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Why do you feel lonely…??

What is loneliness…??

What is that feeling of emptiness one tries to always escape…??

And why do people tend to do this over and over again??

It all stems from feeling lonely, even subconsciously. Humans have created a heaven, a hell, God, Satan, spirits and a spiritual realm waiting after this life, etc, because they feel lonely. Humankind feels lonely. This is also why everyone seeks relationships, even if they’re not ready for them. Violent arguments, wars, seeking to feel superior, richer and more prosperous than another, bullying, feelings of hate towards another. It is all about feeling alone, feeling isolated, feeling empty deep inside and putting on a mask to hide how they truly feel. So, in reality, this has nothing to do with the people around you, or the people that is not around you, or the things you’ve accomplished in life, or the things you haven’t accomplished in life. This is about becoming content, accepted, joyful in yourself, by yourself.

The worst mistake, the addictive drug, is when one feels lonely and immediately seeks other people, relationships, groups of any kind, money and position in society to escape one’s loneliness. This makes your anxiety and lack of self-love even greater in you. From my own experience, I can tell you that awakening, enlightenment, complete self-love, or however you want to call it, is about getting acquainted with your own feelings of loneliness. Escaping makes you weaker, more troubled, it diminishes your moral character towards yourself. Facing your fears of loneliness, you become your fears of loneliness; and soon afterwards, this familiarity becomes your normal.

And now you’ve become stronger, without having to run to somebody else for comfort or validation. Because if you really can make the act of being by yourself joyous and a source of happiness and love for you, then you get to strengthen yourself; and this is an inner strength which nobody, and no problem in life, can take away from you. When this magic inside you happens, from that moment on, you never give up, you never feel less, you never feel rejection, you never feel troubled or inferior to another. This personal process has made you a human being of greater moral qualities and character, and such is a human being who has enlightened himself, with complete confidence, with greater love and purpose, with a vast determination and self-discipline to be constantly happy in his life.

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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

The Way of The Better Mind.



  • Life is enjoyed when the mind is in peace.  If the mind is anxious, stressed, depressed, angered, and negative in any way, then life will be seen as these qualities.  It is not about what happens, but about the attitude you choose to have to what happens.


  • Remember that life is a way for you to experience the way to joy, to success, to progress; however, it is the mind the one which chooses to dwell in self-pity, doomsday scenarios, and all negative quality.  So, become self-aware and seek some form of motivation, inspiration in all you experience.


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That place

When thoughts are wild,

When the tempests are violent

When the mind is racing,

I seek that place within me,

That place of peace and freedom,

That place of love and intuition.


Life’s pressures require an intelligent approach.  When the mind is anxious and stressed, it wastes too much energy.  Then it needs to recharge in the stillness.  When we feel like this, we must meditate.  Not crowding your mind with thoughts.

Freedom is in this.  In allowing the mind to step away from wasting energy; and so, recharge itself.  This is meditation.  It is focusing on your breath entirely without allowing your mind to fill itself with energy-stealing thoughts.



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Where it lies.




When you hear Krishnamurti or Osho, or some other wise person, say that YOU are the world, that YOU are society, this is indeed not some spiritual and philosophical sentence for you to worship and repeat like a parrot without deeply knowing what it means.

It literally means YOU are the world.  If you are anxious, frustrated, suffering about the life of others, it is because you have no peace in your mind.  A truly awakened person sees the suffering in the world, feels for it, tries to help in some way; but then he moves on.

Moving on means to keep your attention inwardly, focusing on building your own peace of mind; because life is about happiness and, even though you must help others, you have to constantly work on YOUR own happiness.  First your health.  First your peace of mind.   First your psychological, emotional, and physical well-being.  Later, the rest.  First, YOU, then others.

The world is unconscious, it can be terrible, immoral, the cause of depression; however, to experience the opposite of this, happiness in you, you must learn to look at the terrible world, live in it, but keep your focus on you, on your wholeness.  This is what the path to Enlightenment, or to happiness, is all about.

Once you truly understand that the path lies inwards and that suffering the world is egoistical, then you will illumine yourself and begin your transformation into a better human being; but until then you are just pursuing your own sense of self-importance, playing the victim, and reflecting your lack of maturity into the world.




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Anger is anxiety at its peak, it is a very dark and low vibration, toxic energy and enemy of any clarity.  It possesses someone and shuts down the ability to rationalize and find harmony to enjoy life.

