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Wise quotes…

Some quotes that have helped me:

“The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”
― William Shakespeare, As You Like It

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect).”
― Mark Twain

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”
― Aristotle

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”
― Socrates

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”
― Aristotle, Metaphysics

The path to liberation

The way we live today, or the way our societies are built, may bring pressures, tensions, burdens. And for this, the path to liberation, to enjoyment of myself and my life, is wisdom, knowledge, insights to live better.

Obviously, experience is important; however, experience, living each day is not enough. I must cultivate myself through learning from the wisdom of others. So, it is my heartfelt desire that you take this into consideration and find the knowledge, the wisdom that can help you, in whatever situation you meet in your life.


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Through the physical first.




People always seek, and ask, and remain confused about some aspect in self-development in their lives, because they have not studied themselves; therefore, all the knowledge they carry from others, from reading, does not fulfill them.  Know yourself.

Self-knowledge does not come to the mind due to reading books, following scriptures, listening to religious noise, and good and honest desires to be so-called “spiritual.”  Awakening, enlightenment, is the result of paying close attention to one’s body.  This process is your most sacred key.

Know your body and mind.  Its chemistry.  Its biology.  Its conscious and subconscious programs.  How it works.  Its composition at the physical scale.  Then you can really understand the spiritual realm.  The spiritual (energy) can only be understood by going through the physical first.





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Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Daily Interactions.


Each person lives in his own world, in his head and with his preoccupations; and when people interact with you, with the world, they do it under their own terms, based on however they feel and on what fills their minds at the moment.

Remind yourself that each person out there is like a robot, even though they may not understand why.  Each person obeys their own program, their own conditioning, views, beliefs, unique values; and they have been molded by their past, personal experiences.

Once you understand this truly, you will interact, initiate relationships, work and socialize with people and not get affected, irritated, angered by what they say or do.  Your mind will not be attached to them in any way.

Have in mind that you do have your own conditioning as well, but you probably do not see it in yourself as it is a subconscious behavior which may escape your awareness.  Allow yourself to be free from your own conditioning and from the conditioning of others.

Ponder deeply why something bothers you.  Study your thoughts and feelings about yourself and about people.  Internalize that which you meet in your relationships, the challenges and frictions, the difficulties and different views.  Don’t let it bother you and make you anxious, depressed, or disturbed in any way.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Observe The Darkness.




When the mind is rushing, thoughts are churning, anger festering, or anxiety overpowering your thinking, or when your ego is annoyed in any way, a relaxation is required, a whole moment of patience must be taken.

Reacting to your sudden impulses is what makes you volatile, attached to immoral behaviors and thoughtless decisions; and, as long as you keep doing this, you will remain immature and deluding yourself in your life, no matter how young or old you are.

Having a sincere dialogue with yourself, a tranquil and unexcited communication in your mind with yourself, before you react with your sudden outbursts will give you clarity on your decisions and on your daily behaviors.

Ask yourself why you react this way, how to be less rash or impulsive in your thinking, what is the best way to react in a relationship.  The way you think and behave will design your character, your personality; so, if you behave thoughtfully, morally, consciously, then you will be that in your persona and you will illumine your decisions in all aspects in life.


This seems intellectually proper and easy to do, even obvious; however, people do not actually do this in their daily lives though, because they choose to remain unconscious and attached to their old psychological patterns.

They do this as a subconscious way to deny their own darkness, immorality, weaknesses, and what they do not like about themselves.  But the reality is that you cannot evolve into a better human being until you recognize this darkness in yourself and turn it into light.




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Acts of intelligence.




The way you react in your life is the way of your subconscious emotional programming.  When you get upset about someone’s words, it is because your mind’s beliefs, ideas, or opinions have been rattled or threatened; thus, your subconscious programming makes you react even without consciously thinking about it.

But when you train your conscious mind to respond in a different way, unattached to beliefs, ideas and opinions to the words and behaviors of others, then you are creating your own subconscious programs.

This gives you intelligence, it boosts your inner harmony and knowledge of self; for you become more confident, liberated from egoistical reactions, thus penetrate into a deeper understanding of yourself, of others, and of the ways of life.

Intelligence is not your memory and the accumulation of knowledge there, but indeed this is what the naive and ignorant world believes–and so, just look at it and you’ll see that there are no really intelligent people out there, just people holding school degrees and people old in time.

Intelligence is in the way you react and respond to the world, to your stress, to your negativity, to your anger and frustration.  Intelligence is to create your own emotional understanding and to see beyond the petty acts of your ego.




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Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The game.

