became good friends. The outsider came to live with the family, and he became loved by the parents as well…


“He told them he had visited many villages seeking someone in particular, and that he had now found him in Aldorf. He was very tall and slender. His hair was long, and his skin always clean and nourished. He wore a long cloak and simple clothes underneath. He looked like a human being, but he was not one…

“He never revealed his true name, but he told them to choose one and call him that. So, ‘Lucian’ was born right then and there, which means ‘Bright light.’ And he did many things for them. Many good deeds that had no explanation for them, so they called these deeds ‘miracles’; for these were incredible and defied their logic and…”

~ “The Book of 1st Witchcraft.” #3 in the Dark Fantasy series BENJAMIN JONES.

Hope you enjoyed that.

And now…

Download #1 in the epic series, “The Call of The Shaman”, and start the adventure for FREE.

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Top 20 in Children’s Scary Stories.

-Top 20 in Children’s Coming of Age Fantasy books.

Top 20 in Children’s Paranormal, Occult & Supernatural Books.

Browse my website, or just click:


Book reviews Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Magical Halloween

“The Call of The Shaman”  #1 in the epic series.  

Harry Potter meets Cirque du Freak.

The Call of The Shaman is a coming-of-age, unique and spiritual dark fantasy journey centering on Ben, a 12-year-old shaman boy.

When Ben meets Adit, a spiritual author and guru, he starts on an adventure to find out his shamanic roots, his magic, and his link to a wicked necromancer.


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Anatomy and physiology of life Book reviews Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Wolf on the ferry…

A little bit of what I am working on

This is from “Shadow Ghouls of Nergus”, which is #4 in the epic Dark Fantasy series BENJAMIN JONES.

“He  saw  himself  changing  into  a  wolf,  because  he  was  the  leader  of  the  pack  and  he  already  knew  and  felt  that  very  wellHe  indeed  felt  proud  of  his  change.  Perhaps  he  should’ve  felt  fear  at  such  transformation,  but  he  did  not  because  the  essence  of  the  wolf  lived  already  in  his  mind…

Maybe  it  had  lived  inside  him  ever  since  he  had  been  taken  by  wolves  as  a  baby  (see  series  #1).  But,  as  the  incredible  alteration  took  place,  his  strength  grew  and  grew.  His  mind  merged  with  the  animal’s,  and  then  it  all  became  clearer…

The  wolf  saw  everything.  The  wolf  did  not  overthink  anything.  The  wolf  feared  nothing.  The  wolf  allowed  instinct  to  guide  him.  Benjamin  Jones  was  the  wolf  now,  and  the  journey  into  his  subconscious  was  understood…

Whoooaaa!”  exclaimed  Shadow,  then  flew  to  him  and  started  touching  him.  “You’re  a  wolf,  Ben!  And  you’re  really  fluffy.  So  fluffy.  Yeah,  so—”…

…The  wolf,  who  was  now  Ben,  growled  softly  and  then  took  off.  There  was  a  pier  or  dock  really  close  to  them,  right  on  the  other  side  of  some  trees  and  bushes.  He  stood  on  the  planks  of  the  pier’s  end  and  became  really  silent.

He stared  straight  into  the  mist  above  the  waters,  waiting  for  something  or  someone  to  arrive.  Wolf  boy’s  soul  and  Shadow  came  to  him  instantly,  then  they  waited  with  him  for  several  seconds.  Nobody  said  anything…

“So…”  Shadow  finally  started.  “Do  you  have  fleas,  Ben??  Do  you??  Do  you??  Because  Kushim  gave  me  a  book,  and  I  read  the  book,  and  the  book  said  some  wolves  have  fleas.  So,  do  you  have  fleas,  Ben??  Do  you??  Do  you??”…

The  wolf  seemed  so  focused  and  alert  that  nothing  disturbed  him.  He  just  remained  still  while  peering  through  the  night  and  haze  above  water…

Shhh…”  shushed  the  hero’s  soul  while  pointing  at  an  approaching  form  beyond  the  mist.  “Shadow,  look—”…

The  form  pierced  through  the  heavy  mist  and  soon  became  a  welcomed  shape.  The  simple  boat,  more  like  a  big  gondola,  moved  with  ease  over  the  calmed  waters  of  the  lake.  And  they  noticed  that  someone  was  driving  it  with  great  skill,  and  so  he  was  using  a  rowing  oar  to  gracefully  get  to  them… 

The  ferryman  or  creature  soon  appeared  out  of  the  darkness,  and  they  saw  that  he  was  tall  and  shrouded,  and  they  also  saw  that  his  hands  were  not  there  and  that  his  face  was  emptiness  itself.”…

Hope you enjoyed that. I really like to make my characters and situations fun, not only for the reader but for me as the writer.

