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Life’s purpose.




Your life is the product of your mind and the habits it transforms into daily behaviors.  If your mind has to worry about something, be focused on something, practice something as habit, let it be your own self-development in all aspects–beginning from the right nutrition and exercise.

Demand the best for yourself, the best life, the best blessings, by actually creating the best yourself.  And do not seek excuses like “I am too old and set in my ways,” and “The people around me does not support me.”  If you seek to be a better person, begin from leaving those stupid excuses you carry everywhere you go.

The road to being an awakened individual, a greater human being, a person of high moral values, is not as easy as saying so or reading scriptures.  Become better by adopting better, greater, more inspiring, and healthier habits.  Life’s purpose is not doing for others.  Life’s purpose is giving a great example to others by becoming yourself better in your habits. 





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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

No more excuses!




Your mind has this obsessive compulsive tendency to seek health guidance, spiritual growth, insights for a better life, deep understanding of yourself, even love and happiness, outside of itself; from others, from books, from religions, from society in general.

Your true human development is based on your Higher Self, on your ethical and moral values, on the gene coding which you change through daily habits.  Your human development has nothing to do with the outside and that desire to seek out there.

You might seek something inspirational on the outside, but you must learn not to become attached to teachers, to people, to beliefs from books, to the way others say and do.

There’s a point in which you must begin your own inward journey, no asking others, no seeking in the world; but do the inner work you have been postponing through your many excuses.





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Business mind. Self-help life truths.





You cannot find yourself to do this or that.  You tell yourself constantly that you do not have time.  Other things seem to occupy your mind while you keep allowing them to do so often.

All the excuses you make are something you invent in your mind and convince yourself that it is true, real, that cannot be changed.

But if you really love something, if you really see something as important, you make time for it, you train your mind to see it as the most important thing to do; and you stop making excuses, because you realize that morality is improving yourself.

Behaviors rooted on health of body and mind, attitudes which are positive and moral in their core, treating yourself and all other creatures with respect and understanding–this is the only thing to seek in your daily choices.

Stop the lies and excuses and start maturing.  Learn to fit rationality, morality, real values which lead you to real behaviors in your thinking and feeling.  Give an example unto yourself and unto others.





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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!






Don’t ask what makes you weak, mediocre, immoral; for you already know.  You may lie to yourself and say that you do not know, and then play that intellectual game of always seeking and seeking answers to escape the truth; but you do know deep inside.

Extra fatty foods, physical laziness, gossip, hiding the truth, clinging to past memories, attachment to expectations, impulsive reactions, chasing money desperately, and so on and so forth.  Don’t you know then…??

What is your life if not greater development, always moving forward in you, through your better health, through your rational ideas, through your moral behaviors…??  And what are you if not your life, which is how you think and feel–so your developing experience moving forward…??

Anything that makes you weak, lazy, stubborn, envious, angry, unhealthy, etc., must not be made part of you; because, in very fact, whatever you add to you, in thinking, feeling, eating, certainly becomes you.

And you cannot live a happy life, in love with it each day, if you become weak in this aspect.  Weakness brings suffering, confusion, immorality, wrong decisions, delusions in your ways of thinking; thus, it slowly destroys your life, it slowly destroys you.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Without excuses.

What results out of unawareness…?? What is that in us which causes suffering and all kinds of arguments and problems…?? The human mind is a temple, a thing of worship, the portal between this physical life and the divine life or that which is of godliness within us; therefore, to really go beyond our fears, opinions, beliefs, and all ego, is to know ourselves, is to see the sacred in us or that which is untainted. But the mind is filled by us, and this content makes us strong or weak, this content allows us to know ourselves or remain wild animals who ignore their divine origin, and this content gives us access to reason or access to ignorance and violence.

So, all that exists in life is the content of your mind really, because your mind’s content will determine how you see yourself and others, it will tell you what to think about your situation and how to feel about it as well. You will feel bliss or feel pain, you will experience peace or anger, all based on your mind’s content. This means that whatever you go through in life is labeled by your mind’s content as either good or bad, as pleasurable or painful; and so, what you experience then is not your situation in reality but your mind and what it tells you, you follow its labels on the outer situation.