And it is so because it originates from fear, such may be a subconscious fear of not being loved, or of your beliefs being challenged, or others.

And people sometimes say that there is righteous anger; but the truth is that any anger transforms the mind, it brings violence, frustration, anxiety, dark thoughts to your mind.  So, how can anger be righteous…??

Something righteous by definition is something virtuous.  Now, something virtuous is highly moral, brings love to the mind, and peace to the mind.  So, is anger a virtue…??

You may not like what someone else does or says, or the way she speaks to you, or the way he treats others, or how difficult your situation is, or such and such life moment.  And this is fine.  We all have different personalities and reactions.

But it is your mind the one you must master so it sees this and does not create anger, because if the mind is anxious with anger you are the only one poisoned.  Poisoned because you lose clarity and harmony, and because you are now the puppet of that something or someone stirring the waters of your mind.

So, I can remain confident, clear, peaceful in my mind, and still react or behave in a better way to resolve a situation or respond to a person.  Always keeping a clear and rational mind is key to self-awareness.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

No escape…



There is no escape, because all you think, feel, experience, even things which annoy you in life, is your own mind, your own intolerance and self-designed suffering; thus, everything happens in your mind, so escaping in any way is pointless, it all comes back to you–especially memories and all life’s problems.

Transformation from one sensation, way of thinking, feel, experience, into another one which begets positive vibration, positive experiences in you, is what you must do.  Transformation from within is to create yourself; so, a better you who does not seek a pointless escape from life.

And so many people try to distract themselves from themselves, from their deep feelings and experiences, that it has become “natural” for them to avoid unpleasant feelings and even responsibilities in their lives by seeking pointless entertainments, drugs, alcohol, overeating, relationships, group activities, travels, etc. etc.

They all seek some form of escape either from themselves or from their current lives, not knowing or realizing that this ignorant process only adds to the emptiness and annoyance they feel.

Everything that annoys you or makes you uncomfortable about your life or about yourself, indeed, is there to stay whether you like it or not; however, transmutation or transformation is the internal process of change and creation to reach that peace and harmony you might seek–which you definitely need to love yourself, your experience, and your life.

All origins are born within you, and all can be mended and created from within you.  Your life and everything you experience in it is born from within you, so you must remain aware of this and create or transform, build or fix from within you.


No escape, but transformation.




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Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Keeping the peace.

“What is tolerance?  It is the consequence of humanity.  We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other’s folly.  That is the first law of nature.”  ~ Voltaire; French Enlightenment writer, historian, and philosopher.

It is really easy to give in to anger and all sorts of anxiety, specially when dealing with really stubborn and illogical people–i.e., people of set beliefs, fixed ideas, attached to traditions of old, and all this nonsense people fall into out of sheer ignorance and a lazy mind. Basically most people fall into this category, but quite often these still can be good and decent people, people who try to do their best even with the mental conditioning they have, and sometimes people do not try to even do their best.  It can be really frustrating to deal with this erratic crowd.

But we have to remind ourselves that people come from all sorts of places, environments, families, and with all different experiences that have shaped their minds one way or the other; so, for better or worse, these individuals must be seen from a psychological level, not just to understand what we can understand about them but to keep your own mind in peace when dealing with them.

And your mind must remain in peace and harmony, because, even though it can be difficult at times, it is all about you and not them, it is all about communion with yourself through a mind which is not in any agitation whatsoever.

Each one of us has a purpose for being the way we are, and we may not understand why this or that person reacts one way or the other, or why this or that person thinks one way or the other; however, life is conscious and wise, and it is not our business or concern to straighten them out or make them better.  Your only concern must be your own self and to show respect and love for people, and if they don’t care for you then just walk away and keep your ego tamed.


Watch your own ego, which always wants to fix everything and everybody.

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Strengthen your character.

“Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.” ~ Buddha.

“Be Impeccable with your word. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz; Mexican author of Toltec spiritualist and neoshamanistic texts.

Quite often we tend to react emotionally to situations and people, destroying trust and distancing ourselves from clarity; and this happens when the mind is overwhelmed and angered, in conversations or even when we keep anger inside that we cannot contain.

So, that is when the mind explodes and careless words come flying out just like daggers thrust to an opponent in battle; however, as in battle, the greatest warriors are the ones who remain calm, the ones who control their reactions, and the ones who turn mental anger and fogginess into mental strength and poise.

