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Truth (video)

Originality is individuality.

And what is to be an individual…??

It is to be yourself fully, without copying, without trying to fit in with the crowd, and without following what others say and do blindly.

Originality, individuality, to stand on your own, to be real, authentic. What is it…?? It has to do with freedom to be truly yourself, truly unique. And this, of course, leads us to truth. What is truth…?? Let’s carefully think about it:

Truth is something which is based on 3 things. 1- Individuality, 2- Understanding, 3- Moral values.

1- Individuality: To actually know truth is to think for yourself, by yourself, and not follow the beliefs, lifestyles and habits established by the very ignorant society.

2- Understanding: To actually know truth you must ponder things, see your own fault in every aspect, and let go of your psychological attachments to pride and self-pity.

3- Moral values: Truth itself can only be applied, not thought and felt. (The illusive process of thinking and feeling does not make you truthful.) And to apply it, you leave excuses, you stop blaming others, you see beyond your ego, and you work on your character by doing what is healthier and better in your life without making excuses.

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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!





Life is full of lessons and opportunities.  Lessons can bring us growth in every aspect, if we allow the lessons to do such a thing in our experience, if we do indeed see past the frustration and the suffering in order to learn.

And, if we see past the anger and frustration, the anxiety and the pain we feel at times, we may then absorb the lesson, master ourselves slowly with each new experience; hence, we grow and we encounter better opportunities to be and acquire more, to feel happier, to be more successful in every aspect.

But, of course, this is not automatic and fast, you must develop the divine trait of patience; for patience gives you determination, commitment, wisdom in life.  He who has infinite patience can know true love and happiness; because infinite patience allows your mind time to see and find this within you.

And wisdom is needed, absolutely, because in life you have challenges at each step you take, you have temptations offering you what you desire if you have less moral values and ethical behaviors, you have anger and neglect from others around you, you have many things with which you have to deal every day.

And if you fall into temptation or if you commit a mistake, you must keep on going and seek truth, get back to the right path and endure some more; however, you have to be always prepared mentally to stand alone and firm, to be your own person, accept your weaknesses and the things in your character in which you must improve.


In order to see and walk life with wisdom, you must be patient and accept your life as it is, transform yourself slowly into a better, stronger person and soon you will turn things around and improve your life as well.





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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder.

Apply to yourself.

How do you actually change yourself…?? What is the mental process which facilitates your actual change of behavior and thus lifestyle…??  Having high moral character as a human being does not have much to do only with the words you speak and merely the thoughts you entertain; however important these are, what actually makes you a better, truthful, awakened human being is your actions.  This seems silly even, but the truth is that most people have great knowledge and speak kind and wise words while their actions are not wise at all.

This is because the ego of people tend to wallow in comfort like pigs wallow in mud, the ego is self-righteous; thus, most of us believe that by getting spiritual or wise knowledge and getting a mouthful of enlightening words one has high standards of morality and walks the right path.  They read the scriptures, listen to wise words, pray, meditate, acquire great knowledge; but they never actually apply any of it, they are empty souls fooling themselves at each step they take.  So, what is the mindset they should have to begin the change in their lives…??

The mindset they MUST have is that of love for themselves, love for individual change, love for their path of righteousness.  And yes, when you apply yourself and you change out of true love for yourself you may find some discomfort at the beginning, because it takes time to accept a new behavior and change your lifestyle, and because your ego may disturb you and tempt you into falling into the same old pattern; nevertheless, the rewards of constantly changing and acquiring higher levels of morality are your own enlightenment through the awakening of your conscience to make better choices in your life.

So, the key to change is to APPLY what you learn, what you read.  For example, many people fill their mouths with Jesus and how great he was, and how he taught love and tolerance; however, these same people do not tolerate other nations, they abhor immigrants, feel superior to other religions, and have many problems at their own homes due to their lack of comprehension of love and tolerance.  See, no one is above these mistakes, so one must be constantly self-aware and APPLY to oneself what one knows to be true, says as truth, and reads as truth.



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