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Through the physical first.




People always seek, and ask, and remain confused about some aspect in self-development in their lives, because they have not studied themselves; therefore, all the knowledge they carry from others, from reading, does not fulfill them.  Know yourself.

Self-knowledge does not come to the mind due to reading books, following scriptures, listening to religious noise, and good and honest desires to be so-called “spiritual.”  Awakening, enlightenment, is the result of paying close attention to one’s body.  This process is your most sacred key.

Know your body and mind.  Its chemistry.  Its biology.  Its conscious and subconscious programs.  How it works.  Its composition at the physical scale.  Then you can really understand the spiritual realm.  The spiritual (energy) can only be understood by going through the physical first.





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About your excuses…

You have to admit, your excuses are making you weak and blocking you from reaching all that you desire with a noble and loving heart.  Excuses might come with your own so-called “rationalization” or “truth,” but you are lying to yourself and allowing your comfortable ego to make you feel that false sense of security and pride in the very face of your own unchallenged weaknesses; however, this is hurting you slowly, hurting your chances in all aspects of your life.  You hide yourself behind your past experiences lived, your family traits in your genetics, your character and way of doing things; but you are afraid of change, either consciously or subconsciously, because you want to be successful, loved by others, happy, proud of your future noble and serious accomplishments, which represent change… and yet you are stubborn or lazy in your own lies… and yet you are afraid of change…
You, as a human being, are formed by trillions upon trillions of tiny organisms or cells, and so made able to interact and carry on in this world by its magnificent genetic codes or informational energy.  Isn’t this very mystery inside the cell wonderful….?!–how each cell glues together to form your brain and body.  Every cell nucleus and its surrounding structure contains information and energy, that information specifically is called by science DNA. 
DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is this self-replicating material present in nearly all living organisms, as the main constituent of chromosomes; furthermore, it is the carrier of genetic information–which means it is what gives you your unique appearance, traits, and all distinctive qualities which form your persona as human and as the person you are right now.  I have mentioned that our cells carry information and energy.  The energy is linked to your thoughts, and the energy transports the information.  Epigenetics is the science that says that you can heal and transform that information by your thoughts, beliefs, and overall thinking patterns.
There is no rationality in thinking you are fated to remain fat because your family is fat.  There is no excuse in saying you cannot achieve your dreams because your character in your current living is extremely flawed.  It is stupid for you to think that you cannot change and become better in any aspect.  Your own ego, that loud mouth sounding in your head, is the only one stopping you from becoming better, from healing, from awakening, from achieving your dreams.  So, stop creating excuses where there are none, stop being lazy and remaining comfortable in your own mental mess; you have the same chance to become better that anybody has.
Your situations, your environments, might be different; but your capacities, your genetic material is transformed and formed by your mind, as is everybody else’s…


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