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So, the key to change is to APPLY what you learn, what you read. For example, many people fill…

How do you actually change yourself…?? What is the mental process which facilitates your actual change of behavior and thus lifestyle…??  Having high moral character as a human being does not have much to do only with the words you speak and merely the thoughts you entertain; however important these are, what actually makes you a better, truthful, awakened human being is your actions.  This seems silly even, but the truth is that most people have great knowledge and speak kind and wise words while their actions are not wise at all.

This is because the ego of people tend to wallow in comfort like pigs wallow in mud, the ego is self-righteous; thus, most of us believe that by getting spiritual or wise knowledge and getting a mouthful of enlightening words one has high standards of morality and walks the right path.  They read the scriptures, listen to wise words, pray, meditate, acquire great knowledge; but they never actually apply any of it, they are empty souls fooling themselves at each step they take.  So, what is the mindset they should have to begin the change in their lives…??

The mindset they MUST have is that of love for themselves, love for individual change, love for their path of righteousness.  And yes, when you apply yourself and you change out of true love for yourself you may find some discomfort at the beginning, because it takes time to accept a new behavior and change your lifestyle, and because your ego may disturb you and tempt you into falling into the same old pattern; nevertheless, the rewards of constantly changing and acquiring higher levels of morality are your own enlightenment through the awakening of your conscience to make better choices in your life.

So, the key to change is to APPLY what you learn, what you read.  For example, many people fill their mouths with Jesus and how great he was, and how he taught love and tolerance; however, these same people do not tolerate other nations, they abhor immigrants, feel superior to other religions, and have many problems at their own homes due to their lack of comprehension of love and tolerance.  See, no one is above these mistakes, so one must be constantly self-aware and APPLY to oneself what one knows to be true, says as truth, and reads as truth.



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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