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The Way of The Better Mind.



  • Life is enjoyed when the mind is in peace.  If the mind is anxious, stressed, depressed, angered, and negative in any way, then life will be seen as these qualities.  It is not about what happens, but about the attitude you choose to have to what happens.


  • Remember that life is a way for you to experience the way to joy, to success, to progress; however, it is the mind the one which chooses to dwell in self-pity, doomsday scenarios, and all negative quality.  So, become self-aware and seek some form of motivation, inspiration in all you experience.


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O, to truly love you.




There is no separation or difference between love and freedom.  There can exist no love without freedom.  There can exist no freedom without love.  Do you truly realize this…??  But, just know, freedom, love–it is shown in your behaviors, not in your thoughts and clever words.

If a man expects something of a woman and then gets upset because he does not get his desires fulfilled, it means he is attached and focused on himself only; therefore, he is not free but trapped by his own selfishness, and at the same time he does not offer freedom to the woman.  This is not love.

When a woman gets all her attention on a wedding ceremony, on jewelry, on being swept off her feet and saved by a man, it means she is attached to outward situations and events; therefore, she is not leading herself but living in a romantic bubble, and so she is not free but trapped by her delusions.  This is not love

In these two examples there is no freedom, because there is only selfish desire, which feels nice perhaps; but it puts the mind in a prison.  And how can love flourish in this psychological prison…??

If you are not truly free in your mind, if you are obsessed, if you are overwhelmed by desire, if you are following a set pattern of what love means in this corrupted society; then, there is no love in you or in your behaviors, and when this happens you cannot truly love another.





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