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Love beyond the surface.



  • Love is not something superficial.  If it were, then the world would be full of people in love, never falling into anger, never falling into violence, never making the same mistakes due to not understanding each other.  So what is true love if not the essence of us…??  We create or build relationships, but true love must be found within oneself.

  • Now, when it comes to relationships, the path of spirituality, of essence must be taken.  You must seek those who can see you for who you are, not someone who only sees your surface.  The surface is what changes–i.e., our moods, our wants, our passions, our loneliness, our frustration, our thoughts of ourselves.  But there is something which does not change.  Love.  So, seek that.  And love others who seek the same.

Review of my books: “I really loved the depth of your approach, specially because sometimes I struggle with low self-esteem and that gets into my relationship with my new wife.  Thanks for helping us become aware of all these things.  Much love to you and yours.”

Review of my books: “It allowed me to see another explanation of love..with a touch of humor i was able to find a sensible place to kick back to enjoy knowing I have always been Loved!!  YOUR advice is like finding a treasure. Thank you so much sharing!”

“LEAVING THE HERD” (part 2). A book about enlightenment and the renaissance of the leader in you.
Business mind. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Through the physical first.




People always seek, and ask, and remain confused about some aspect in self-development in their lives, because they have not studied themselves; therefore, all the knowledge they carry from others, from reading, does not fulfill them.  Know yourself.

Self-knowledge does not come to the mind due to reading books, following scriptures, listening to religious noise, and good and honest desires to be so-called “spiritual.”  Awakening, enlightenment, is the result of paying close attention to one’s body.  This process is your most sacred key.

Know your body and mind.  Its chemistry.  Its biology.  Its conscious and subconscious programs.  How it works.  Its composition at the physical scale.  Then you can really understand the spiritual realm.  The spiritual (energy) can only be understood by going through the physical first.





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