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For your moral development.




What is being intelligent…?? What is intelligence?? Is the person who reads a bunch of scientific, spiritual, philosophical books, and then talks about them, truly intelligent??

And what about the physically and psychologically old person who has lived many, many, many years on this earth…?? Is that person intelligent just because of the many experiences lived through time??

All these people I have mentioned have a great amount of acquired knowledge, memory of experiences, an accumulation of information of the past; so, in their vanity and unconscious thinking they follow what society says and believe they are intelligent.  But, are they??

Because intelligence in reality is not a product of knowledge, like happiness and love are not products of this accumulation of information either.

If intelligence were a product of knowledge, of experience, of accumulation of information, then the world would be a paradise and everybody would behave morally and be Enlightened.  Can you understand this??  Take a moment if you have to ponder.

So, the worst thing for your development as a moral human being is to believe that you are intelligent because you have knowledge and experience, because this irrational belief makes you egoistical, prideful, and it stops you from realizing your own weaknesses, your own faults, your own unhealthy patterns.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths.

Experiencing your own Enlightenment.




Whatever and whoever you find offensive, bothersome, irritating around you is indeed due to the way you feel inside, the way your chaotic mind is, the way you understand and love yourself; because what you find as experience out there is what you feel as experience in you.

The world, existence, your experience lies in you, and that is not something romantic and philosophical; for your mind truly creates everything, and it all filters through the mechanics of your brain.  Nothing exists but what your mind allows you to see, touch, think, feel, experience.

So, when you are annoyed, hurt, irritated by people, it is a by-product of your inner state, a reflection of your truest and deepest self.  And the more you attend or focus on someone’s flaws, weaknesses, things you do not like, the more you create your own flaws, weaknesses, irritations, etc.

At the end, it all comes down to your inner state of mind, how you feel about yourself, how much or not you love yourself, how harmonious or not you experience yourself.  It all, everything you think you experience coming from outside, comes really from you, it is a reflection of you, literally so.

So, to understand the world, your surroundings, people, environments, nature, then understand yourself.  To love all existence, love yourself entirely.  If you can truly understand and realize this daily, then know that you are blissfully experiencing your own Enlightenment.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Beyond the biological machine…




The Breath keeps us alive, it maintains the mortal shell and the “illusion” of the physical.  Oxygen enters our bodies and fills us with life energy in order to function properly within the interactions of this machine we carry.  The gateway to the other dimensions is breathing.  The bridge between what we call life and death.

Once breathing is stopped then, our biological system stays with a few reserves of this life energy so it takes from our cells and its storage to continue brain function; however, soon it runs out and brain starvation occurs due to oxygen lack and this life-giving force (prana).

Now, and this is the interesting part, when we consciously avoid the breath for a few seconds repeatedly the brain becomes strengthened, the mind self-aware–and all this increases brain capacity and emotional connection within the machine.  This is what happens in deep meditation when done properly.

Spiritually wise, we may say that this act or process connects us to what is beyond this physical reality or this very real substance of “illusion.”  Most of the time we live while our subconscious controls breathing, but when we consciously control and break the barriers of mechanical breathing we walk the bridge between this reality and the next.

The ego is sustained, like all our biological functions, through breathing, so it is evident that when we hold our breath and starve our brain for a few seconds repeatedly, in a daily fashion, the ego loses power or influence over the mind because it is not sustained anymore–at least for a moment.

This is what fills us with new cosmic energy and resurrects us every time from the deadly toxins of the ego activity; a break from thought which awakens our whole being and connects us directly to what we truly are beyond our biological machines.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Brighten your thinking.

The aim of any true philosophical endeavor or intellectual pursuit must be the birth of reason and conscience in one’s mind, one must seek to resolve and harmonize one’s situation instead of overthinking and obsessing with it.  It seems alluring as a conditioned program to stay with the same thoughts over and over again, fixed on a past memory, reliving a situation, making oneself a victim and wallowing in the painful problem like pigs wallow in filth; however, this intellect creates its own hell out of pure egotism, it actually distances itself from reason and truth.

