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Be who you want to be

The rights of people

The rights to feel love, happiness, self-worth, feeling free to live your life as you wish. These are the true rights of the human being. It does not matter gender, age, or any other condition, as long as you are a grown up and mentally capable of deciding for yourself.

Do not let the prejudice of others stop you from embracing your life with joy. That is your very right. The right to feel joy. We are all unique, different, capable of finding joy. But you must be free and stop letting others dictate how you should feel

Choose to be you

This seems easy to understand, but truth is sometimes people let themselves play a part just for others. Quite often others dictate how we behave, and we let ourselves fall into this pressure/this prison. And, yes, it is a prison to always try to please others or try to be what others expect.

Life must be lived with a mind that is absolutely free, and that takes courage because you must stand up for yourself and be yourself. Being yourself is using that right while feeling empowered to be who you want to be. Never forget this.


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Dreams of uniqueness.

Dreams, desires for better, high aspirations in life. This is required to have for any person to love his/her life. If the person lacks this, then all sorts of anxiety, self-hatred and fears swallow the mind entirely. And then we fall into depression, and into dark thoughts that change our whole perspective of ourselves and life.

This easily leads to thoughts of suicide as well. So, finding yourself and creating your purpose, at any age, is extremely important, vital even if you truly desire to be happy. But don’t wait for the right person to come along, the right financial times, the right situation to arise.

Seek to be an individual now, reach uniqueness, and let go of anything that makes you feel confused, inadequate, self-conscious and shy, and like you have to compromise yourself in any way to feel true joy. Seek to be free. If it doesn’t feel like absolute freedom, then is not love, and is definitely not true happiness.

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Don’t follow. Lead yourself.

Have no fear of being yourself. There is no normal. There is no oddity. There is no way to be. We have been influenced to believe that this is the case, that we should be this or that. But people are different. We carry different hurts, different pasts, different experiences. So, the strength, the confidence, the attractive quality does not lie in pretending to be something we’re not, or in falling in intimidation of others for being so-called “normal.”

But everything is really about saying how you think and feel. No fear of messing up. No fear of not being understood. Because any fear you have, even if you think you hide it well, it becomes your burden. This fear becomes an overactive imagination, and overthinking, and anxiety. And as long as this anxiety rules your mind, you remain a slave, you become subconsciously paranoid, and you begin feeling less than others while losing respect for yourself.

And life is really about becoming better morally, learning more, changing to better habits, new dreams, great accomplishments which bring us joy. Self-confidence is required for all this. To gain self-confidence, you have to improve the respect you have for yourself; and this can only be accomplished when you are not feeling less than others, and when your mind is not anxious or trying to be this so-called “normal” like the rest. No, in this life you create yourself; and you lead yourself without letting others influence you. You learn to love by loving as yourself, not by copying others. You learn as you go, by exploring yourself and by becoming active in what you want. Ignore the rest, and do it yourself.

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