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What drives

No excuses

The mind adapts and converts itself according to our acts, to our habits. So, never say that you can’t change, or that you are too old and set in your ways, or that you are simply surrounded by the wrong influence.

Our habits drive us, especially the smallest ones, the ones most of us ignore. But what creates character in a person, what creates our whole persona, is our habits daily. So, take a good look at your personal habits.

Self-inquiry is key

Ask yourself: Where do I want to be years from now?? What do I really desire to become?? What are the steps I’m taking now to be the best version of myself tomorrow??

Too many complain now-a-days. Many more wish and pray. But just a very few among us actually take an inner look and create new and better habits.

Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Being loved…

Growing up

First, no one deserves love; but as an adult love is something you gain. You gain it by leaving your past hurt and opening your heart to new people. You gain it by learning to be kind, generous, respectful with others.

You gain it by being patient and not impulsive with others. Because if you won’t let go, you cannot move on. And if you won’t leave your comfort zone, you cannot explore something new and better.

And if you won’t see yourself and people in a new light, you cannot gain happiness and love. If you won’t accept your demons and stop fearing them, you cannot embrace your angel and live with joy.

What it is

In short, it is about moving on and learning to love, always in better ways, always towards freedom. The baby is born and for that he is loved.

But growing up means maturing and learning that love requires you to always evolve and learn, which requires the best version of yourself. Because only the best version of yourself will get true love and happiness in life, as only the best version of yourself will understand the words I’ve written here.

Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Within you

Knowledge of self

There is no knowledge like the knowledge of self. Sure, you can go to school, university, and spend years understanding the universe, science, business, and everything else to prosper in society. But there is no real wisdom in this process of outward education.

There is merit in being prepared indeed, but the light of conscience is only reached when you stop your mind and go inwards. Something not many do, because in going inwards you encounter all the truth about you; and most escape their own darkness, the truth about them that makes them anxious and insecure.

But in going inwards with commitment and purpose you gain courage, control, confidence, and you become the best version of yourself. You lose all fear, because the only fear existed in you before you met yourself intimately. Now you have become conscious. Now you have reached the light.


Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The truth of it

The intimate enemy

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Addictions are bad habits. The unawareness in most of us always tells us that we are in control. But is that really true….?? Think about it. Let’s think about the daily things:

Many are addicted to sugar. Many others to alcohol. Many to negative thinking. Many more to jealousy. An addiction is a program running in your subconscious, running you daily, whether you accept it or not.

Your subconscious tells your mind and body how to behave, what to like and dislike, what to crave and obsess over. And all of it unbeknownst to you as part of your day-to-day persona.

Waking up

These programs have been adopted in our pasts (childhood mostly). And it is exactly what makes human beings automatons, robots; when we are not aware of the unhealthy programs running us.

See, it is not about the establishment, the elite, the government, religions, little “rebellious” groups on social media, etc. It is about each one of us individually. The challenge is to wake up from your own dream, from your own unhealthy habits/the illusions from your past holding you back.


Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Are you really in love…??

What love is not

Love is a not a label already made for you, or an opinion, or an established way out there. You can be in love with yourself and with your life, if you let go of the influence from society, let go of what your family expects from you, and just worry about self-development.

What love is

Love is essentially what makes you healthy, what makes you feel confident, what allows you to feel happy and connected to your life–no matter the drama or challenges in it. That is why religions, politics, family and friends can’t really give you this; for they can only offer you moments of joy and mental constructs.

Where love is

Only you can give you love, if you learn to spend time with yourself and enjoy it. It’s all about befriending you, taking care of you. Because, even though humans have been programmed for thousands of years to be social animals, true love and happiness do not exist in the world and in what it has to offer. It only exists in you.


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Under The Moon

Effects of the full moon

I personally find interesting the effects the moon has on life, as the sun has. So, I wanted to share some facts that I already knew and some others that I’ve found doing some research:

1- Veterinarians say that animals are more restless and unruly during full moon.
2- Migratory birds follow the patterns of the full moon for timing and finding their path.
3- The full moon amplifies charges in living cells.
4- Emergency rooms see more patients on full moon.
5- Ovulation and sexual desire peak during full moon.
6- Some people tend to become more impulsive and emotional (angry, excited, lustful, stubborn, etc.) nearing and during a full moon.

These are just some ways in which the moon affects us and other living beings. But there are, of course, effects produced on the actual environment around us as well.

Increasing self-awareness

The thing that I wanted to bring to your attention is that the moon affects our brain functioning (electric circuits/signals) and our emotional bodies (the way we feel) too, especially in the ones with less self-control who ignore this.

So, it’s all about knowledge of self and self-discipline. Here are some tips that I use to ground myself:

1- Meditation: it expands your awareness and brings harmony to your mind and body.
2- Cleanse: it means to clean your space. It is teaching your mind self-discipline through the everyday living, to be more healthy and to keep your personal space without clutter and looking more ordered.
3- Self-care: create more quality time for yourself. Study your thoughts and feelings in depth. Don’t just react to things, even to small things. Take a bath or do something calming for yourself. I have found that journaling is very liberating. It’s all about expressing yourself and letting more harmony spread in your body.