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My experience with meditation

In my own experience with meditation. Take it easy. Don’t rush into an outcome. Don’t expect great results fast. The main things are commitment, persistency, patience. These are a must if we are serious about meditation. Now, this is about the kind of meditation where you focus on your breath and in time you increase you’re awareness. Many people sit on a chair, peacefully; and for them this is meditation. I respect that. But that is not what this post is about. For me, meditation is all about increasing self-awareness, creativity and cognition, and also easier detachment from all suffering–like anger, frustration, the thought of death, society’s influence, etc.

So, meditating. When I started, more than 10 years ago, this was very difficult for me. I had rage issues and became really anxious and bothered when I first started to feel the deep silence of meditation. Thoughts and feelings which had been buried deep inside had started to come out, and this was very disturbing, it was hard for me to face them. Once you truly meditate, your thoughts will rush. Your innermost troubles and burdens. In my case, this really irritated me–physically, psychologically, emotionally. But I stuck with it through the years and saw myself awakening, I witnessed my creativity improving, and my understanding of myself and my own faults mainly became clear and undeniable. This made me change and become superior to the person I was.

But, let me be honest here, meditation is not a quick fix, or a cure-all, not in any sense; and whoever tells you it is, might be because they’re trying to sell you something. One thing to have in mind though, you will see improvement if done right; however, not judging here, but you must understand that many people frustrate themselves because they do not do it right. It’s all about your slow breathing. Focus on it. Because breathing is what connects the state of physical life to the state of physical death, so to master your breathing in meditation gives you greater access to wisdom to understand both states of existence. If you deviate and become distracted, come back to it. Come back to your breath as many times as you become aware. This is practicing awareness, when you come back to your breathing. Meditation is not about becoming perfect or doing the practice perfectly; but about committing and not quitting, it requires inner strength and focus. So, never quit. Keep going.

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That place

When thoughts are wild,

When the tempests are violent

When the mind is racing,

I seek that place within me,

That place of peace and freedom,

That place of love and intuition.


Life’s pressures require an intelligent approach.  When the mind is anxious and stressed, it wastes too much energy.  Then it needs to recharge in the stillness.  When we feel like this, we must meditate.  Not crowding your mind with thoughts.

Freedom is in this.  In allowing the mind to step away from wasting energy; and so, recharge itself.  This is meditation.  It is focusing on your breath entirely without allowing your mind to fill itself with energy-stealing thoughts.



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Your loss.  The troubles in your relationships.  Your struggle to detach from painful memories.  Your desires unfulfilled and obsessive which bring you that anxiety and frustration you carry.  It is all suffering, isn’t it…??  It is meant to be that way for you.  Do you truly realize that…??

If you really do understand why you suffer this, that all has a purpose, then learn from it, study the mechanics of that suffering, accept your weaknesses and do not make more excuses.  Awakening is a process you initiate when you become aware of your own garbage.

We all carry unhealthy habits, issues that are personal, garbage we have been carrying for long, things to better in our character and behavior.  But don’t look at others; look at yourself.  Change yourself!  Analyze yourself and accept your own garbage.  Accept and be humble enough to understand that you have to work on self-development.  Do not just agree or disagree here.  Do your inner work.

Awakening is about doing something to understand your own suffering and darkness, and as soon as you understand it then you can improve your life.  Period!  Wake yourself from your own slumber.  Don’t just read about awakening and repeat it like a damn parrot.





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This deep inquiry.




Welcome your troubling memories and accept the life you have for what it is, because these are a blessing in disguise.  Suffering is the same as happiness, as joy; but just distorted and made traumatic by the limited mind.

Don’t fear the difficulties and challenges in your midst, because if you did not have them then you could not grow and become stronger, wiser, and with the capacity to understand your own path in life.

Each morning after my meditation, in that place of sweet surrender and exquisite silence of my mind, I think about my past troubles and every challenge I faced.  I wouldn’t be who I am today without them.

Have you ever thought about your own suffering…??  Why you have it??  What is the true reason for life to give that to you??  Truth is in this serious and deep inquiry, and not in escaping it.

You and your suffering, your anxiety, your anger, your troubles are one and the same; but your mind distorts that truth.  Don’t allow it to remain arrogant and steal that truth from you.





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See Reality.

“Who looks outside, dreams.  Who looks inside, awakens.”  ~  Carl Jung.


