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No escape…

They all seek some form of escape either from themselves or from their current lives, not knowing…



There is no escape, because all you think, feel, experience, even things which annoy you in life, is your own mind, your own intolerance and self-designed suffering; thus, everything happens in your mind, so escaping in any way is pointless, it all comes back to you–especially memories and all life’s problems.

Transformation from one sensation, way of thinking, feel, experience, into another one which begets positive vibration, positive experiences in you, is what you must do.  Transformation from within is to create yourself; so, a better you who does not seek a pointless escape from life.

And so many people try to distract themselves from themselves, from their deep feelings and experiences, that it has become “natural” for them to avoid unpleasant feelings and even responsibilities in their lives by seeking pointless entertainments, drugs, alcohol, overeating, relationships, group activities, travels, etc. etc.

They all seek some form of escape either from themselves or from their current lives, not knowing or realizing that this ignorant process only adds to the emptiness and annoyance they feel.

Everything that annoys you or makes you uncomfortable about your life or about yourself, indeed, is there to stay whether you like it or not; however, transmutation or transformation is the internal process of change and creation to reach that peace and harmony you might seek–which you definitely need to love yourself, your experience, and your life.

All origins are born within you, and all can be mended and created from within you.  Your life and everything you experience in it is born from within you, so you must remain aware of this and create or transform, build or fix from within you.


No escape, but transformation.




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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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