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What drives

No excuses

The mind adapts and converts itself according to our acts, to our habits. So, never say that you can’t change, or that you are too old and set in your ways, or that you are simply surrounded by the wrong influence.

Our habits drive us, especially the smallest ones, the ones most of us ignore. But what creates character in a person, what creates our whole persona, is our habits daily. So, take a good look at your personal habits.

Self-inquiry is key

Ask yourself: Where do I want to be years from now?? What do I really desire to become?? What are the steps I’m taking now to be the best version of myself tomorrow??

Too many complain now-a-days. Many more wish and pray. But just a very few among us actually take an inner look and create new and better habits.

Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Your mental health

It requires from you full honesty

If you struggle with depression, or anxiety, or any negative pattern of thinking. If you sometimes feel unworthy, or less than another, or somehow unable to reach certain goals or dreams for yourself. Ask yourself why this is.

But seek the real answer. Don’t blame your genetics fully. Or your childhood fully. Or your surroundings fully. Human beings tend to look outwardly for answers to their issues–from their doctors, from drugs, from genetics, from other people who suffer the same issues, etc.

It requires from you full independence

And that’s what, unbeknownst to you, makes you addicted, and adds to your feelings of inadequacy. If your mind seeks answers outwardly, it becomes dependent on what’s out there. Always.

It becomes an addiction, an obsession, a source for you to seek excuses for your own lack of health. Don’t deny this. By denying it, you are making yourself worse. By denying it, you are dumbing yourself down and neglecting yourself.

It requires from you real change

By neglecting yourself, your psychological and emotional issues grow bigger. So, they grow bigger. You deny some more. You keep seeking answers on the outside.

You keep suffering with no health. And then, because of all this, the cycle continues, your DNA and your subconscious patterns never change. So, avoid yourself all that nonsense. Seek the real answers. Not out there.

Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Emotional beings

What’s not you

Quite often, we think we are being rational, true to ourselves, moral in our choices and behaviors even. The politicians we choose. The moralistic approach in relationships. How we judge what’s right and what’s wrong. Etc.

But, per science, 90% to 95% of what we choose and do, the way we see life and act, is highly unconscious; meaning we do according to our subconscious programming, just like robots or computers following their programming.

What’s you

So, to truly think for ourselves and be rational, guided by intelligence and empathy, without bias and emotional outbursts, we have to truly know ourselves and study our thoughts and feelings without being so impulsive. Following your anger, your frustration, your self-pity, your indignation, is letting yourself be enslaved.

Life is about freedom, because that is what true love is. Mental freedom is the first and most important step. Freedom so you can think clearly and not easily fall into the influence of others. Freedom to truly be yourself and not fall into the game of thoughtless groups. And freedom to see life, yourself, and others in the purest nature.


Stories to ponder.

Man of relationship

The lesser man

There is never a good reason to cheat. Cheating, concealing the truth, not being honest, is all about fear of losing control, fear of confronting your own failures as a man and thus your deep-seated unhappiness. It’s the greatest weakness of the lesser man. The lesser man is the man who lacks self-awareness and chooses to blame others for his inner turmoil and lack of understanding.

If a woman is loved right

And so, if your woman lacks self-care, if she does not offer the same attention, if she changes her demeanor towards you, by this you will know this is because of you and the way she feels you treat her. It means your own daily habits as the man are lacking as well. If a woman is loved right, she becomes fused by the man and she gets influenced by his superior and loving habits.

See, it’s a matter of self-respect, so the man becomes better mentally and physically; and when his woman sees this, out of pure love, she becomes like him. In a relationship of commitment and intimacy both, man and woman, resemble each other, whether they want to or not. In time, as they live together and share a life, the subconscious of each starts to self-program and resemble each other’s programming. No more, no less.


Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths.


What is inspiration..??