It is not the man who thinks and thinks

The one with the knowledge to understand.
It is not the man who judges the world

The one who sees that which is true,
For there is only reflection in the water.

When the waters of his mind are disturbed

The reflection he sees are but madness to his perception.

Reality is not what he sees out there then,
But it lies in the pure knowing of his mind.


Reality has nothing to do with words, images, opinions, ideas, philosophies, beliefs, and with the obscurity in your mind; but all these are your making, and society’s influence allowed in you.  So, these distortions are your weight to carry and fix, and only your responsibility.

Your responsibility means not society’s responsibility, not the doctor’s responsibility, not religion’s responsibility; but YOUR responsibility.  Trying to ignore this duty, trying to escape it or bury it under your nonsense, leads you to reality dysfunction or distortion.

You must make the unconscious in you conscious, see your mind and its games for for what they truly are (mere distractions), and see your own issues floating.  Find out what reality truly is for yourself; so, face the words, the images, the darkness, the ignorance and pride you carry.

To do this, to empty the mind, serious meditation is a must and what can fix your situation and your blindness.  Reality is shown unto you through meditation.  But the serious meditation, the one which empties the mind and cleans it from all ego and its manifestations.

And then by this emptiness, your whole biology cleans itself, reality then fills your mind; and your behaviors, your views, your purpose becomes moral and illumined by reality.  While the whole world is going blind, you illumine yourself.



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A Journey of Self-mastery.


So what do you think a spiritual really journey is…??  Because most people, maybe even you, poisoned by the religious collective mindset and philosophy created in the world, think that spirituality is reading scriptures, listening to the egos of people talking about angels and demons, traditions, burning incense and nonsense, talking about energy and auras, and all this other superficial foolishness.

But they all miss the whole point due to fantastical ignorance and the scheme of their own egos, and that is that a spiritual journey is a better human being journey–no more, no less.  It is about higher principles, higher ethics and morals; for if you rule your life by higher ethics and morals then you rule your life by truth.

So what is it…??  How do you reconcile this…??  Living a truly good and healthy life, respecting other beings, no judging, no gossiping, no supporting any politics which separates people even if it is good for the economy, not supporting any war, meditating about your own thought and feel, working on your mood swings or emotional reactions, cultivating love and tolerance at all times, etc.  All this is being spiritual; thus working on being a better human being.

It is simple if you make it a holy system individually.  Instead of worrying about a collective mindset, about keeping your attention outside yourself, you worry about transforming yourself from within, you work on your inner self daily, without excuses, thus keeping your attention into yourself, growing from within.  The work must be personal, not collective.


Avoid what is outside, because the origin of God, of life, of divinity itself, is inside; however, the many fools of the world look for all truth and reality in the outside, and it is why the world is just an empty husk of competition and intolerance today–and the worst offenders of this are religion and politics.  You must raise yourself above all this petty nonsense if you want to truly better yourself.



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The Moving Forces: Faith.


What we call Faith is indeed the vibrational force behind the cosmos, and in man it is a divine emanation of the intense union of thought and feeling; however, it goes beyond thought and feeling, it originates with this sacred marriage but it must go far beyond a mere thought and feeling, which last a moment or even a few days, in order to be the faith of The Creator (the virbrational force of the cosmos).  So what is required for this intense and constant faith….??

Energy reminds us of heaven and hell because we create or destroy with it, and we move these energies starting with our minds, and then into feelings and purpose; and then we must work on inner traits to feed this energy, which are patience and temperance.  And you already know patience is the greatest virtue.  Temperance then:  Now, the Greek definition of temperance translates to “moderation in action, thought and feeling; restraint.”  Temperance is a major Athenian virtue; thus, self-restraint (sôphrosune).  This tells us that high morals, right word and action, a pure mind, is temperance; which you MUST have in order for faith to move and its energy to intensify as you remain patient

You CANNOT expect faith to carry you, to help you, to nourish your prayers and thinking, if your mind and feel is not pure, if your morals are not to the high levels of the faith you claim to have.  All vanity, contention, doubt, jealousy, impatience, all impure thought, must be gone from you in order for faith to really exist and thrive/to be truly nurtured.  Mere words and desires felt for progress and good things will not really have an effect if the faith is not constantly there, strong, untainted by malice and impure thinking.  Your mind and body is a temple, and it must be kept pristine if God and its faith is to live there.