People make the mistake to seek themselves in society–in their relationships, in their jobs, in their religions, and in all their particular activities.  This is to put on masks and try to fit in and find your love, your happiness here; however, these are the lies people live and tell themselves every day.  Because these are mere things, as important as they can be to you, superficial things you do, experiences of the human games you are here to play; but still you are searching for yourself in the wrong places where nothing of eternal substance can be found…

“The game.”

I was blind and my foothold very weak,
I thought me as superior in my own eyes,
I felt saved, proud, safe in a crooked path
Where I had you through painful choices.
I did not see myself in this game but a lie
Which grew in me and cut my freedom,
A game where I constantly seek and seek,
In you, In them, some love, some happiness,
A way to express myself through my masks;
But soon it swallowed me and kept me away
In spite of my bouts of anger and frustration,
In spite of my desires to be mended by you.
But I finally discovered myself in the mirror,
Aging, deceived, broken–but alas awake!
Thus awake with a light I hadn’t seen before,
Such brightness which took me past the mask,
Past societies, past cultures, past seeking.
And now I saw you, dear, for who you were,
My partner, not my savior or my source of love;
And I saw me, I saw how illumined I was,
what I was, and who I needed to be for me.
Yes, I contemplated my role and my worth
Far beyond society’s many false arguments.
Who was I…?? Thunder came, lightning shot,
Then I knew who I was, and who you were too…


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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Their business…

Some of you still belong to religions, I am sure of this, your minds still attached to these beliefs and dogmas designed by men with a selfish purpose–a purpose which has nothing to do with truth or God.  In their sheer ignorance they believe they are spreading knowledge of truth and God.  But if this is so, tell me, and tell yourself: Why there are so many religions dividing people…??  Why is there not peace in the world yet…??  Why have you still got problems in your life…??  Why is your mind still confused about God, love, peace…??  Why do you still seek answers…??  Why do you still suffer the slavery of your own ego…??  Why can you not ascend mentally yet…??  And the questions keep going forever…

All that religions have done was to take Enlightened men, like Jesus, like Buddha, and put them as the main attraction, as the mere figureheads of their blasphemy; they mock these Enlightened men by using their names on their garbage institutions which do not really teach you to be enlightened like they were–they do not help you see your own ego and wake up from the dream.  Because they live in the dream as well, and if you found a way to see beyond the dream you would rise up and become free; and freedom of thought, self-discovery–that is not good for your religions business.  And you do understand religions are a business, like the business of foods or houses…??  Religions deal with your hopes, dreams, desires to know love and God and truth–they sell you all these, and trust that you are ignorant enough to buy from them.  Are you still buying from them, or have you woken up…??

Because religions are institutions created by the ego of man.  Religions want control over the masses, to grow the institution, to create a legacy, to rule over all activities of man, to amass material wealth through not paying taxes and getting free money and gifts from members/from faithful but ignorant followers.  But God, love, truth, peace–these are not found in the ego of man, no institution can actually give you these; hence religions cannot either.  These can only be discovered in man’s soul, by himself, through aloneness, through meditation, through self-discovery and self-knowledge…


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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Rise from stupidity!

So I just had two of these young missionaries knock at my door, and I truly felt for their confused minds which are overwhelmed by garbage others have told them, all this ignorance–like parrots they repeat scriptures and what they have been told since birth by the bishop and their own parents.  Yes, they were like parrots standing on my door’s threshold, their mouths enslaved by the same words and phrases over and over again, and I could sense that they weren’t really thinking for themselves but they were reacting to a program forced in them and that now they were seeing as true.
So, they asked the usual: Why wouldn’t I go to church with them or why wouldn’t I come back…??  I looked at them.  At that moment I really felt sad for their empty minds and I wished I had had the power to make them see through the veil like I can; but, however, I know that awakening and seeing through the veil is something which cannot be taught by mere words, and that illumination comes to your very conscience when you are ready–and, in the case of highly religious people, that awakening is extremely difficult to happen.  Possible, as it happened to me, but extremely difficult; for most people live their entire lives without questioning themselves and the status quo of all society.  God, true love, absolute peace, freedom–these are not even experienced by them, their minds following blindly their own imaginations and stubborn views.  Are you one of these lost souls…??
What would it take for you to awaken and become illumined, not by my rebellious words here, not by any ancient scriptures or modern articles or man’s knowledge of any kind, but by your constant self-inquiry and serious meditation in all of life’s aspects…??