In my life, I suffer a lot. Well, we all do, of course. It is very personal, isn’t it?? But inspiration is whatever gets into our minds and fights and wins on these negative thoughts of worthlessness giving us pain. Whatever you go through in your life, always seek inspiration. Don’t wait for a big promotion or payday, or for someone you want, or for the expectation to be met; but seek inspiration in the day to day.

The small things…

And inspiration must be sought in the small things, like in music, in books, in movies, in a walk outside, in cooking foods you like, etc. Break the pattern of self-pity and self-neglect by seeking inspiration daily. And how do you do this?? By training your mind to always change the negative thoughts for the positive thoughts.

Not easy, obviously, especially if you are suffering for something very close to you. But it is vital. Life is about enjoying yourself, being in a good mood to move on and progress; and for this, we all need to be inspired. And seeking inspiration in the midst of your troubles is not naïve but brave. Easy to let negativity swallow you. Not that easy to change negativity into positivity. Be brave.


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Digging deep…

What’s feeling sorry for yourself…??

That feeling of anger and frustration when things don’t go as planned, and when others don’t treat us the way we want, and when we make certain mistakes.

When we focus too much on this misery, our minds decide that to keep being positive is too much effort; and that is then when our minds shift to feelings of worthlessness and self-pity. Victimizing yourself takes little energy or effort.

How I deal with it.

I don’t let myself overthink things. What happens, happens. I concern myself with moving forward. And for this purpose, I make a schedule in my mind every day–cleaning, cooking, exercising, getting up at such and such time, my writing, walking the dog, learning new ways to market my books, etc.

It is all about the purpose you give yourself every day. Not about keeping busy, but about conditioning your mind to better habits far from any pointless overthinking.

What Ben has taught me.

For those of you who don’t know yet, Ben is the main character of my series “BENJAMIN JONES.” He is a 12-year-old shaman boy who has become an orphan.

In going on a magical journey to discover himself and his magic, he has taught me, and still teaches me, so much. I have created him, of course; however, he is a perfect reflection of me.

Sometimes we hide ourselves, or the truth about ourselves, deep beneath all we think we are; and so, through self-expression I have found freedom to dig deeper. He helps me discover myself and life.

All the self-pity, anger, and frustration goes away once you dig deeper into yourself. Not saying you don’t feel these anymore, but saying that your mind becomes free and doesn’t get attached to these negative feelings.

The strongest theme in the series

There are shamans, spiritual leaders, gods, demons, magical creatures, friends and foes in my series.  But the main theme is what we all experience, such being self-discovery.  It is because all that matters in this life is to grow our spiritual and moral values.

From becoming more spiritual and moral then we become better, and we start discovering ourselves and life; and thus everything in our lives turns to be better as well.  Magic exists and it is within ourselves, because, just like the main character in my series, we must experience that beautiful miracle in us through daily self-expression.


“Ben took a few steps forward and said, “Thank you!  What I meant was, how is it possible that you can talk?!”

“What do you mean??  You can talk!  Why couldn’t we?!” protested the willow tree.

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Thanks for reading

Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

It’s just a “small lie”…

Lies, deception, cheating, hiding the truth. Even if you call it “a small lie.” All this, besides being immoral and hurting others, builds a subconscious program. In time, it feels normal to lie, even a little. The mind takes your behavior and, without your consent, builds a place for it. This is a real, physiological place in your brain. And now is there. And without you being aware it transforms you.

It becomes a “normal behavior” for you. And once it becomes a normal for you, it slowly cements like an addiction. Of course, for you is not an addiction. For you is harmless, and your normal, and something which has no importance. This makes you lose self-awareness. This blinds you to your own corruption. This is the illusion you build for yourself.

Others can see this corrupted behavior in you, but because it has transformed into your own mental programming you do not see it as corruption. This is why is so important to become aware even of the smallest patterns of thoughts in your mind. Don’t just do things without thinking. Study your own mental programs carefully.

And if you are into the ‘Harry Potter’, and also the ‘Percy Jackson’ novels, then you’ll enjoy this series about gods, demons, magic, and self-discovery.

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