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Through the physical first.




People always seek, and ask, and remain confused about some aspect in self-development in their lives, because they have not studied themselves; therefore, all the knowledge they carry from others, from reading, does not fulfill them.  Know yourself.

Self-knowledge does not come to the mind due to reading books, following scriptures, listening to religious noise, and good and honest desires to be so-called “spiritual.”  Awakening, enlightenment, is the result of paying close attention to one’s body.  This process is your most sacred key.

Know your body and mind.  Its chemistry.  Its biology.  Its conscious and subconscious programs.  How it works.  Its composition at the physical scale.  Then you can really understand the spiritual realm.  The spiritual (energy) can only be understood by going through the physical first.





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Know ye not…??

The bridge to be built across the three-months space must have a mineral base or rock foundation. “Thou art Peter (petra, stone, or mineral), on thee will I build my church,” etc. 3 months, 3 days.

3 is a very mystical, meaningful, miraculous number for many reasons, but here is one: Jesus, standing in the temple of the city, when asked by the pharisees for the third time who he was, said– “I already told you repeated times who I am, you demons! I am who “I AM.” I will throw down all the stones of this temple, and I will lift a new temple in 3 days, so you shall see.” And the pharisees laughed and responded, “You’re mad! How can you lift a new temple in 3 days when this one took more than 40 years to build?!!”

They had no Greater Understanding, but Jesus had meant that he would allow himself to be killed and then resurrect his temple in 3 days. He was talking about THE TEMPLE OF GOD, and not pitiful stones put together by blasphemous men… And so it happens with all the people today. 2000 years later and the pharisees of the world have grown to be in the billions, they still think that God resides in a temple of stone, or in a church, or in a mosque, with bishops, prophets and stupid priests. How arrogant and stupid is to actually think this all your life and believe that you have any salvation at all!

Church is from the second Hebrew letter, Beth, a house temple, or church. THE HUMAN BODY IS A HOUSE, TEMPLE, OR CHURCH FOR THE SOUL which may be lost or saved by the Higher Self, or SPIRITUAL EGO, residing in the cerebellum the “Secret Place of the Most High,” “Golgotha/the place of the skull.” Your own body and mind is the temple, and nothing outside of it is holy or even real. When will people/pharisees understand this…?? Truly, they are like the dog who looks at his own reflection in the mirror and barks at it because he ignores that he is the “I AM,” he ignores that he is all there is.

“Know ye not that your bodies are the temple of God…??” ~ 1 Corinthians 6:19.



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