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Angels and Demons.

Now, reason and conscience, the main sources of spiritual awakening and all godliness (human moral and ethics), seem to be obsolete in most people.  Angels, demons, possessions, curses, the wait for blessings from somewhere outside themselves, etc.–these toxins and others infest the minds of people, due to their vain and irrational egos filled by religions and societies and the influence of them.

And you do not even have to belong to a religion specifically to be infested by this, because it floats in the air like nuclear fallout–i.e., it is in books, it is online, it is passed on through family traditions and lifestyles, it is present in truly uneducated minds (minds who do not seek truth but to fill their desires of fantasy), it is on TV shows and movies, etc. etc.  No one thus actually respects the journey into awakening, but it all becomes a game between good and evil for these asleep people.

It is easy to blame something outside yourself, isn’t it…??  Then whatever happens, you distance yourself from it and you can escape responsibility.  But it is also foolish, stupid, irrational, because by running away from responsibility you are making it worse upon yourself to become conscious, awakened, and thus to grow as a person, morally, ethically, and in connection to your soul or to your Higher Self.



Life can be a roller coaster if you create gods and demons outside yourself, and the suffering you design because of this distance.  To live the best life, to make the best choices, you must embrace responsibility and step up, own whatever happens in your life, leave old traditions and personal beliefs aside. Use reason and conscience, expand your mind and see that you are good and evil, god and devil, your greatest accomplishment and your most extreme failure.

Own yourself and realize your own mind’s activity.


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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Brighten your thinking.

The aim of any true philosophical endeavor or intellectual pursuit must be the birth of reason and conscience in one’s mind, one must seek to resolve and harmonize one’s situation instead of overthinking and obsessing with it.  It seems alluring as a conditioned program to stay with the same thoughts over and over again, fixed on a past memory, reliving a situation, making oneself a victim and wallowing in the painful problem like pigs wallow in filth; however, this intellect creates its own hell out of pure egotism, it actually distances itself from reason and truth.

Why…??  Because the brain gets poisoned by this obsessive thinking, the nerves fry in time, our whole body weakens and we invite more suffering because of this.  The mind, anguished by the suffering brain, gets more confused, ego hides reason and truth as it grows, and obsession and overthinking distorts reality in our life.  This is not guiding you to light and to a solution, but this is just blinding you more and more as your mind gets anxious and frustrated with the problem or challenging situation.

The brain needs to be free from obsessing and trying to fix everything, allow time to breathe and focus on something else.  Rest your brain activity.  Thus the mind must become emptied of anxiety and stress, because to see reason and truth, to find solutions and guidance one must keep one’s mind in harmony and allow negative and dark vibrations to leave your awareness.  Filled with positive energy then, peace and order shall reach your mind and let some clarity to brighten your thinking.



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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

A little more awake.

The voices in our heads are seemingly many, loud, rebellious, and quite often without much reason; that is in fact the chemistry in our brains igniting certain signals, lighting up certain parts of our hemispheres, as the mind is influenced by molecular waves of potentialities thus giving us the different sensations/dimensional experiences of thought–i.e., good and evil, truth and lie, facts and imagination, etc. etc.  This comes about due to the polluted content of the human mind, because if there is no pollution then the voices are just truth-and-love based–i.e. no confusion and struggle to find out what is true.  And the pollution penetrates through our physical senses; the physical senses are not clean due our society and its influence.

It is not that easy to be honest with yourself in the polluted mind, is it…??  What to eat.  What and how to say it.  What activities to pursue.  Wise strategies in life.  Detaching yourself from your own mind’s content.  Are you making excuses right now…??  Do you make excuses for the way you think, for the way you feel, for the way you behave…??  Excuses are stopping you and anyone else from the light, and the pollution–whatever is not fact–is denying you access into the temple of wisdom, into your godly nature which is your god-given right.

You may not see it, perhaps you aren’t really conscious of the excuses you make; however, awakening is just that, realizing what is unconscious in you and making it conscious immediately, no excuses, because it is about you and your evolution–spiritual, mental, physical evolution.  Awakening is not filling your mind with more knowledge, which may turn out to be more pollution–and if that is the case you are falling more and more in the sleeping state rather than coming into higher awakening…  Think about this, really see it in yourself, and then become a little more awake…



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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

The Spark of Intelligence.


The mind of man, in its lower, dormant state, is very conformist, opportunistic, it chooses the easiest and most popular path to follow; it does not create out of reason and love for itself but it designs and schemes paying attention to the world around it.

And the world around it is certainly ignorant and selfish, it does not look for peace and love, unity and uniqueness, it does not search for the growth of the individual; consequently, it seeks to consolidate itself and its power, its influence and control in these weak and lower-state minds, and all in order to selfishly feed its own ego, sell, and demonstrate power over others–comparison between peoples, between nations to see who is better – competition always.
Society, it does not matter what the media and slogans say, does not look to cultivate thinking minds, rich minds which use logic and question, because thinking minds are a danger to the established order, to the established norm; thus, society sells lies dressed as truths in order to slow the mind of the individual and make them followers, enslaves to their own greed of consolidation.

But there is the one individual who allows his mind to stop the chatter and see through the bullying of the demands of society, someone of higher intelligence who sees through the lies and facade of the media, religion, and the government; and, furthermore, this one is the person who steps away and focuses on himself, without being selfish, without following the mere rabble and those idiots in power who conspire to make him another robot without a thought of his own. 

To awaken to this is to realize deep within you that you can create and build yourself, that you find and discover happiness and success on your own and so you stop seeking it outside of yourself.

The spark of intelligence illuminates the human mind when we take time to stop our rushing thoughts from following others, the media, and all of society’s schemes; and so question ourselves, all we know and believe, all we have been taught in the past, even if whatever we believe seems at a first glance rational.  The lightning spark of thought generated in the solitary mind awakens and is able to function independently, richly, full of intelligence beyond what you now now and understand as intelligence.

The beginning of unique, rich, creative thought, comes when you begin to see through the schemes of society; as you question yourself, the thoughts you have, the feelings you have, and the intentions and reasons you have.

“It is not enough to be busy.  So are the ants.   The question is:  What are we busy about?”  ~ Henry David Thoreau; American essayist, poet, philosopher, abolitionist, naturalist, tax resister, development critic, surveyor, and historian.



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