Why…??  Because the brain gets poisoned by this obsessive thinking, the nerves fry in time, our whole body weakens and we invite more suffering because of this.  The mind, anguished by the suffering brain, gets more confused, ego hides reason and truth as it grows, and obsession and overthinking distorts reality in our life.  This is not guiding you to light and to a solution, but this is just blinding you more and more as your mind gets anxious and frustrated with the problem or challenging situation.

The brain needs to be free from obsessing and trying to fix everything, allow time to breathe and focus on something else.  Rest your brain activity.  Thus the mind must become emptied of anxiety and stress, because to see reason and truth, to find solutions and guidance one must keep one’s mind in harmony and allow negative and dark vibrations to leave your awareness.  Filled with positive energy then, peace and order shall reach your mind and let some clarity to brighten your thinking.



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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Know The Infinite.

“And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation, neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there!; for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” ~ Luke 17:20-21.
All life is, all the symbolisms in the holy books of the world and also in your Bible, all the angels, all the demons, all the dimensions and states of vibration–they are indeed in you, beyond that egoistical state of infernal descend which characterizes the mediocrity and ignorance of the superficial man.

The human mind and its capacity for greater awareness obeys the structural chemistry of the brain, and you carry out the actions to form your brain; therefore to build connections and synapses is to rule your life based on strategies for greater evolution–i.e., routine exercise, balanced nutrition, good and sound entertainment, study of elevating books, etc. etc.
These I have mentioned are some of the ways to structure your brain, to form greater capacities of awareness in the great lab of your physiology, of your being, ways to purify the mind from the world’s pollution; however, this is the start, for these are just mechanical ways to prepare the vessel/yourself.  These ways are the ways of observation, as such is the observation of the conscious structure of your brain and its chemistry.


Ascension, the Kingdom of God, comes not only with observation though; but with the formation of greater awareness, which calls for a great understanding of yourself, thus of the world and its symbols. You must live the Divine Word in yourself, in your everyday actions, and not just intellectually repeat it like a parrot; and so, this calls for an individual grace which does not belong to the world or to anyone around you.  You must seek, study, experience, and so guide yourself in the mystical truths; and all in order to ascend and know The Infinite within you.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Spiritual evolution.

Evolution of consciousness from fallen angel to ascension, or from darkness to light, or from mediocrity to Enlightenment.  Spiritual evolution is not an evolution of the spirit per se, but it is the elevation of the human mind so it can get rid of the corruption and all hindrances to freeing the spirit (as the spirit truly frees itself the conscience of man reaches heights of illumination/a portal into higher dimensions of thought/a unity with the universe or Oneness/Enlightenment).  And how does a free spirit come about…??


It is in the dormant DNA strands: as we absorb knowledge, beliefs, opinions, certain views, our physical brains make new connections (grow more “dendrites,” which are neuronal branches) or destroy connections–depending on the knowledge we acquire.  This affects, obviously, our DNA composition–we either become illumined and strengthen DNA strands while creating even more, or we bury these same DNA strands under piles of actual genetic “junk” while sending ill signals to our entire genetic makeup.  This is the science behind evolution.  Human beings function like this so we may acquire the right knowledge and evolve into higher levels of consciousness through our own divine genetic material, because it is all in the genetic material.

When you accept whatever you read, when you just follow the words of others no matter how they sound, when you react without thinking and immerse your mind in passions based on fear either by yourself or with the collective–all this produces an effect on your genetic makeup, you are structuring your genes and polluting your process of evolution.  Your brain is the gateway to expansion, and unless you watch what you feed it day by day your genes will not evolve into higher realms of thought.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Realize your own stupidity.