You don’t need a middleman.  You don’t need to kneel in prayer.  You don’t need to think about Jesus and Buddha and put them on a golden pedestal, and so become pitiful followers.  You don’t need to be guided by family traditions, blind faith, and by any man, saint or not, who may appear to have the truth or some revelation.  Aren’t you the Creation and the Creator…??–Or does your ignorant mind make distinction of the two…??  And if there is no difference, then you mustn’t look out there for a Creator.  Isn’t God the very rich energy inside each atom making you, the world and all worlds…?? 
All you must do is see clearly, empty your own mind from your beliefs, traditions, and all words; for your own mind/your own ego is the one you call Satan or The Devil, or whatever is keeping you from actually experiencing all love and truth.  Your confusion, your emptiness, your loneliness, your need to follow others and repeat their words like a parrot–this is your ego, and it will never allow you to be illumined or enlightened in this lower state of existence…

The words, the beliefs, the traditions, the rituals–this is keeping you down, dumbing you down from self-knowledge, from the truth; find out who you are without all these enslaving arms.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Discover yourself.

What is it that keeps you frustrated and bitter in some situations in your life…??  Why is it that you are anxious and easily manipulated into anger and all sorts of distractions from the people around you and the media–thus from society…??  You pay attention to others and follow what your family, your friends, your religions, your traditions have taught you, don’t you...??  Are you truly free this way…?? 
 Finding yourself, discovering your unique values and shaping them into great behaviors which bring true acceptance and love into your life is exactly why you are here, on earth, endowed with your physical mind and body.  Careers, money, beliefs, religiousness, family traditions, and others, might be important to you–and that goes with each person’s views.  But, no matter the age you have, the gender you are, the place where you live, you are you and not what others expect from you or what society says you should be.

What keeps you frustrated and anxious, reactive and always complaining and arguing, is not the situations or the people but your mind and the discipline you allow it to have; thus, the discipline you must allow your mind to have is the attention inwardly directed, because when your attention is directed inwardly then you have no desire to focus on the things that stress you outwardly and you are not distracted by what is around you–even if people are not loving and friendly around you.  You must discover this by finding your unique values and talents in anything and in everything you do–in mopping the floors, in reading or studying, in your job, in the small details of your relationships, etc. etc. 


If you do this, you will explore yourself, illumine yourself truly, and you will discover that life is these moments; opposite to this, society tells us that life is the big things like a career which gives you good money and position, and also things like getting married and having a bunch of kids–all lies (which might have some importance, but little at best) which take you to forget about yourself and the small activities in life. 
And it is in the small activities where you find the eternal values and higher awareness to discover yourself, and so when you truly discover yourself your attention falls inwardly; thus, self-love grows and nothing bothers you anymore, because you are now focused on yourself where only true love and freedom to be unique fills your mind–meaning that your mind has no place for stress, anxiety, or anger anymore.


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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Discover your nature…

Our human form is divine, our biology truly magical, and our science far deep into reality; so, if we truly care about ourselves and our higher states of conscious awareness we must study ourselves and discover the universal symbolisms and realities of our nature which dwell literally in us…
The Terminal Nerve (Nervus Terminalis in Latin), or cranial nerve zero, was discovered by German scientist Gustav Fritsch in 1878 in the brains of sharks.  It was first found in humans in 1913.  And a 1990 study has indicated that the terminal nerve is a common finding in the adult human brain.  This nerve has much to do with pheromones and with the sexual energy or creative energy.

Now, how can being aware of this nerve help bring a deeper thought into our daily lives…??  One can certainly canalize this energy through conscious awareness of this nerve; a self-awareness, a deeper meditation instead of just following the biological pulling and blinding passions born out of the tyrannical ego.  Daily one falls into temptations of many kinds–i.e., lust, greed, the pursuit of power, vanity over being right in arguments, etc.–and some of us even seem to ignore the fact that the human biology, the beautiful human form, is a magical map to a heavenly state, if we know how to tame ourselves and realize our way through the hell of our own animal instincts.

It is perfectly normal and healthy to be aware of who we are in the moment, with our greed, our lust, our anger, our stubbornness, and so on and so forth; for this is the root of hell which we must know and embrace, accept and love in ourselves in order to transmute or transform the energies of sex or creativity we all have throughout our own biological systems.  Because if you seek self-awareness and higher states of consciousness, you must love all energies and transmute or guide yourself into heavenly shores of wisdom instead of just listening, or reading, others telling you about it, don’t you think…??
…Know yourself = Rule yourself...

“I believe when we’re able to fully own and express ourselves, we are able to tap into a creative power deeply rooted from our sexual energy – which is our creative energy.  We’re so sexually loose, and also sexually strained.  We don’t understand the creative power we have because we’re so busy using it in all the wrong ways – or worse, not using it at all.”  ~ Lauryn Doll; motivational author, blogger, and public speaker.


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