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About love & romance…

What is romance…??

Romance is a love connection, a poetic way to join us together. It is physical attraction, respect for one another, admiration for the personality of someone. And yet, it is a construct of society. It is an institution, honest, heartfelt; but no more than a tradition and a belief where sex has some importance.

Is romance love..??

Romantic feelings are strong. A strong desire to be with one another. A strong desire to connect through nice and poetic words. Love. But love is not “romantic love.” Romantic love is just another label. In all truth, love is a connection beyond labels. Love goes beyond the flesh and it has no thoughts of poetic nature.

What love is

Love is no label. When you see a beautiful horizon, or a beautiful woman, or a beautiful and innocent baby, or a stranger suffering in a war, or a whole nation in terrible pain from war.

In all this you feel empathy, a connection to the beauty, to the suffering, to the existence of love in you. Because love is a connection to all existence. It cannot be explained, because it is not of the mind. So when you love, remind yourself that love is pure empathy.


Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Core of existence.


-Life is a myriad of things.  The phenomena of existence is wonderful yet mysterious.  But we lead our lives through our minds.  We know love in relationships through our minds.  What is love…??  Why decrease of self-esteem??  How to increase my presence, magnetism??  These and more are questions which may plague the mind from time to time.

-That is why to be positive, healthy, with goals, understanding that we are going through our own unique journeys of discovery, is vital for existence in this plane, for a good and productive life.  I have spent years and years asking these questions and more, trying to discover myself and access a deep understanding of existence.

-I have written a book about just this journey.   To intimacy with oneself, so to be intimate with others.  Because there are too many fights and too much suffering in relationships, in our own self-talk, in our own lives in general.  My book is about enlightening the mind into becoming a magnet for success in any aspect of our lives.


Non-fiction book about the dimensions of love, the feminine force, enlightenment, and other topics.  “I ALWAYS LOVED YOU – Creatures of eternal love.”

Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

The Meaning of Life.

The mind wanders here and there, and questions filled by confusion and doubt appear to swallow reason in many people; but, however it is, each moment we experience, each thing we think and feel, each behavior and activity we do gives meaning to life.

It is not that achieving big goals like marriage, a great paying job, becoming a wise person, being this or that in great measure, give meaning to our lives; but all we do each day must be meant to create meaning.


The essence of existence, the essence of life is change, evolution, always moving forward; but life in reality has no meaning ascribed or given to it, because life is pure consciousness, and consciousness is molded and directed to create this or that by YOUR mind.

So, the ones who understand this, can actually give great meaning to their lives each second they are alive, without depression and doubt.  The ones who do not understand this, cannot actually find the creative meaning of their lives no matter what they do; so doubt and depression will consume them, and they will seek out there for meaning endlessly, pointlessly.

And you know when people say “I should be this or that by now” or “I deserve to be this or that in my life right now”…??  This is nonsense they create because they do not understand life at all.  Because life’s meaning is not a destiny or future, or a big goal or something you deserve because you have a plan or word hard.

Life’s meaning is the one you create each second of each day, by creating in your mind this meaning right now.  So if you cannot give a meaning to your life right now, this second, you are missing the point of being alive and having the opportunity to create your very life.

And you create meaning by enjoying each moment with bliss and awareness, and not by running after big goals and accomplishing great activities which give you pleasure.  Remember this always.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

The purest.

Love is vastly misunderstood in society, in the world, by women and men; because it has been made a concept fitting philosophies and individual opinions tied to moods and circumstances.  Ignorant people, most people, good people, perhaps even you, love based on their changing feelings–i.e., I love you if you share my point of view, I love you if you respect my feelings, I love you if you do this for me, I love you if you appreciate what I do for you and you thank me and respect me, etc. etc.  Their “love” has expectations, a quid pro quo, a political battle for emotional recognition and worship; however, this shadow of love designed by society and by your own mind is flawed, imperfect, impure, and not free.  This is bondage, is it not…??

But true love has no designed quality and feel of the mind, and that is why it is free.  It does not belong to you or to me, but it is there.  It is not something you create by having any relationship with someone else.  It is not that you have to deserve love or that someone has to be intimate with you.  Love is the Cosmic Consciousness of the great and divine Process of Creation, and so it is in you, there, and everywhere else.  Love gives as air is there for all breathing, so do not allow your mind to confuse you on this: The highest form of love is support, giving, sharing without expecting, friendship.  Love is existence, and you exist not to take but to experience; so, when you love, you just do it for the experience and opportunity to love.

This is the highest understanding, but not an intellectual understanding; for everybody in the world if you ask them would agree, but the fact is that nobody lives it.  Nobody lives by this truth.  This truth, when actually lived in your own life, brings great illumination and awakening.  Of course, you may not see it and so make up excuses why you cannot love this way in your own life; but the mind begins to accept the truth with practice.  Practice makes perfect.  And that is what love really is: Perfection.  The purest.


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Anatomy and physiology of life The free mind of a human god!