“The Call of The Shaman”, which is #1 in the epic Dark Fantasy series is available FREE from Amazon (worldwide), from Kobo (worldwide), and from Barnes & Noble. If you are interested in starting the great journey with Ben for FREE then, please, feel free to browse through my website, or just click and look for the #1 in the epic series.


Anatomy and physiology of life Book reviews Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Dark/Epic Fantasy

“Jesus, buddy! What’re you doing?!” The sleeping willow woke up and said to Adit. “This could be considered as abuse. Hands off!”

“What is happening here?!” Ben shrieked loudly.

Benjamin Jones thought he could be losing his mind. Once, he’d been so rational about life, but since this quest had started he was questioning life more and more. Magic was all around him here. And now he was beginning to understand how crazy this could be.

Coming-of-age fantasy

This adventure is about the spiritual and magical journey of a 12-year-old orphan boy who learns he’s a shaman. He does not believe in himself at first, but with the help of his friend and spiritual guru he starts on a journey of self-discovery to find his relationship to an ancient Sumerian demigod and to find out who took his parents.

A dark fantasy

The boy goes through much self-doubt and fear. Many voices in his head. He can see ghouls. There’s a necromancer after him. He feels cursed. This adventure is focused on describing his inner world, how he thinks and feels, his fears and joys. I want Ben to take life of his own in your mind. Because is not just about the paranormal and the magic per se, but also about his journey as a person just like any of us.

Start the journey for FREE:


Anatomy and physiology of life Book reviews Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Freedom from society

The spiritual path

When I started in a purely spiritual path years ago, at about 30 years of age, I left religion and all beliefs I had accumulated. I started to know myself instead of having the scriptures or people tell me who I was and what truth was. So, I decided to learn to meditate and focus on my breath to empty my mind of all thoughts.

It took me years of practice, but through much work I began on my journey. A very personal and intimate journey. Much later, as a consequence, I started self-publishing spiritual and psychological works to share the knowledge I was acquiring.

Search your country

So, I have managed to get one of my 1st nonfiction books perma-free. I’m still trying to get Amazon stores on the same deal. But I have Kobo worldwide on board. I wanted to offer you “LEAVING THE HERD, The True Revolution Begins,” which is a book that talks about the path to awakening or enlightenment, the path to insight to get the mind thinking into freedom from society and its mores. Please check it out below:


Anatomy and physiology of life Book reviews Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Now FREE in more countries…

The epic book series

I started this book series to bring some entertainment, but also bring some insights and moral guidance to myself and to the reader. I always liked the worlds of ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Percy Jackson,’ so I wanted to write in the same narrative and adventure style.

But also I wanted to join it with the world of spirituality and human goodness. We all have moral values in us and the strength to act on them, even if sometimes the struggle in life clouds our judgement. So, I know you will enjoy this book, as it brings some needed adventure and insight into daily life.

More countries – Seek yours FREE

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Anatomy and physiology of life Book reviews Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Digging deep…

What’s feeling sorry for yourself…??

That feeling of anger and frustration when things don’t go as planned, and when others don’t treat us the way we want, and when we make certain mistakes.

When we focus too much on this misery, our minds decide that to keep being positive is too much effort; and that is then when our minds shift to feelings of worthlessness and self-pity. Victimizing yourself takes little energy or effort.

How I deal with it.

I don’t let myself overthink things. What happens, happens. I concern myself with moving forward. And for this purpose, I make a schedule in my mind every day–cleaning, cooking, exercising, getting up at such and such time, my writing, walking the dog, learning new ways to market my books, etc.

