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No escape…



There is no escape, because all you think, feel, experience, even things which annoy you in life, is your own mind, your own intolerance and self-designed suffering; thus, everything happens in your mind, so escaping in any way is pointless, it all comes back to you–especially memories and all life’s problems.

Transformation from one sensation, way of thinking, feel, experience, into another one which begets positive vibration, positive experiences in you, is what you must do.  Transformation from within is to create yourself; so, a better you who does not seek a pointless escape from life.

And so many people try to distract themselves from themselves, from their deep feelings and experiences, that it has become “natural” for them to avoid unpleasant feelings and even responsibilities in their lives by seeking pointless entertainments, drugs, alcohol, overeating, relationships, group activities, travels, etc. etc.

They all seek some form of escape either from themselves or from their current lives, not knowing or realizing that this ignorant process only adds to the emptiness and annoyance they feel.

Everything that annoys you or makes you uncomfortable about your life or about yourself, indeed, is there to stay whether you like it or not; however, transmutation or transformation is the internal process of change and creation to reach that peace and harmony you might seek–which you definitely need to love yourself, your experience, and your life.

All origins are born within you, and all can be mended and created from within you.  Your life and everything you experience in it is born from within you, so you must remain aware of this and create or transform, build or fix from within you.


No escape, but transformation.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Fire of life.

Do you know in your life what truly does not serve you…??  Are you honestly working on transforming it…??

As Prometheus came down and brought humanity fire from the gods, we all have it in us to forge ourselves and transform our lives, in order to transmute darkness into light, weakness into strength, and self-doubt into confidence.

But you must take the time and look within, stop seeking and wallowing in your situations; for if you give attention to what is outside you give fuel to the same, but if you focus on transforming yourself from within then you are fueling your inner experience to create a better experience in your outside.

Everyone’s worried about their lives, but no one seeks the origin of the same.  When a building has structural problems, the builder or engineer must look at the foundations, the inner walls, and to whatever originates everything.  And so must be with life itself, and the foundation of life is what you cannot see, which lies inside you.


Success, love, bliss, harmony can be reached, reconciled in your daily affairs; but you must go to the foundations and strengthen there, otherwise you are just patching the outer walls instead of reinforcing the base of it all.



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Deepest desire.

The intellectual creature must raise above simple desires, because this is the origin of the superior creature. One should not be so base as to fall into the abyss of temptations and ignorance, but to practice the transmutation of desires must be the constant key to living; for this is the Great Law, that one given to us to surpass the simple Adam and its “original sin.”
The deepest desire.”


There is nothing more powerful than my desire,
Such is my desire for individual growth and bliss;
And so, however rough the waters of this my life,
However suffocating and violent the storms of fire,
I must awake the great capacities within me hidden.
The desires of the animal cannot reach Divinity,
For this is my inferno–my lack of love and bliss:
These conniving desires must be transmuted.
The divine desire has indeed to be aimed higher
In order to transform the animal into the godly,
And so maintain strong vibration throughout.
As life is nothing but my thought vibrating higher,
Over storms of fire higher and higher a thought.

More intense desire, stronger wish given out;
The recesses of my mind hide the key then,
The levels of vibrating forms, the mental world.
Consciousness is the origin of energy of thought,
And the cosmic forces in me the greater desire–
What are the cosmic forces if not the god in me…??
What is a desire if not the fulfillment of a need…??
My need then must be the need for my better life,
Ascending over the torturing demons of thought;
And life is a thought which must vibrate higher
In order for me to reach the deepest desire yet:
The desire to ascend and become a divine god,
The desire to accept my divine nature eternally.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Transmutation of impressions.

To transform one’s life is a revolution only achieved individually, it is the greatest transmutation of the godly, natural elements residing within one’s soul from gross to pure; and, of course, it is logical to say that transformations within matter exist, for physical life is all about change from the crude into the divine, from low-vibrating-ego existence into higher dimensions of vibrating thought forms: For example, sugar is transformed into alcohol and the latter is then converted into vinegar through the action of fermentation; and so, obviously this is the transformation of a molecular substance.  One knows about the chemical life of elements, for example, when radium is slowly transformed into lead, etc.

Transmutation circle.

Transmutation, transformation, change, adaptation to new forms and ways must become your everyday worship, your very purpose for evolution in life.  And can you truly see why…??  In Gnosis, you must consider the human being to be like a factory with three floors which normally demand or need three types of nourishment:  The first floor is a very important nourishment for your existence, your stomach absorbs what you eat and drink.  Second floor being the air you breathe, your lungs must be properly nourished for the better living and enjoyment of your physical existence.  And third, very important, your brain–its chemistry and overall function must be pristine through positive thinking and the building of impressions based on facts/on truth you can fully trust to elevate your conscience,

The transformation or transmutation of impressions in the human being is essential for the access to the secrets to a better living; thus, the better and higher-vibrating energies introduced into the system, into the human machine, must match the depth and richness of the divine in life.  This calls for a change in lifestyle in every aspect, one such lifestyle away from egoistical views of conformity.  Because if you do not take the lead in your own life, then your understanding of it and of your own situations will be very poor indeed.



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