Breathing life.

Breathing is the mechanics of life, and linked to the mind it access the different states of consciousness; like wind currents have an effect on clouds of smoke, like electricity has an effect on machines, the mind is altered by the changes in consciousness, by the breath.  The mind is attached to the breath; the more slow and long the breath, the more calm and clear the mind; the more rapid and short the breath, the more agitated and polluted the mind.

Physical existence is tethered to the breath.  We cannot see plants breathe, and yet they do–being why they exist at all!  When you see any plant dying, the breath is gone, and so decomposing has accessed individual existence.  And it may seem silly to you as a sentient being to think of rocks, earth, water, and such physical elements breathing as well; but, however their mechanics for breathing, their sole existence calls for proper breath, because they are alive–they may not move in your dimension/in your way of existing, and yet they live in a whole different dimension and rhythm which requires some form of breathing.

So, breathing equals life.  The breath affects the human mind. The breath affects our experience/our thinking/our clarity/our feel.  So, regulating the breath is regulating life/the mind/the human experience 🧘‍♂️👁️🙏



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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Slave to existence.

Desire, and the roots of desire, is a big topic for all of us, even for those who do not consciously see it as a big topic; because desire is everything you are as a human being, it is how you can accomplish things, it is how you live day by day:  You desire to keep the passion alive in your relationship.  You desire to become a better person.  You desire to have more knowledge.  You desire to better your finances.  You desire to love yourself more.  And the substance of desire moves us forward from one minute to the next, acting consciously and subconsciously all throughout our lives.

Desire then, being the root of our day by day interactions, thoughts, feelings, fuel for doing everything, is also our downfall or destruction when it becomes too much desire/obsession:  You obsess over your financial situation.  You obsess over sex.  You obsess over knowledge.  You obsess over your appearance and your intelligence.  All this is desire uncontrolled, desire ruling you instead of you ruling it.  So, desire, the magic fuel of our very humanness, the heart of good deeds and of evil deeds as well, can become an obsession if unguarded, if there is no self-awareness.  It can enslave you with and without your knowledge, can it not…??

And why would you say that is…??  Because desire is the very root of existence.  In the story of Adam and Eve, Adam disobeys God and tempted by Eve eats of the forbidden fruit; so because of desire Adam and Eve disobeyed God – an unbalanced desire brought this.  Desire is then good, it is the fuel behind great things; however, it is desire unguarded that which destroys man, because desire unguarded brings great anxiety, uncontrolled passion, rebellious obsession, and all agitation to the mind.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder.

The simplicity of a raindrop.

Rap-Rap!– I cannot help but wonder what lies beyond what my physical eyes can see, what is there sleeping among cosmic dreams and stardust, what is that which immerses man in ancient mysteries and dead civilizations.  As I sit and ponder about life and my origins, the human faces seem so dim and the emotions so intense in my rushing mind, the alien worlds appear so distant yet so close to me; and I can really see entire galaxies in a raindrop, I can feel the calm and affection taking me over as I observe through my windowpane.  The shiny droplets emanate life, as I feel the incredible energy of the first unicellular organism appearing in the heart of an ancient water corpuscle, the energy of the baby being born and of the old man dying, and the energy of millions upon millions of stars incurring a beautiful beginning and reaching a terrible end.  The mysteries of life fill my mind thus like blood fills the many miraculous passages of my veins and arteries.  What does the water in a raindrop carry then if not life and all its mysteries…??

Rap-Rap!– O how many fools are there in this world of ours that confuse their minds with trivialities and nonsense?!  They seek to know and understand all the mysteries of life by empty knowledge and pleasure pursuits of their society.  They even search for answers to their problems from gods up in the sky and dead men.  They forget about the nature of the raindrop!  For it knows.  Nature knows because it carries all of time and space contained inside a so-called “insignificant” water droplet, such which travels from the vapors of the highest cloud down to my very windowpane with its Rap-Rap! sound.  This divine sound is the very harmony of the universe to my heavy-laden ears, and the illuminating peace of my soul connecting to it, freeing my mind from the overwhelming chaos of society and its burdens.

Rap-Rap!– The cloudy skies are in deep meditation and their soundless consciousness links to mine, it speaks to my heart in no-mind and vanishes all my nagging questions, it dispels my impatient intellect and brings the understanding of meditation upon me.  Yes, and I come back to myself!  To the one true me I had forgotten and buried under stress and thought-forms of joy and also of misery.  I connect with the cosmos as I observe this one raindrop sliding down my windowpane.  And I wonder what is it most people think about when they observe what I observe–if they ever do that is…  Do the Sun and the Moon ever speak about us and our impatience…??  Do they ever have doubts or become confused about their own origins and immerse themselves into questioning life…??  Or is it the very demon in man who thinks he is separated from nature and believes he is lost and alone and thus questions existence…??  Perhaps the relief from all questioning lies inside nature, indeed inside the simplicity of a raindrop.


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