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Beyond the biological machine…

The ego is sustained, like all our biological functions, through breathing, so it is evident that…




The Breath keeps us alive, it maintains the mortal shell and the “illusion” of the physical.  Oxygen enters our bodies and fills us with life energy in order to function properly within the interactions of this machine we carry.  The gateway to the other dimensions is breathing.  The bridge between what we call life and death.

Once breathing is stopped then, our biological system stays with a few reserves of this life energy so it takes from our cells and its storage to continue brain function; however, soon it runs out and brain starvation occurs due to oxygen lack and this life-giving force (prana).

Now, and this is the interesting part, when we consciously avoid the breath for a few seconds repeatedly the brain becomes strengthened, the mind self-aware–and all this increases brain capacity and emotional connection within the machine.  This is what happens in deep meditation when done properly.

Spiritually wise, we may say that this act or process connects us to what is beyond this physical reality or this very real substance of “illusion.”  Most of the time we live while our subconscious controls breathing, but when we consciously control and break the barriers of mechanical breathing we walk the bridge between this reality and the next.

The ego is sustained, like all our biological functions, through breathing, so it is evident that when we hold our breath and starve our brain for a few seconds repeatedly, in a daily fashion, the ego loses power or influence over the mind because it is not sustained anymore–at least for a moment.

This is what fills us with new cosmic energy and resurrects us every time from the deadly toxins of the ego activity; a break from thought which awakens our whole being and connects us directly to what we truly are beyond our biological machines.



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