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A positive shift

Thinking positive

Thinking positive attracts better things into your life. Thinking positive changes the way you see, feel, experience life. So, thinking positive, especially when your mind is full of anxiety and uncertainty, shifts your whole mindset, your whole character and persona. In fact, positive thinking gets rid of all anxiety.

Improving your life

This leads you to a better lifestyle, because thinking like this is really self-care, which means you’ll grow passion to better yourself in all other aspects. It makes you more attractive. It gives you confidence and vision for a better future. So all your life improves as a consequence of this inner change.


Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Freeing yourself

Shielding yourself from the outside

No woman, as no man, should let society dictate what her strengths are, what her beauty is, what her place in the world is. The everyday pressures to think, feel, behave a certain way. The influences from social media, from celebrities, from friends, from family.

All this is causing major disruption in our thinking process. Much anxiety is being allowed in our minds by all this garbage. There must be a 100% focus on your inner world, taking care of your mental health and blocking or ignoring whatever is not uplifting and conducive to your well-being.

An inner revolution

After all, life is about discovering yourself; but for this, you must focus entirely on the way you think and feel without any bias or influence from anything or anyone out there. If there is no self-discovery, a person is like a machine. A machine follows set programming.

A machine follows and copies what others have programmed into it. But a machine can never be truly unique. And life, love, happiness, as a better human being, requires us to be unique and to study ourselves in depth in order to grow. Ponder this and start an inner revolution.


Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder.


Feeling anxious

Anxiety is what happens when we obsess about the future or even about the past. Maybe something or someone we lost. Perhaps some tragedy or very personal issue. This overthinking becomes a terrible dread which splits our focus and makes us lose sight of the moment.

And, of course, to feel anxious is very normal, very common, especially for women; but it can become a serious mental illness and truly distort reality, even bringing acute paranoia and serious depression. It is a very serious matter in the world.

Train your mind

Feeling nervous, restless, tense. Having a sense of panic or doom. Having an increased heart rate. Breathing rapidly. Feeling weak or tired. I met some people in the past with these symptoms. It can make you afraid of even going out, being social, or opening your heart to someone.

But anxiety really is your ego (your lower self, the one who wants control) fighting your higher self (the one who wants to live in peace). So, it’s really a dissonance deep-rooted within your psyche. It’s a lack of silence in your mind.

So, seek ways, habits, to silence your mind; ways to train your mind to accept silence as the new normal. So when you feel anxious you can easily switch to a silent mind and focus on something more inspiring.


Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Dreams of uniqueness.

Dreams, desires for better, high aspirations in life. This is required to have for any person to love his/her life. If the person lacks this, then all sorts of anxiety, self-hatred and fears swallow the mind entirely. And then we fall into depression, and into dark thoughts that change our whole perspective of ourselves and life.

This easily leads to thoughts of suicide as well. So, finding yourself and creating your purpose, at any age, is extremely important, vital even if you truly desire to be happy. But don’t wait for the right person to come along, the right financial times, the right situation to arise.

Seek to be an individual now, reach uniqueness, and let go of anything that makes you feel confused, inadequate, self-conscious and shy, and like you have to compromise yourself in any way to feel true joy. Seek to be free. If it doesn’t feel like absolute freedom, then is not love, and is definitely not true happiness.

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