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That place

When thoughts are wild,

When the tempests are violent

When the mind is racing,

I seek that place within me,

That place of peace and freedom,

That place of love and intuition.


Life’s pressures require an intelligent approach.  When the mind is anxious and stressed, it wastes too much energy.  Then it needs to recharge in the stillness.  When we feel like this, we must meditate.  Not crowding your mind with thoughts.

Freedom is in this.  In allowing the mind to step away from wasting energy; and so, recharge itself.  This is meditation.  It is focusing on your breath entirely without allowing your mind to fill itself with energy-stealing thoughts.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder.

Pay attention.




Be patient.  Be humble.  Be committed.  Stay on course and focused.  Don’t let negativity, loud and anxious voices in your head, and your stress, bring you down. 

Nothing can disturb you more than your own mind, so focus on self-discipline specially in the midst of hard times.  Keep your mind and body sacred.  Watch what you eat.  Be careful of what you allow into your mind.

Be mindful of your thoughts.  Pay attention to the time you give to others, because people can suck you into their dramas and anxieties.  In order to lead your life successfully, you must be self-aware at all times.





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Expressions of Yourself.




All you do in life is a way of expressing yourself, a way to express what you carry inside.  When you get angry, you do it because there is anxiety and some form of suffering in you–provoked or not.

When you love without demands, without expectation, just giving for the joy of giving, you do it because you feel free and joyous inside.  When you do not love like this, it is because you feel some hurt, imprisoned by your arrogance and expectations.

When you stress over money, position, ambitions, you do it because you feel frustrated with your life right now and imprisoned in your image of the future.

All this must be accepted, recognized, embraced in you; because you are all these expressions.  There is really no good and evil, but just expressions of what you are; thus, you choose to filter this through your mind according to your attention.

If your attention remains inwards then you will become harmonious and blissful; but if your attention remains on the world, on competition, on comparison, then you will become agitated and frustrated.

So, understand that all about you is natural, godly, normal; but also understand that all is energy which transforms into modes of expression in life.  You must watch your mind, your feel, to transform into the proper, ethical and moral expressions of yourself.




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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

What you owe to yourself.



I knew someone who used to keep how he really felt bottled up inside, he was filling himself with all these unexpressed feelings and thoughts; but at some point he would feel overwhelmed due to all this toxic storage deep inside, and so like a balloon with too much air he would end up bursting into anger and anxiety.

This system of behavior was really bad for his own character development, for his mind and his overall health; and, furthermore, this really damaged his relationships and destroyed greater opportunities in life–i.e., his financial and societal opportunities, as his understanding of family values and tolerance of himself and of others.

And the worst, he would lose it whenever he would burst into these unexpressed emotions, his mind would get so angry and anxious that all love and understanding would leave him.  He would lose himself in that moment.

He would really hate himself afterwards though, because he was a really nice guy with really lots of love buried deep to share with others.  He just did not know the right way to share this love.


And this can happen to any of us, if there is no self-awareness.  Self-awareness means in this case to know that you must express yourself to free yourself.

You have to share your thoughts and feelings with people; do not keep them inside just because you think they are negative or because you think people won’t like to hear them.

Be honest, but not cruel.  Transform your words and feelings accurately into direct truth.  Speak your mind, be firm in your personal convictions and loyal to yourself.  You owe that much to yourself.

And you also owe that much to others if you want to walk the ethics-and-morals path, and if you want your character to develop mightily in your life.



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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Transmuted by silence.




Silence is the deepest language, because through silence we avoid spilling the rushing ego.  Silence can connect us deeper than words.  Silence at the right moments can have a healing and confident effect for us and for others, because it is words that hurt ourselves or damage others most of the time; so, through silence we are avoiding impatient and upset messages in our words.

Anger, stress, envy, and any form of anxiety can really transform one’s words into knives which cut deep, and this may hurt the relationships in our lives by losing the trust and respect from others, and even the respect we have for ourselves.

The thoughts behind words must be carefully screened, analyzed before we form any ideas with them.  “Why am I about to respond this??”  “Does this really make sense or am I just tired and angry??”  Conscience and reason before any rash words and behaviors.


Being aware of what we say and do must become our everyday living, because if we are to remain positive and build better relationships and better futures then we must be truly authentic, impeccable with our expression.