And this is why keeping a mind alert and self-aware at all times is so vital to keep your bliss and happiness–even if you lost someone you love, or if you have a disease, you must remain self-aware and not attached to your suffering/do not ignorantly create suffering for yourself. And you can come up with a thousands excuses for the suffering you are going through right now, but truth is that your mind is making it worse than it is because you are letting it. Life might not be easy, struggles exist for all of us; however, your attention dictates how you feel about your life–if your attention is on problems then you will get more problems.



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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

A little more awake.

The voices in our heads are seemingly many, loud, rebellious, and quite often without much reason; that is in fact the chemistry in our brains igniting certain signals, lighting up certain parts of our hemispheres, as the mind is influenced by molecular waves of potentialities thus giving us the different sensations/dimensional experiences of thought–i.e., good and evil, truth and lie, facts and imagination, etc. etc.  This comes about due to the polluted content of the human mind, because if there is no pollution then the voices are just truth-and-love based–i.e. no confusion and struggle to find out what is true.  And the pollution penetrates through our physical senses; the physical senses are not clean due our society and its influence.

It is not that easy to be honest with yourself in the polluted mind, is it…??  What to eat.  What and how to say it.  What activities to pursue.  Wise strategies in life.  Detaching yourself from your own mind’s content.  Are you making excuses right now…??  Do you make excuses for the way you think, for the way you feel, for the way you behave…??  Excuses are stopping you and anyone else from the light, and the pollution–whatever is not fact–is denying you access into the temple of wisdom, into your godly nature which is your god-given right.

You may not see it, perhaps you aren’t really conscious of the excuses you make; however, awakening is just that, realizing what is unconscious in you and making it conscious immediately, no excuses, because it is about you and your evolution–spiritual, mental, physical evolution.  Awakening is not filling your mind with more knowledge, which may turn out to be more pollution–and if that is the case you are falling more and more in the sleeping state rather than coming into higher awakening…  Think about this, really see it in yourself, and then become a little more awake…



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

About your excuses…

You have to admit, your excuses are making you weak and blocking you from reaching all that you desire with a noble and loving heart.  Excuses might come with your own so-called “rationalization” or “truth,” but you are lying to yourself and allowing your comfortable ego to make you feel that false sense of security and pride in the very face of your own unchallenged weaknesses; however, this is hurting you slowly, hurting your chances in all aspects of your life.  You hide yourself behind your past experiences lived, your family traits in your genetics, your character and way of doing things; but you are afraid of change, either consciously or subconsciously, because you want to be successful, loved by others, happy, proud of your future noble and serious accomplishments, which represent change… and yet you are stubborn or lazy in your own lies… and yet you are afraid of change…
You, as a human being, are formed by trillions upon trillions of tiny organisms or cells, and so made able to interact and carry on in this world by its magnificent genetic codes or informational energy.  Isn’t this very mystery inside the cell wonderful….?!–how each cell glues together to form your brain and body.  Every cell nucleus and its surrounding structure contains information and energy, that information specifically is called by science DNA. 
DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is this self-replicating material present in nearly all living organisms, as the main constituent of chromosomes; furthermore, it is the carrier of genetic information–which means it is what gives you your unique appearance, traits, and all distinctive qualities which form your persona as human and as the person you are right now.  I have mentioned that our cells carry information and energy.  The energy is linked to your thoughts, and the energy transports the information.  Epigenetics is the science that says that you can heal and transform that information by your thoughts, beliefs, and overall thinking patterns.
There is no rationality in thinking you are fated to remain fat because your family is fat.  There is no excuse in saying you cannot achieve your dreams because your character in your current living is extremely flawed.  It is stupid for you to think that you cannot change and become better in any aspect.  Your own ego, that loud mouth sounding in your head, is the only one stopping you from becoming better, from healing, from awakening, from achieving your dreams.  So, stop creating excuses where there are none, stop being lazy and remaining comfortable in your own mental mess; you have the same chance to become better that anybody has.
Your situations, your environments, might be different; but your capacities, your genetic material is transformed and formed by your mind, as is everybody else’s…


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