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Beyond the biological machine…




The Breath keeps us alive, it maintains the mortal shell and the “illusion” of the physical.  Oxygen enters our bodies and fills us with life energy in order to function properly within the interactions of this machine we carry.  The gateway to the other dimensions is breathing.  The bridge between what we call life and death.

Once breathing is stopped then, our biological system stays with a few reserves of this life energy so it takes from our cells and its storage to continue brain function; however, soon it runs out and brain starvation occurs due to oxygen lack and this life-giving force (prana).

Now, and this is the interesting part, when we consciously avoid the breath for a few seconds repeatedly the brain becomes strengthened, the mind self-aware–and all this increases brain capacity and emotional connection within the machine.  This is what happens in deep meditation when done properly.

Spiritually wise, we may say that this act or process connects us to what is beyond this physical reality or this very real substance of “illusion.”  Most of the time we live while our subconscious controls breathing, but when we consciously control and break the barriers of mechanical breathing we walk the bridge between this reality and the next.

The ego is sustained, like all our biological functions, through breathing, so it is evident that when we hold our breath and starve our brain for a few seconds repeatedly, in a daily fashion, the ego loses power or influence over the mind because it is not sustained anymore–at least for a moment.

This is what fills us with new cosmic energy and resurrects us every time from the deadly toxins of the ego activity; a break from thought which awakens our whole being and connects us directly to what we truly are beyond our biological machines.



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Anatomy and physiology of life The free mind of a human god!

Breathing life.

Breathing is the mechanics of life, and linked to the mind it access the different states of consciousness; like wind currents have an effect on clouds of smoke, like electricity has an effect on machines, the mind is altered by the changes in consciousness, by the breath.  The mind is attached to the breath; the more slow and long the breath, the more calm and clear the mind; the more rapid and short the breath, the more agitated and polluted the mind.

Physical existence is tethered to the breath.  We cannot see plants breathe, and yet they do–being why they exist at all!  When you see any plant dying, the breath is gone, and so decomposing has accessed individual existence.  And it may seem silly to you as a sentient being to think of rocks, earth, water, and such physical elements breathing as well; but, however their mechanics for breathing, their sole existence calls for proper breath, because they are alive–they may not move in your dimension/in your way of existing, and yet they live in a whole different dimension and rhythm which requires some form of breathing.

So, breathing equals life.  The breath affects the human mind. The breath affects our experience/our thinking/our clarity/our feel.  So, regulating the breath is regulating life/the mind/the human experience 🧘‍♂️👁️🙏



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As long as you breathe…

How can anything be over as long as there is life…??  What creates and guides your life is choices, whether you are aware of your choices or not.  Why would you give up or give in if you can make choices, whether small or big choices…??  Choices must be meditated and analyzed in order for you to see your life move in the right direction.
Once you see a challenge, a tragedy, a great loss which cripples you and forces you to deviate from your path, even in smaller things happening in your life, you might feel defeated, broken, depressed, and even begin to believe that all you have done until now has been for naught.  But why would you do that to yourself…??  You must look at life as the beautiful field where you come to learn, and it is why you must at some point encounter great tragedies and gargantuan problems which shall shake you violently; for you need pain and suffering to elevate yourself above it, and for that same matter to discover your bliss and create your heaven you have to learn to embrace pain and dwell in hell for a period.  Who are you to be above all pain and suffering…??  You are human, are you not….??

Whatever age, whatever situation, there is purpose, there is much coming for you; however, the secret of life is not to question or seek that purpose, for this shall bring you mental insanity, frustration, self-destruction.  The secret is to remain mentally on a good path but not to attach yourself to it, so when storms come–and they will come–and they deviate you, even pound you and cripple you for a while, you get back up and create yourself another good path.

In a World

“Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”  ~ Nelson Mandela.


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