Our soul, our will to go on in the face of challenges, must be fed by ethics and morals, by integrity in all we think, say and do.  This attitude of the better human being makes us whole, healthy, and able to connect with others and with ourselves with full honesty.

All thought and word not based on truth, due to an anxious and stressed mind, must be transmuted by silence; thus, we must not say anything we might regret in the heat of the moment.

Better to wait so the nervousness and the anxiety can leave our minds, to thus later express ourselves better, more poised, with understanding and truth, and without the influence of a busy life.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The Golem.

After saying certain prayers and observing certain fast days, a Polish Jew made the figure of a man from clay, and when he pronounced the miraculous “Shemhamphoras” (“the name of God”) over it, the clay figure came to life.  He couldn’t speak, but he understood well what was said or commanded to him. 

This was The Golem, and his new master used him as a servant to do all sorts of chores.  On his forehead, he wrote “emeth” (“truth”).  Every day, this Golem regained weight, incredible muscle mass with strength and rapid stature or height; and this happened as a result of all the food and drink his master gave him.

The Golem was then becoming far bigger and stronger than any other human, and obviously towering over his own master.  For fear of him growing so big and strong one of the letters should be erased, so that the first letter is erased and we are left with “meth” (“he is dead”); whereupon he collapses and turns to dust or clay again. 

But this Polish Jew hadn’t done this because he had grown fond or used to his Golem, and now the creature was too tall and strong to reach his forehead and erase the first letter.  So, in terror he ordered his servant Golem to take off his boots, thinking that when he bent down he could reach his forehead and erase the letter. 
And indeed he did just that, he successfully erased the letter leaving just “meth”; however, the whole heap of clay fell on the Jew as the creature melted and crushed him.


He had gotten used to his Golem, even grown fond of the creature, and so it happened that he crushed him.  Has he crushed you yet…??  Has he brought you health problems yet…??  Has he altered your moods and ways of thinking yet…??  Stress, frustrations, anger, beliefs and expectations are your Golem, are they not??

All this intellectual process of overthinking and creating more problems, worries and expectations, always wanting to be in control–all this brings down your immune system, affects your nervous system, and it distorts the way you think and even feel.  Can you even see reality with your mind so clouded and darkened…??

Quite often, this Golem is left in your mind, nay, in your whole being, just growing taller and stronger, heavier and more intense, just to wreak havoc and poison you without your awareness.  Then, one day, you realize you are depressed and unhappy, and you feel a failure and emotionally reactive to anything which you experience.

So perhaps you should see the Golem you carry before this happens and you get crushed.


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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Strengthen your character.

“Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.” ~ Buddha.

“Be Impeccable with your word. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz; Mexican author of Toltec spiritualist and neoshamanistic texts.

Quite often we tend to react emotionally to situations and people, destroying trust and distancing ourselves from clarity; and this happens when the mind is overwhelmed and angered, in conversations or even when we keep anger inside that we cannot contain.

So, that is when the mind explodes and careless words come flying out just like daggers thrust to an opponent in battle; however, as in battle, the greatest warriors are the ones who remain calm, the ones who control their reactions, and the ones who turn mental anger and fogginess into mental strength and poise.

See, the fact that you must be firm and serious in your battle, in your work, in your conversation with another, does not mean you have to be careless and hurtful with your words.

Now, you must understand that when you let your mind explode and you say whatever comes out of your mouth, you are not just hurting others but you are hurting yourself; for in this process you condition your mind, your character, subconsciously perhaps, to be subjected to this poison which runs now throughout your whole system.

You not only destroy your own integrity and peace of mind, but you destroy opportunities and distance yourself from people that now see you as this ego-centered bully; furthermore, your thoughts and words of anger or incomprehension release energy which is negative and attract all sorts of stressing situations into your life.

Your character develops strength based on the control on your reactions and the intentions you carry in thoughts and words.

Be patient, wait to respond or formulate your message, remain clear and do not allow your emotions to cloud your thinking.

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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

On your terms.

“Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”  ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt; American statesman, political leader, and President of The United States.

“Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.”  ~ Kinky Friedman; American singer, songwriter, novelist, humorist, politician, and magazine columnist.