It is all about the purpose you give yourself every day. Not about keeping busy, but about conditioning your mind to better habits far from any pointless overthinking.

What Ben has taught me.

For those of you who don’t know yet, Ben is the main character of my series “BENJAMIN JONES.” He is a 12-year-old shaman boy who has become an orphan.

In going on a magical journey to discover himself and his magic, he has taught me, and still teaches me, so much. I have created him, of course; however, he is a perfect reflection of me.

Sometimes we hide ourselves, or the truth about ourselves, deep beneath all we think we are; and so, through self-expression I have found freedom to dig deeper. He helps me discover myself and life.

All the self-pity, anger, and frustration goes away once you dig deeper into yourself. Not saying you don’t feel these anymore, but saying that your mind becomes free and doesn’t get attached to these negative feelings.

The strongest theme in the series

There are shamans, spiritual leaders, gods, demons, magical creatures, friends and foes in my series.  But the main theme is what we all experience, such being self-discovery.  It is because all that matters in this life is to grow our spiritual and moral values.

From becoming more spiritual and moral then we become better, and we start discovering ourselves and life; and thus everything in our lives turns to be better as well.  Magic exists and it is within ourselves, because, just like the main character in my series, we must experience that beautiful miracle in us through daily self-expression.


“Ben took a few steps forward and said, “Thank you!  What I meant was, how is it possible that you can talk?!”

“What do you mean??  You can talk!  Why couldn’t we?!” protested the willow tree.

So if you seek a coming-of-age story that brings fantasy and insight, gods and demons, and more, then you will absolutely enjoy this read: All I ask is that you support me by posting a brief review.

Thanks for reading

Anatomy and physiology of life Book reviews Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The mind of good & evil.

Forces of evil

So, what do you consider forces of evil…?? What makes a person become swallowed by negativity, by feelings of worthlessness, by violent and hurtful memories and ideas in the present?? What makes a human being do anything??

Our minds. Nothing lives outside our minds. This is not spiritual. This is science. My mind can become filled with anxiety, thoughts of fear, anger, past memories that make me feel worthless. And this, of course, makes me act out and hurt myself and others–physical and/or emotional damage. I would do anything to get rid of the pain I carry.

Forces of good

So, I think is very important to be honest with ourselves. There are pressures in society. Bullying. Paying bills. Abuse. Words that hurt. Injustice. They will always exist in the world, and it won’t change. So, the truth is, what matters is the state of your mind, what you can control. Don’t let the world, your society, your friends and family overwhelm you and control the way you feel.

It is why creativity liberates us. Creativity being born from great imagination. It is the force of good that gives us the capacity to have inspiring ideas to leave the anger we feel, and the strength to find solutions to our troubles, and the power to communicate better the way we feel. Ben is learning this. Who is Ben?? A 12-year-old orphan boy. But, just like us, he feels all these burdens, confusions, darkness, and the desire to burn it all.

Meet Ben in the 1st one of his adventures, in “The Call of The Shaman.” Right now FREE to download:

And I like to present the new installment, now for pre-order. This is #3 in the series, “The Book of 1st Witchcraft.”

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Book reviews Stories to ponder.

The Return of The Gods

What if I’ve been sent to hell?? No, I can beat this! But my soul is lost. Why should I bother?? I have failed my father, my friends, myself. I am destined to lose and die. No, I have to press on and get outta here! Yes, he felt in a downward spiral. He felt he’d lost identity and meaning.

In this languishing state, he managed to walk and near the lip of the highland. The cold air mixed with the terrible downpour was quickly freezing his very bones. “Blazes!” he said as the abyss rumbled beneath him. He became disturbed instantly.

He saw that he was on a very high peak, and that this was part of the heavens. Or part of hell. Then he peered down through the fogginess of the intermingling clouds, but he saw nothing and heard only the muffled sounds of the ill-fated creatures of the lands below.

Perhaps sounds of agony. Perhaps sounds of mockery. Who knew. And when he turned around, through the heavy rain, he saw a hooded figure. This one had been watching him all along…

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This is “BENJAMIN JONES. The Return of The Gods.”

Visit purgatory with Ben.

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"The Return of The Gods" by Asa Rodriguez

“The Return of The Gods”

by Asa Rodriguez

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