“Oh Thou, Solar Logos, igneous emanation, substance and consciousness of Christ, powerful life whereby everything advances, come unto me and penetrate me, enlighten me, bathe me, go through me and awaken within my Being all of those ineffable substances that are as much a part of Thee as a part of me.  Universal and cosmic force, mysterious energy, I conjure Thee, come unto me, remedy my affliction, cure me from this illness and set apart this suffering so that I may have harmony, peace and health.”  ~ Gnostic Prayer For Healing, 1882.


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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

State of no-mind.

Meditation can only exist when there is absolute stillness in the mind.  A still mind has no desires, no needs, no fears, no voices, no movement at all.  If a mind is keeping track of the time, or if it is thinking about the next thing to do after meditation is over, or if it is traveling to other places or accessing imagination, then this mind is not in meditation; hence why meditation is the practice of no-mind thinking, because your mind or ego is not moving thoughts–i.e., it is an absolutely free mind guided by The Infinite.  And the mind is divine, a way to ascension and higher communion with The Infinite; however, the ego, its absurd content, that drilling and loud voice telling you how to live, what to think, and what to do during waking hours, is not free.

You may think the ego gives you freedom, because it gives you choices influenced by the flawed society and by your own ignorant conditioning; but that is just one of the lies you tell yourself in order not to actually meditate.  Now, one thing to understand, even though most people deceive themselves, is that meditation is not the same as mindfulness.  Mindfulness is to be aware of the moment, of what you are doing; but it is another, more peaceful way to use the mind and its ego, to move thoughts and ideas around–i.e., mindfulness, as wonderful as it is, can never bring truth or illumination.

Truth and illumination exist beyond mind, so you seek them beyond mind; that is, in a state of no-mind, in a state of absolute freedom, where the ego cannot cross and guide you anymore–i.e., the state of meditation.  No books, no institutions, no prayers, no I.Q., no angels, can give you a higher state of awareness where you receive truth and freedom by intuition; but only serious meditation can do that.  The dormant strands of your DNA cannot be awakened and fired up by your conscious mind and its ego; but only by the divine and infinite energies residing in the wonderful state of no-mind.



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By Intuition.

Most people around the world design ways to love and decides what love really is, but the substance which makes love what it is cannot be contained and created in their minds; and neither is it a by-product of intellectuals and philosophers.  Why not…??  Because love is the essence of freedom, no attachments whatsoever, no egotism whatsoever; and freedom is not something which can be contained by a mind, it goes beyond that.  Thus no-mind is love.


It cannot be a thought, it must be felt with your emotional body, which is the seat of your intuition.  Of course, intuition is not something most people uses or even dares find within themselves, they just get too busy using their minds to create false ways to love and concepts which explain love.  So, if one is to see this and accept it, one must trust oneself and others; which is not easy at first because the mind’s programming is to create everything from the intellect and protect it, and yet love cannot be created.

You must jump without attachment; and that is to guide yourself by intuition/without fear.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!



To realize the depth of something is to seek beyond the mind, into that space between thoughts and of a certain intuition; for mind is full of words and its loud and constant noise is deafening to the deeper substance of intelligence, of reason.  The agitated mind tells you to keep arguing so you win, it tells you to seek revenge, it reminds you over and over again of your suffering, it makes you jealous and angry at others, etc.  The mind then is a battlefield, and you most of the time stay in that battlefield without rest, don’t you…??

Then, to rest from the battle of the mind, one must seek shelter beyond mind, and so seek whatever is not of mind, seek the opposite of words and constant loudness–i.e., seek not the agitation of the mind.  This means alone time, away from outer distractions and inner ones as well, rest from the world; feel your own vibrations, balance your inner state by seeking peace and quiet in your outer state or environment.  This is key!  God hides in silence, in harmony, in love, in meditation; therefore, He does not live in noise of any kind, He does not live in the world of form, so you must seek Him not in the world of form.

It is a challenging path, roughened and confusing grounds to be walked; but if you remain in love with The Razor’s Edge, in love with your conscience and with your value as a human being, then you may see past the challenges and observe the beauty and truth in each moment you live–whether be joyous or difficult moment.  The sharp edge of a razor is difficult to pass over; thus I say to you the path to ‘enlightenment,’ to your conscious illumination, is indeed a constant test–i.e., a mixture of pain and joy, loss and gain, tears and laughter.  But the true warrior is the one who befriends struggle and becomes one with it.



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