We are creative in spirit and that is our essence, and so the mere concept and use of money must not drive you, but what must drive you forward in your life is to be free to express yourself and develop yourself in whatever your heartfelt passion is; for money is just a tool and, even though it is needed to buy food and shelter, it is something created by man, and something created by man cannot bring true happiness to anyone’s life.


To live life on your terms means to free yourself from the chains of society–i.e., from constantly working and thinking about ways to better jobs and more money, from the opinions and beliefs of society, from the judgements and ruling of family and friends, from the habitual traditions of your culture and religion, etc. etc.


Your mind has to reach freedom and acceptance.  So stop thinking about money and stressing about work, and remind yourself daily that freedom is the most precious thing; and that freedom is not found in your actions or in the money you can make, but that it is found in your mind and its content.

And to listen to other people’s opinions with the aim to please them, or to expect others to guide you or even respect your direction in life is the opposite of creating your life, of living life on your terms; for it deters you from being yourself, from being unique, and it blocks you from allowing your mind to learn on its own and develop itself. 

See, success is not really a thing you get or a position in society, or achievement through the manipulation or command of others, no matter who those others are, but success is much like happiness–i.e., it is a divine condition you experience within yourself by starting with a free mind that is unique, and so let go of the mental conditioning and set rules of a society or culture.  You bring peace and clarity to your mind by accepting life as it is and then by working towards a goal you have designed yourself; and also, by emptying the same mind from the set beliefs, ideas, expectations, and control of others, then, you master yourself, you create your own destiny.   


Love brings freedom, money brings worry and frustration.
Deep inside you know this.
So forge yourself!

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Self-help life truths.

The thorn we allow.

“When we have painful memories from hurting experiences, we may feel justified in holding on to the resentment.  But resentment is corrosive.  It doesn’t affect the person we feel anger toward, it destroys the host.” ~ Susan L. Taylor; American editor, writer, and journalist.


Painful memories

Memories, specially painful ones, have the power to arrest our bodies, even our clear thinking; however, they only hold that power if we allow them to, because memories are just thoughts which somehow have stayed with us throughout our lives, and thought is always an entity we can watch.

Quite often, we go ahead and entertain painful memories because deep inside we like to feel like victims or feel that somehow if we remind ourselves of the pain we’d be less guilty, or, even worse, through reliving painful memories the ego manifests that we deserve our guilt.

This is getting some form of twisted pleasure from feeling guilt and blaming ourselves and carrying that weight on us over and over again–i.e., a sort of masochism, and certainly ignorance.

And, as we all know, self-blame is one of the most toxic forms of emotional abuse.  It amplifies our perceived inadequacies, whether real or imagined, and paralyzes us before we can even begin to move forward.  And what is even worse, because it poisons your body and causes all kinds of tension, and it changes your mood and the vibrational state of your entire body, your loved ones and all people you come in contact with are affected too.

As Buddha wisely said: “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”
Painful memories are always there; but you can accept them and move on, do not engage with them as they emerge; or you can allow them to make you suffer and cripple your emotional body while affecting you and others you love.
Your life.
Your choice.

Painful memories

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Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

The attention shift.

“Beautiful things happen in your life when you distance yourself from negative things.” ~ Zig Ziglar; American author, salesman, and motivational speaker.


Life is positive progress in its original essence, but we design stress and situations which we may deem ugly or negative; however, because there is positive and beautiful things in life, albeit hidden under the stress and ugliness, we may shift our attention to them anytime we allow our thoughts to deviate from what is overwhelming us or producing anxiety.

That is like getting stressed and angered by the world we live in, but then going for a few hours to swim or spend our time in the world of the fish; there we take a break from our world to recharge and shift our focus and attention towards the colorful and calming fish and sea life.

It is truly wise and godly when we remind ourselves and have the habit of shifting our attention to the small and beautiful things in life, such things which can recharge our batteries and make us feel like we indeed are in charge of our lives, where we decide where our full attention goes and we decide when to take a break from our stressful lives.

Give yourself time to heal and absorb the wisdom and energy from your subconscious in those times in life which may be a bit stressing, do not give in to anger and stress, but shift your full attention to small and beautiful things.

Do not neglect God.

_Imagination is where you can go after all the stress, the blaming, the arguments.When you retire to a place in silence and allow your thoughts to stop nagging, then you can feel your he

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