See, the fact that you must be firm and serious in your battle, in your work, in your conversation with another, does not mean you have to be careless and hurtful with your words.

Now, you must understand that when you let your mind explode and you say whatever comes out of your mouth, you are not just hurting others but you are hurting yourself; for in this process you condition your mind, your character, subconsciously perhaps, to be subjected to this poison which runs now throughout your whole system.

You not only destroy your own integrity and peace of mind, but you destroy opportunities and distance yourself from people that now see you as this ego-centered bully; furthermore, your thoughts and words of anger or incomprehension release energy which is negative and attract all sorts of stressing situations into your life.

Your character develops strength based on the control on your reactions and the intentions you carry in thoughts and words.

Be patient, wait to respond or formulate your message, remain clear and do not allow your emotions to cloud your thinking.

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Self-help life truths.


“I don’t trust people who don’t love themselves and tell me, ‘I love you.’ … There is an African saying which is: Be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt.” ~  Maya Angelou; writer, poet, and civil rights activist.

“Most good relationships are built on mutual trust and respect.”  ~ Mona Sutphen; Foreign Affairs Officer, consultant, and White House Deputy Chief of Staff.

Trust is the emotional connection in any relationship, being romantic, friendship, co-workers, or any other sort; and trust increases love and peace in the mind, thus creating a deeper understanding of the foundation of any committed and sincere relationship.

But trust must be earned also, it does not matter who you are, or who the other person is, and it does not matter the story in the relationship; and it must be displayed in behaviors and honest and open communication with one another, it must increase harmony and divine union–one must feel at ease and understood by the other, and vice versa.

And as with all serious interactions in the wide human spectrum, trust always must be founded on self-love, because if you love yourself, you trust yourself; and so, now you can carry this personal experience onto the outside relationships with another, you can truly give trust, and also recognize trust in the other person.

But you must be able to live and trust in the present moment, for the only true happiness you can fully experience is in the present moment, not in past memories or in future ones.

This is to say, that you cannot fully trust and be trusted only by what has been said or done in the past, or by what has been solely promised for the future, but you must watch the behaviors of the present and also listen to the words and thoughts being expound in the present.

People’s minds, egos, are tied to different moods and characters, so trust must be experienced in the present to know that is real trust.  Watch for the signals in others, and also watch that you give the right signals so others can trust you.


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In the footsteps of the master.

“Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment.”  ~ Lao Tzu.

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”  ~ Sun Tzu.

The way of peace is knowing yourself, and this way is practiced by the superior mind; because the superior mind knows and deeply understands that confidence and power can only flower when the human mind is resting in the silence of internal peace and harmony–i.e., peace from the agitated mind, and harmony with the true self. 
Furthermore, this confidence and power flowering in the peaceful mind is what can conquer all your battles in life, overcome all obstacles, attain all victories over negative circumstances and mediocre naysayers, for this mind is free from all outside nuisances and pressures, for this mind stands on its own.


The Tao (The Way to Enlightenment/The Source of Everything) in its unmatched wisdom says,  “But knowing harmony creates abstraction, and following abstraction creates ritual.  Exceeding nature creates calamity, and controlling nature creates violence.”  This says, ‘Knowing harmony, living and experiencing a wise and peaceful mind, creates the deep analysis and study of profound ideas, profound philosophies for a better life; and so, following this abstraction or greater philosophies, creates superior habits and thus ways of the superior mind.’
Then it explains, ‘Trying to force nature, and everything that happens in your life, brings chaos into your life; and controlling nature and outside events, creates an agitated mind and all violence.’

You must clear your thoughts from all agitation whenever you see obstacles and people wanting to hurt you in any way; for only with a clear and pure mind you may think straight and arrive to a solution or to an inspiring idea.  And when you need to become firm and fearless, fight people’s arguments and life challenges head on, then be also calm and confident because the energy of your own mind, of peace and harmony, will create your reality, will dictate the outcome of your experience.

The fool initiates quarrels and rebellions because he is full of fear/rage and hate, and his mind does not think clearly due to an inferior understanding/an inferior mind; however, the wise and superior mind of the sage remains peaceful and confident because nothing from the outside moves him, he is in constant meditation and harmony with his true self.

The sage is the one who really holds the power.


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