The thoughts appearing in your consciousness like quick materializing vapors which seek your attention are not important, not even relevant, but the paramount transformation of your being is the process which comes right afterwards, which has all the relevance; that is, the thoughts you choose, mold, strengthen, and follow with your attention.   Attention is extremely powerful, and the most important tool you have; for with full attention you are able to focus on a particular idea and go somewhere, form relationships, create beautiful art, gain confidence and be happy.
Can you see how attention shapes you and brings everything to you, how it makes you great or it destroys you if misguided….??

And, of course, this attention must come then with your better choosing of thoughts, with your better judgement, as thoughts that do not serve you and elevate you should not be given attention, but just let them flow and disappear into the oblivion of your own psyche.  The mind, or its content of thoughts, tends to work mechanically, manically in a loop, conditioned and repeating the same old patterns; however, you must be highly aware of this in your own experience lest you start living in your own hell, flames which shall destroy your higher capacities as a human being.  And such hell by being trapped into the same self-defeating patterns of thinking, and so reliving the same fears over and over again without allowing yourself to learn better.

Why would you allow yourself to remain stuck in the same rut…??  Isn’t your life a continuous progress, a further reach into better things to come…??  And you create your life, you bring progress into your life, right…??–Or perhaps you are waiting for some god up in the skies to throw blessings at you, with your nonsense prayers and idiotic images of Buddha and Jesus.  Are you waiting for that then…??  Well, if you are, it is because you have yet to awaken from stupidity.  And it is stupidity what keeps you down and in the dream; that state of stupidity is the ignorance you won’t allow yourself to see.  This stupidity is your vain ego in mechanical mode working daily in you.  Become aware of it!



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Anatomy and physiology of life Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

A Higher Revelation!

What is real…??  What is not real…??  Can you tell me…??  Can you tell yourself and be certain…??

For the human brain has been molded as clay, perfect clay, to create worlds, experiences, sensory perceptions, the greater and very human feelings of love and fear; furthermore, all this so each one of us can exist in this physical realm, interact with other brains and other forms, find wealth in knowledge and choose the life we desire to lead.  We see and experience the world as our brains tell us.  Our consciousness, our energy of eternal existence, runs through our bodies, fills and gives life to each one of our cells, it expresses our intentions and fuels our brain cells to give us divine access to the world we see, so we create our world and manifest our physicality for better or worse.

Alas, how weak and ignorant is to live your life in frustration and stress, in sadness and fear…?!  All is energy and nothing you see in the world works against you, because we are all energy; we are all the same team, there is no opposite in life, there is nothing to fear, but the ego/the same conditioned brain makes you believe there is an enemy you should fear.  But why should you keep any fears then if there is only realization that all is the same energy…??  No.  What must be changed in the brain is its own conditioning, because once you change it your mind rises, you do not “fall in love” anymore but you RISE in love, your consciousness breaks the chains of polluted conditioning and it allows your entire body to feel freer.

Remember that consciousness is life energy inside each cell of your body, so when your consciousness is allowed by the shift of your brain to break the chains then your aura expands, because your level of freedom expands and such brings a newer understanding to light, a higher revelation of what is real, and so you begin to remember.  You begin to remember what you knew as a child before your parents and our society started conditioning your brain and cutting your freedom, debilitating your aura and lowering your energy, designing the illusions of matter and of lower perceptions.


“What is reality? What we have called matter is energy (light), and such vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” ~ Albert Einstein.


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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

“Evolving through time…”

Time is tied to change, to development, to growth; thus, time is indeed all that, time is all it takes for matter to create memories, experiences, guides to nurture our brains and its wiring.  And physical evolution indeed happens through time, it is time; therefore, all which occurs in the physical sphere is a pattern or consequence of time and the activity human beings engage, knowingly or unknowingly.
The human brain is a bundle of memories, electrical and chemical wire conduits which mold experiences to better help us engage in the world, and it is the source of learning when added to the passion of our hearts; because whenever the intellect, the brain tries to learn something but there is no passion from the heart, then that same brain does not deeply learn but forgets soon enough.
Remember when you learned to drive, for example, it stuck with you throughout your life, even if you couldn’t have a car of your own for many years; because you knew it was important to you and also interesting as you saw your family drive, so you put not just your intellect and analysis but your whole heart into it, your passion to grow drove you forth.

