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The Meaning of Life.

So, the ones who understand this, can actually give great meaning to…

The mind wanders here and there, and questions filled by confusion and doubt appear to swallow reason in many people; but, however it is, each moment we experience, each thing we think and feel, each behavior and activity we do gives meaning to life.

It is not that achieving big goals like marriage, a great paying job, becoming a wise person, being this or that in great measure, give meaning to our lives; but all we do each day must be meant to create meaning.


The essence of existence, the essence of life is change, evolution, always moving forward; but life in reality has no meaning ascribed or given to it, because life is pure consciousness, and consciousness is molded and directed to create this or that by YOUR mind.

So, the ones who understand this, can actually give great meaning to their lives each second they are alive, without depression and doubt.  The ones who do not understand this, cannot actually find the creative meaning of their lives no matter what they do; so doubt and depression will consume them, and they will seek out there for meaning endlessly, pointlessly.

And you know when people say “I should be this or that by now” or “I deserve to be this or that in my life right now”…??  This is nonsense they create because they do not understand life at all.  Because life’s meaning is not a destiny or future, or a big goal or something you deserve because you have a plan or word hard.

Life’s meaning is the one you create each second of each day, by creating in your mind this meaning right now.  So if you cannot give a meaning to your life right now, this second, you are missing the point of being alive and having the opportunity to create your very life.

And you create meaning by enjoying each moment with bliss and awareness, and not by running after big goals and accomplishing great activities which give you pleasure.  Remember this always.




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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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