And life itself is learning, growing, developing, creating ever forth; for when you learn with your heart in it, then you follow life and start living, you stop thinking and suffering age and the pressures of the world, because now you are nurturing yourself with food that will not leave you but strengthen you and make you feel stronger and more confident to create a better path–whether you are 20, 40, or 70 years old.

The worst mistake people make is to think and believe that the brain ages with the body and that there is no stopping the process; but the brain ages because most people do not care for it and nurture it with deep love for learning–i.e., a new language, new ideas, new lifestyles, new books, new skills or enterprises, new daily behaviors, mindful meditations, etc. etc.

When this happens and you nurture your brain daily, new neural connections appear, new awareness, consciousness expands, and you embrace change and direct it to better fit the ever evolving you.


“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love.  When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.” ~ Sophia Loren; Italian film actress and singer.


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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Chains of Understanding.

A stubborn mind which is lazy and dull will not change, and such change–i.e., change of ideas, change of lifestyle, change of behavior, etc.–is what life really is, is it not…??  Weak minds, minds which enslave themselves to others, minds of unrestrained egos, minds which do not really live in harmony and love create illusions out of fear–i.e., fear of loneliness, fear of an afterlife, fear of Karma, fear of being left out, fear of not being popular like the others, etc. etc..


Beliefs without actual, personal, proof are the MOST damaging nonsense to the human mind, it robs you of clarity and depth of understanding.   And beliefs are not just induced from childhood into your subconscious, forming your personality and the way you think and see the world as a grown up; but they are also greatly reinforced and designed by the TV you watch, the books you read, the activities with friends, your family traditions, your nationalistic views, etc. 

It all works subtly in your mind, so subtly you do not see it perhaps, but it is so strong that it influences all your views, choices, it dulls your thinking, it robs your mind from all clarity and deep understanding due to a heavily conditioned brain.

TV watching, or the morons tube, is perhaps the most damaging of all when it comes to absolute mental freedom; as you watch the news or reality shows, or any other influencer, your mind gets conditioned to think one way, to see the world one way, and to make beliefs and choices one way… the way they want you to in order to sell and make you a part of the ignorant society.
Nationalistic views and the nonsense of war is a great problem for individual thought.  Ignorant minds tell you to go to war, “be the best you can be” they say, do not think for yourself but go kill and obey blindly like a mere puppet.

People do not see this, and yet they want peace and love in the world, and yet they want an awakening in themselves; however, they want this peace and love in the world when their own minds are not peaceful and full of true, innocent love, they are full of beliefs of the masses based on fear, they are lazy enough to not question.  This is not love, but it is the opposite.

This ignorance is violence against themselves, it is the opposite of self-love because they do not love themselves enough to live based on reality and facts, they let ignorance rule their lives.
So, always question EVERYTHING society and specially religion says.  Always question how you think and feel about something, about anything.  Always question.  Question, question, question.   Until the day you die.  Your mind then must become supple, innocent and creative as the child’s, empty and full of new energy, able to grasp reality as it really is; thus, your mind can only understand and absorb an awakening if it is this superior mind.


“And, through acceptance of belief, do we understand ourselves?  On the contrary.  A belief, religious or political, obviously hinders the understanding of ourselves.  It acts as a screen through which we look at ourselves.  And can we look at ourselves without beliefs?  If we remove these beliefs, the many beliefs that one has, is there anything left to look at?  If we have no beliefs with which the mind has identified itself, then the mind, without identification, is capable of looking at itself as it is, rich, pure, innocent, alert, truly intelligent; and then, surely there is the beginning of the understanding of oneself, the beginning of the superior mind.”  ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti.


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